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You can dress up a pig, put lipstick on it and call it Monica, but in the end, it's still a pig., 17 June 2007

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On the surface, the giggly blonde three-some do their best to show how much fun they are having at the mansion. Throwing parties, attending charity events, an occasional nude/semi-nude photo shoot. Hef wanders in and out of these scenes to give his opinion or laugh at something the girls are up to. A reality sitcom with lots of playboy logos and pink bedrooms.

To those of us with higher standards, it's nothing but a dirty old man with tons of money and Viagra sleeping with his very well-paid call girls. You can take a pig, dress it up, put lipstick on it and call it Monica, but in the end it's still a pig. That about sums up the bottom line of this show. I suppose some might argue when the old man kicks off these 3 hookers will have nice bank accounts and can move on to a real job. But money can't buy you self-respect, and I would hate to wonder what these girls see when the mirror stares back at them...

Vernie (2004)
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Don't confuse compassion with selfishness, 17 May 2007

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What kind of world do the characters in this movie live in?! I'm sorry, but cancer or no cancer, it's pretty selfish to ask someone to have your baby as a "legacy" while you're dying. Especially when these two have been broken up for over 10 years. The mere fact that they have to get rip-roaring drunk to even "do the deed" is what is wrong with this scenario just for starters. And it also makes no sense that this successful "career woman" would compromise future promotions by having a baby. Women work too hard for too long to get ahead in this world. Another thing I noticed is that the woman playfully slaps and pushes the guy around a lot. That shows a lack of respect she has for him and even borders on domestic violence. Men get arrested for this kind of thing all the time while this woman gets a pass.

It's not compassionate to take someone up on an offer to have their child. It is pure selfishness knowing that she will have to take full responsibility for this child for the next 18 years of his life.

When they told his parents of the idea at a family dinner I would have done what the one guy at the table did-walk out in disgust. Good for him-he is the only one who had it right. And what of the dying man's father just blowing it off? What a wimp! I don't know anyone's dad who would do that. All the fathers I know would sit down and give their kids a good lecture. And rightly so.