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This movie had potential, 20 July 2005

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I just saw this movie last night, and I am totally confused. Did DeNiro kill his wife because he caught her cheating or did she commit suicide? If he did kill his wife because she was cheating, am I to believe he developed a split personality disorder because of the "trauma". Or did he just go "crazy" because he found her dead? Regardless, the ending still stunk up the room. The whole time I thought just about everybody was part of DeNiro's multiple personality disorder. I figured Charlie(one of the multiple personalities) was the guy making all the bad things happen because DeNiro was a Vietnam vet having post traumatic stress and that "Charlie" was the Viet Cong. I thought the keys that the cop left were a symbolic way for DeNiro to start locking up the extra personalities. I thought that when some of the people (personalities) died, that was the good work of a psychiatrist ridding Deniro of the multiple personalities. I actually thought Deniro didn't have a daughter, and that she was just another personality that was trying to get him to understand that he was the one with a problem. I figured that DeNiro had actually killed his wife because of the stress of the Vietnam War, made him not see things rationally. I think my over thinking of this movie (as my fiancée said I did) would have made a great movie with a great ending.

The Grudge (2004)
Boring remake, 2 January 2005

I saw the original Ju-On about a month ago on video. I found it to confusing and not scary at all. Although I thought the remake flowed better, and it wasn't nearly as confusing, I still thought it wasn't scary and was practically the same exact story as the original. I thought the remake would be a different story and more exciting, but I was sorely disappointed. I don't even know why they bothered to even do a remake. They used a couple of the same actors from the original, and they may even have used the same house. No creativity at all. It was like when they did the remake of Psycho. All the same. No new twists. Why was it even done.

They might as well have just dubbed the original into English. And Sarah Michelle really served no purpose except to lure people into the theatres. I thought it sucked.

13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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This movie sucks, 31 October 2004

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I rented this garbage 2 days ago because I was looking for an entertaining (not necessarily great) horror movie for Halloween. The DVD cover said it had won all these horror movie type awards so I figured maybe it would be alright. Holy crap...The acting in this movie was so incredibly bad it became distracting. With or without a big budget, the director most certainly could have found a better cast than this. With all the starving actors and high school drama students out there, plenty of people with talent probaby would have jumped at the chance to expand their resumes, even for free.

Even with all the blood, gore, axes, and demons, these characters NEVER seemed scared, spooked or anything. The acting had zero emotion or believability, and was completely monotone. The dialouge was laughable. In one scene, a girl says in her robotic tone "Are we going to die?" and then the robotic dude with the cap on says "Soon".

The story was all over the place. The so called band people and their girlfriends were walking aimlessly around from spooky room to spooky room. They would show one person for about 5 seconds and then show another person somewhere else for 5 seconds and then another another some place else. The story didn't flow at all. And no one was ever scared.

Just because a film is an Independent with a small budget, doesn't mean it can't be good with good acting. The twist ending and the story itself had an interesting concept, and could have been great with better dialouge and a complete overhaul of the cast. I rented Asylum of the Damned the week prior and thought it sucked at the time, but after watching this crap, that movie seemed like a masterpiece. At least in Asylum the cast had tolerable acting ability.

This was by far, the worst movie I have rented in over twenty years. In fact, I Spit on Your Grave was better, and that's pretty bad to say.