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I've been watching Horror Films since I was a pre-schooler. I love watching films that make me jump and scream and kick my feet in a deluded feeling of self defense. Though this list is not the end all list to the scariest films, and different things scare different people, I hope that you would enjoy all these films too... in the dark.

And if you're favorite film isn't on this list, there is a good chance I have seen it, and may have even liked it but it has to really scare me. (BTW, comments are off because I am not cool with Facebook. sorry.)
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There are some remakes out there that are better than the originals. Now when I say better, I am talking about IMDb rating to take my personal opinion out of it. (if they have the same rating, I will include it for the fact that the remake has more users who loved it)
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As an independent thinker, I find it important to open your eyes and see the world for what it is. There are many disturbing things going on in this country, and when we try to discuss it, it becomes a Us VS Them kind of battle, when we share many of the same ideals.

Many of these films are on Netflix, so pick one that interests you and watch it. You might be surprised how much you hunger for more. And spread the word. And please fact check things you find alarming. Films can open our eyes, but we need to think critically.
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List is in general order of what I recommend. All Horror Comedies I have rated a 6 or above on IMDb.

(BTW, comments are off because I am not cool with Facebook. sorry.)
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What was the name of that movie like Groundhog Day?... well, here is a list that might help.

Also see wiki page
as there are just too many episodes of tv shows to list, and plausible film examples.
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These are my favorite dystopian futuristic films. There are many, but these are mine. Some of them could arguably take place in the present day as well, but have future relevance. A few are remakes/re-adaptions and I have left out a few "classics" that I never enjoyed or got around to watching, as well as some that I don't consider dystopian enough overall, so if you don't agree, please make your own list. I find there is a lot of relevance to films that show how bad the world can get, as we can do our best to steer away from those possible futures. Our choices today effect those in the world of tomorrow. Let's make the right choices.

(BTW, comments are off because I am not cool with Facebook. sorry.)
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My favorite teenage films with leading ladies
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These films enticed me with their disturbing content and kept me watching, but I doubt I can bring myself to view them multiple times. Please don't show these films to your children! These films are for the non squeamish adults only. Minor spoilers are covered for your protection, but I dare you to look anyways.
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I find that back in the 50s, if you were to remake a film it has a much better chance of getting well rated than today's remakes. Is it because people have such bitter nostalgia when it comes to remakes and "ground-breaking classics" in today's Hollywood bashing society? I think it definitely has an impact. Alfred Hitchcock remade some of his own films, and people call him a revolutionary film maker whereas the Funny Games remake by the same director is often regarded as "retarded". I find it sad that even though many stories deserve a retelling, they are bashed by those who wont even watch them and blindly rate them a 1star. Instead of having such blind devotion to the originals, maybe we should be happy that the remake brought our beloved story to a new audience, and many of them are pretty decent if not better ( These films have a lower rating than the original, but I think considering people are so critical today, and so nostalgic about the films they saw in their youthful days, I think maybe it's a harsh blow for many of the retellings. I'd invite people to rewatch the original and the remake and be honest about the value of both films.
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Sci Fi zombies! This list includes films where people become infected with some alien, and they more or less become zombies. Also see
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Many Enter an Arena, but only ONE is permitted to leave.

This is of course a common plot that has become quite popular over the years.
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I personally think these films suck. Most of these will have very little descriptions as I tried to block these out of my memory.