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A Revenant Zombie film that appeals to the romantics who can laugh at absurdity, 2 June 2013

Look up "Revenant Zombie." "While conceptually very old, and the prototype from which many other undead derive, this trope has fallen out of favor for more modern breeds of zombie, and for the bloodsucking vampire." This is not the first zombie movie to show talking/reasoning zombies (Return of the Living Dead, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wreck it Ralph, Day of The Dead, Land of The Dead). This is not the first romantic zombie film (Fido, Bride of Frankenstein, "Fear Itself" New Year's Day, My Boyfriend's Back). This is not Twilight (Twilight and its 3 sequels are Twilight, and we don't have to fear it's gonna get us. Don't worry, there will still always be dark and gruesome horror films. And for Twilight fans, there will always be darkly romantic films for you. No need to fight.) I have seen around 100 zombie films, and this is by far not even close to some of the crappier zombie films, though it was pretty unique and sweet and funny.

You have to have a soft spot for romance to enjoy this and you have to notice that it is a commentary on society without love. Life without love is no life at all. That's the message and I think it's powerful enough to resonate with those who don't require the usual cliché zombie film. We have plenty of zombie films that are just about surviving, but we have far less about living.

If you want to watch a realistically dark zombie film, maybe this isn't for you. If you want a very violent and gory zombie film, maybe this isn't for you. But if you don't hate films just for being different or appealing to romantics, you might just enjoy this. It's not Oscar material, but I genuinely prefer the quirky stuff that isn't widely accepted. That's where you find films that speak to you directly, as we are all different.

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a Touching Look into these Girl's Lives, 22 May 2013

First, I want to say, I am not an adoptive parent, nor am I adopted myself. I have met someone who has adopted a girl from China, and am aware of the issues that the one child rule raises for girls in China.

Before this I saw a documentary, "National Geographic: China's Lost Girls" which I think is a great film to start with for understanding the situation, before you become so involved in these personal stories.

I don't believe only a certain type of person can enjoy this film, but I can see how it would help. I personally prefer dramatic social documentaries instead of fictional dramas, because I feel like I am really getting to know someone and what they have been through. When I cry, I am not crying because of a plausible emotional situation, but I am crying tears for another person.

This film is incredibly moving. You hear what it is like to be an American, raised by white parents as a Chinese born girl. You get to hear some of their tales of facing racism, and feeling like an outsider, as well as how glad they are to have the loving family and opportunities they have as middle class adopted Americans.

You get to see one disabled girl get an opportunity to be adopted, as well as the filmmaker's video of when they adopted their daughter. You can see how terrifying it is to be a Chinese girl handed over to white parents, while at the same time seeing how much love these parents have for their new little girls.

One girl wished to find her birth family, and was lucky enough to do so. It is an extremely moving situation when you get a glimpse of how much her birth family truly loves her.

This film raises questions that all adopted people have to ask themselves, about whether they want to learn their heritage and what that means to them. Certainly, everyone has to choose their own path and what is important to them in life.

This film encapsulates what it is to be an American to me. It doesn't matter what you look like, or your language or where you were born. It matters that either you or your family or whomever made a choice for you to be a part of a culture that has no rules or boundaries. Where we embrace our similarities and differences as people of this world. It's truly a beautiful idea, this nation, where we can come together and see where we came from and know wherever we go, we take this journey together.

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a promising idea that is never properly communicated, 15 May 2013

The good things about this movie:

-some of the shots were very stylized which results in some moments worthy of screen shots. -It had some funny moments, and the acting wasn't half bad. -It did at times remind me of other films in that satirical way, which was amusing.

The bad parts:

-The explanation of how the events went down doesn't make sense and felt forced as if the writer had ideas for how the story would go, but couldn't really make it fit together in a realistic or intelligent way. -The ending half haphazardly tries to put all the ducks in a row, and didn't match the pace of the rest of the film. -The ghost scares were completely ridiculous in a 70s cartoony sorta way, that once again felt out of nowhere in how absurd they were. -There were poorly done CGI cockroaches all through out the film, which are never explained, which could have helped explain some of the unbelievable moments if they were.

I'd typically give a film like this a 5/10, but since I spent so much time analyzing it, I feel like I should give it a 6. But then again, a 6 means I can recommended it to at least some people for a one time watch, and I'm unsure if I could go that far since it's such a sloppy teen film. I guess I recommend it to people who don't require a cohesive storyline.

Just don't expect anything of value besides something to argue over with your easily amused friends who loved it. And some tits... don't forgot stereotypical straight male horror fans, there are tits. I know you don't think it's a good horror film without some girl degrading herself for your amusement. I suggest porn, but hey, the film industry keeps giving you guys what you want. Hope you're happy, because even as someone who is attracted to women, I don't require "whores to be punished" in all my horror film favorites, as films like Cabin in The Woods satires.

I have also posted an explanation of the ending for people who couldn't follow the jumbled wrap up, in the forum thread "Ending Spoilers Wanted." I try to explain it as best I can, but in the end, much is left for the audience to try to figure-out/argue-over until it's sequel is released. And who knows if that will give a decent explanation for what happened or if it will just make it even more absurd.

Evil Dead (2013)
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a Gorier and more disturbing, yet thoughtful, take on a tale told 4 times, 15 April 2013

I think it's a little sad when a poor publicity run with misleading critics quotes ruins a film for people. I never go in thinking this is going to scare the hell out of me. Out of every ten horror movies I watch... maybe 1 scares me, if that.

Most horror movies are more disturbing than scary, and this succeeded at being heavily disturbing. I think it was a great metaphor for addiction and withdrawal, and I saw that metaphor about rape killing you inside and leaving you a shell, that can be filled with anything. The original couldn't throw those metaphors into the mix and relied far more on being disturbing and gory and quirky. I think this was far more gory and disturbing than it was before, Plus it actually had a message, and had great acting and cinematography. You could pull 100 stills from this film and have amazing images. Blood pouring. Arm hanging. Face licking. Images you may never forget.

Sure, it lost some of the humor, but I frankly never found the first Evil Dead as very funny. I found this 2013 rendition's setting extremely dark and hopeless, and that's what addiction really feels like. Since this is the 3rd time Within The Woods was re told... I think it finally came to a point where it's more than a horror movie. It's something that deserves dissection and thoughtful discussion. Unfortunately, far too many horror fans just want the tits, blood, and violence or the nostalgia of something other people aren't cool enough to enjoy. I personally can enjoy the 52nd adaption of Alice in Wonderland, as well as the 8th, or the 20th, and I don't have a problem with admitting it. Good story telling never gets old and no adaption is perfect.

This film may not be in your top 5 scariest films list, but it sure works. Beware though, it's something that will sit with you, whether you like it or not.

Room 237 (2012/I)
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Ramblings by People You'd Ignore Normally, 30 March 2013

To me this is like watching a movie made by those crazy people on internet forums who say, "How can you be so blind? this is all about ________!" Obviously there was a message about Native Americans in the film, because they outright state that it was built on an ancient Indian Burial Ground, and there is Native American art everywhere in the hotel, but beyond that there is very little to go on besides continuity errors for most of the other theories.

The worse part of the whole documentary was when they decided to play the film backwards and forwards at the same time, and were amazed that the ending and the beginning will appear the same way... well that's because you play both the ending and the beginning at the same time, and it eventually gets to the beginning and the ending by the end of this little experiment. What else would happen? They use this little experiment to justify why characters are really behaving the way they are.

Another commentator gives her kid credit for explaining a moment in the movie, a movie he never even watched and wasn't even commenting on.

There were a couple interesting things like the significance of showing a Red VW Beetle being smashed up and the apparent lie used to change the Room 217 to 237, but once again, beyond that it's mostly just ramblings by people who have no connection to the film saying a chair missing in a shot is note worthy instead of a error. These people think Stanley Kubrick and everyone he worked with to create all his films never make mistakes. I for one, don't think Kubrick is a perfect God with full control of every tiny little thing on his sets.

I don't suggest this to anyone, because you can find out the significance of any "clue" online easily, and you don't need to waste your time hearing all these conspiracy theories, some of which are so ridiculous, it's infuriating.

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Two Types of Horror Films-- and this Failure, 22 March 2013

I know horror. And there are two type of horror films. Films that terrify you-- make you jump, make you scream and make you curl up your feet so the big bads can't get at them.

And horror films that merely disgust you and make you uneasy. Think Human Centipede, The Woman, and Hostel.

I can can go for either, while I prefer actual scary films, like Shutter for example. But something that has depth while being disturbing has it's value because it still make your life better by comparison and often has a message worth hearing. Truly, horror films can make everything crappy in your life not seem that bad.

But then there are disturbing films with no value. Apparently taking things as offensive as you can get is something some people crave and find hilarious. I am not one of those people. While I can enjoy South Park and be a dedicated watcher, I know that after they had their gross moments, there is something to take from the episode.

Feast 2 brings only shock to the screen. Do idiotic plot turns, bad acting and directing, and unlikable characters turn you off? yeah, don't watch this. Are you an animal lover? yeah, really don't watch this. If you think babies are off limits when it comes to sick scenes? You really still think you wanna watch this? Just say no.

The first film was all about those horror tropes, and it had it's moments when it came to shocking deaths, but if you are shocked by Feast 2, it's only because you expect filmmakers to have come common decency, and you learn these guys do not.

When I saw TV ads for the most offensive movie ever made and I thought, who watches this? But these filmmakers thought, derr... I can make a film like with that! Comedy can have depth and witty dialog, it doesn't have to be this.

I honestly can't think of a movie I sat through that I hated more than this. The kind of people that watch this also watch videos of guys getting their balls kicked and smashed and bitten and think that is great comedy right there. If this is you and you have 10 kids as well, then we are really getting closer to the world of Idiocracy.

Just the fact that some people are in such denial that they vote this a 10/10 just to spite those that know it is garbage, says how doomed society may be. 5.1/10? really? People who say this film is great vote it a 4, and people who say it has no plot give it a 8. Do you even know why you rate a film at all? I have to assume you are trolling and trying to screw other people out of an enjoyable evening, or you actually think a 4/10 is like a 4/5. They both got a 4 in it... DERP.

$ellebrity (2012)
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Nice look at both sides, 9 March 2013

This is a fun not so little documentary about celebrities and paparazzi. There are several laughs along the way, and you can hear some of the experiences from the celebs mouths.

Other interviewed, are paparazzo, editors, readers of tabloids, and there is a little history lesson about how this all came about and how it used to be "back in the day".

To me it was all very interesting and honest in it's portrayal of how it is the walk the street or step out of your car as a celebrity. They cover people who aim to be stalked by the paparazzi as well as the children of celebs who plead for people to stop taking pictures. In that one moment, where Travis' son was asking to be left alone, it's hard not to feel bad for just witnessing what is being done to this child.

I'm one of those people who have never purchased a celebrity tabloid magazine. I do scan the covers while waiting in obnoxiously long lines at the market and I do now and then click a link about a celebrity, but I have never qu8te understood the people who buy this junk. The kind of people who talk about celebrities when you ask them how they are doing, as if that's their life. I find it a little pathetic.

At no point in the documentary do they explicitly say where the line is overall, and I don't think anybody really knows. Some say it definitely starts with the children, but people want to see little Suri. And sometimes I figure, Katie Holmes wants to show her off. It's hard to know where the line is... but for me, it's not making celebrities' daily activities a part of my daily life. They are just people, after all, and my life has to be more important to me than theirs.

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Fun Fantasy Anthology, 4 March 2013

This Anthology features 3 tales, 2 of which are somewhat religious and another one dabs more on an alien Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy way. All three have to do with the fall of mankind.

Story 1: 9/10 My favorite, A Brave New World, depicts a basic zombie uprising, in the plague form, but what is different is the overall direction the story goes, and the characters development... of zombies. Rarely do zombie films give the zombie POV, but we are able to get that here. A great aspect of this story is the strong acting by the leading actor, a guy who gets bullied by those around him and is very awkward, in a nerdy way. He goes on a date with this girl, and they seem to have a great connection, but then he begins to turn, and she is scared off. What happens at the end throws in a bible element to the story, which I didn't much care for, but I understood the creators message of a new world. Overall, I thought this tale was hilarious and sweet and well acted with enough zombie chaos to intrigue hardcore zombie fans.

Story 2: 6/10 The Heavenly Creature. This story is about a Robot that becomes Buddha, or at least to the monks. When the factory finds out, they seek to destroy the machine for attempting to forget it's duty to serve man and instead attaining man's greatest goal. This is deemed a threat and an insult to mankind. While I like the message of man's jealousy over a near perfect machine, I was turned off by the Robot's final message to man. It seemed idealistic to me, and hard to swallow. Overall, it was slow paced and more of a thought provoking study on people and our desires and fears. Might be a good watch for a philosophy/Buddhist student.

Story 3: 5/10 Happy Birthday, to me this was the cheesiest of all the stories, and cute, but less thought provoking. Like the first story, it had comical moments, and was quite enjoyable at times, it also felt like a family story and not on the same level as the other stories. You could actually watch this one with your 8 year old, and they might really like it. A problem with this story to me is how things aren't really explained, especially a scene in the end. I laughed off my interpretation of it, but am unsure of the message. There is a adorable aspect of it about trusting your child and having faith in them, which was very sweet, but for me, it wasn't enough to give it a very favorable review. I would have definitely liked to have seen a different story here that didn't have such an absurd scenario... I giant 8 ball heading to earth... why would aliens have giant pool tables and websites dedicated to selling individual balls to different planets? Too silly to me.

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Garbage. Poor Garbage, 6 December 2012

It's just utter garbage. It starts off similar to how infomercials run. There is this host that seems skeptical, but really he is just here to make the eccentric guy look good.

The crazy guy explains that you can see all sorts of figures in mundane pictures of the darkness. Apparently this is happening all over New Orleans.

The pictures look like they are depicting typical stuff in the dark. At one point he shows a tree with a light behind it, and insists you can see a Jesus type figure with two darker figures next to it. They are obviously just random patterns that can appear like any number of things, but are nothing more than tree branches with a street light behind it.

Most of the time I saw nothing like what he was suggesting was there, and only a couple times did I feel creeped out by the images, but really, I am only human, and I naturally see patterns too, but I need not fear that these are spiritual figures.

This is similar to a college journal department's production youtube video, and is on Netflix right now under a shorter title, "Angels, Aliens, and Ufos". It is not with your time, because it isn't even funny. It's just kinda ticks you off. I'd prefer Penn and Teller's 8v11$h!+ episodes about ghost hunters and seeing divine faces in wood doors and such.

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Maybe a Good Film for Young Christians, 17 October 2012

This documentary depicts 4 college Christian boys, who struggle with their understanding of the bible and others' understanding and how Christianity feels in America. So they traveled to Europe to ask them what they think about Christianity and several topics that can relate to Christianity and living a life for Jesus. Topics included drinking, sex, money, and a few others.

These guys admitted they do many things that may get in the way of their "mission" in life. They show us a number of moments throughout their journey that really made them seem ignorant and straight out of the cast of MTV's Jackass (making an ass out of themselves in public, being rude typical American tourists, stealing each others property, and smacking each other around). But then they'd reflect on something that reminded you that these are confused guys trying to do what they think is the right thing. You gotta give them that at least.

To me the overall film was a little boring and immature and obviously preachy. That's the point of course, to preach the message of being a real Christian by behaving as a Christian and not just doing a few Christian things every now and then and call it a day. For that, I can respect their message, because there are many Christians in America that behave like that, and they make Christianity look pretty silly in many ways.

As a non Christian, and a anti-theist, I looked at their regrets and shame for not knowing what the gospel is and not following it right, as a sad existence. They love some things in life, that hurt no one, and feel such sorrow from that, just because they see it as a distraction from Jesus and spreading the gospel. Spreading the gospel, in my point of view, is self righteous and rude and infringing on other people's beliefs. I do not condone such a thing, and do not see it as a moral thing to do. So in that sense, I'm against the message of the film.

Considering though that so much of the sort of Christianity we are bombarded with on a daily basis in America is judgmental and cruel and full of hate, it is nice to see a Christian film that rejects greed. bullying and holier than though tactics that are used by many preachers to gain more followers.

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