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One of the worst episodes ever made, 22 October 2016

Yes, it's cool that James got Lloyd Kaufman to be in this episode, but there is one problem: The episode is not very good.

James spends most of the video breaking character. The Nerd is supposed to be angry, but here, he's laughing all the time.

The whole video is like a giant blooper, which would be okay on a gag reel, but not an actual episode.

The jokes aren't funny. Everything is a dick joke to....... Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber?

Those aren't things you want to hear in a Nerd video.

It's just goes to show that just because you have a guest star on your show, it doesn't mean it's any good.

Fun documentary, 18 October 2016

Unlike the 20 minute one which was pointless, it was just people telling you what the movie was about and how great everyone is, here there is more meat to this story.

We learn about the fight choreography, filming in Thailand, also filming in LA, the sets and the CGI.

The Outworld set was built in a back lot of a studio in LA and was filmed at night. There were planes flying above and the pilots got scared and called the airport to let them know were they back on planet Earth.

Filming on the beaches of Thailand were great, but all the equipment had to be brought over by boat.

Robin Shou, being the big star in Asia, is seen greeting many kids who were fans of his. Between filming, he can also be seen wearing swim shorts.

The Narrator does have a habit of saying "Building the set was difficult, but to solve this problem" about five times.

Anderson said that New Line was looking for a director and saw his debut "Shopping" was bombed in the UK, but New Line thought his direction had the right energy for a movie. Anderson may not be a great filmmaker, but his heart was in the right place when he made this movie. At least his characters in this one (and Event Horizon) actually have personalities, unlike the bland characters in the Resident Evil movies.

If you enjoyed this movie, which to me is a real 90's classic, then give this doc a watch.

You don't learn anything about Goro though, however there is a YouTube video of how they made him.

There's is also a 20th Anniversary with Anderson and Robin Shou, where they jab the sequel. Give that a watch as well.

Very sexy video featuring the very sexy Jessie, 4 October 2016

In 2002, Holly Valance appeared nude in "Kiss Kiss". In 2012, it was Jessie's turn. As if she wasn't sexy enough already.

It's Jessie in front of a black screen and sometimes on a chair, naked.

She has footage of "Silver Lining" projected on her body, but I think you'll be staring more at her fantastic, erection causing curves.

Yeah, Jessie was wearing a skin tight leotard on, but it's still very sexy.

The lighting also makes the video sexy, and nudity can be sexy if it is stylish. Rather than some pornographic video of some bird flapping her tits about. Or that Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj rubbish.

Fans of Jessie will go crazy bout this vid.

The movie goer's guide to the making of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 28 September 2016

This is an enjoyable documentary. We focus on the development hell this movie went through, it took over 20 years to get made. At one point, Spike Jonze was going to direct it, but I think it is a good idea that he didn't do it, because Jonze's style might be too weird for 'Hitchhiker's'.

We see Garth and Nick doing a pitch for the studio and then getting the film greenlit causing them to scream in the car for joy.

Then we get to the casting as we see everyone at the table read.

We even have interviews with the cast as they're being driven to work. They also explain how they get into acting in the first place.

We have two really geeky men arguing about how the spell 'Hitchhiker's' in the title. You just look at them and shake your head.

We see the Heart of Gold set being built and counted how many lights were used.

All the actors who played the Vogons had to go to 'Vogon school', much like actors who played zombies. Composer Jody said that for the Vogon's theme, he had to create the most boring theme in the world.

Sam Rockwell, for Zaphod's second head, had to be shot in front of a blue screen whilst wearing a blue shirt.

Footage of Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey and the League of Gentlemen are shown recording their voice overs.

Garth said that he was sick filming the Viltvodle scene and somebody screaming orders on a walkie talkie was making things better.

Humma Kuvula's choir was filmed in a real English church.

Finally, we have the big event, the premiere. You can't help but feel excited for the cast and crew as they enter the cinema.

If you liked the film, then you will enjoy this documentary.

Hitchhiker's fans will be over the moon to hear actual audio footage of Douglas Adams being interviewed.

"Feel the power of Echogeddon.", 23 September 2016

I love listening to audio plays. It takes me back to listening to "The Magical Music Box" when I was a kid. Good times.

Very much influenced by anime, even the voice acting sound like an anime.

Very well edited and mixed, the sound effects and music are great.

Although you don't see anything, you can't help but picture the fight at the end of the first episode in your head.

You also feel sorry for poor Zoe as she is trapped in the suit and is forced to stay in there, probably until the final episode.

Since Mr Briton told her to loosen her bowels in the suit, think how bad that suit must stink. Reminds me of that scene in "Brazil" when Spoor and Dowser get their suits filled up with sewage.

Although Mr Briton keeps calling Zoe "Zack", maybe there is a sad sorry behind that.

My only gripe with this show is that the dialogue is a bit naff. Although, English dubs for anime has some cheesy dialogue, so maybe that was intentional.

Also the "That man has a smelly bum" line in the second episode?

Maybe that was you, Zoe, since you can lose your bowel inside the suit.

Overall, I'm really digging this show and I can't wait for the other episodes.

Jambers said that he would like to turn this into an animated series.

Or even better, a feature film.

The sexiest music video ever!, 26 August 2016

I remember being 14 years ago and having hormones that can go off the charts like Kevin and Perry.

Holly was becoming a big name in music and I saw a bit of this video whilst flipping off...... I mean, flipping through the channels.

I landed on Popworld and saw this Aussie chick dancing naked with light censoring her bits. It was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen and after 14 years, it still is!

The lighting, Holly's body, her sexy dance moves, this video was just sex, sex, SEX!

Yes, you can see Holly is wearing underwear, but it is still very sexy.

And yes, after my 14 year old self finished, ahem.... to this video, my bedroom looked like the episode of Mr Bean when he puts a firework into a tin of white paint and it goes all over the room.

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A fun, sexy performance from the mutli-talented Brie Larson, 26 August 2016

I actually discovered Brie in this movie. The character she plays, Envy Adams, is just a diva who oozes sex appeal. In this video, we have her on stage wearing a very tight black dress and struts around in a very sensual way with those legs. We also have some close ups on her body and legs.

Besides Ramona Flowers, Envy is one of the sexiest characters in the movie. If not one of the sexiest characters on film.

Brie just had fun being sexy and playing a real diva and here, she proves that she is a great singer. Since Brie is a singer in real life.

Envy is so hot, that even Knives wants her. And I think many women as well.

Envy is a really sexy character in the books, and the filmmakers, and also Brie do a great job making her sexy as possible in the movie.

I'm actually hot under the collar as I write this review.

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Very heavily based on Elliot Rodger, 7 August 2016

The Isla Vista killer was the basis for Holden, the name being the main character in The Catcher in the Rye, though.

Holden's video vlogs, manifesto, time in Summer Camp, his crushes on girls who didn't like are massive references to Elliot Rodger's life.

John Karna plays Holden as a very creepy loner with a bizarre way of speaking, which is not too different from the way Rodger spoke, if you watch his real life vlogs.

My favourite scene is when Holden is hearing the couple having sex next door, bangs his fist on the wall and then talks into the camera. Him going on about how girls should not be attracted to the immature football jocks and should be attracted to "Sophisticated gentlemen" like himself is just Elliot to a tee.

I have never watched this show before, but I am familiar with the Elliot Rodger incident and since this episode was heavily influenced by it, I got intrigued.

Slimer Mode (2009) (V)
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"He slimed me.", 23 July 2016

We learn that Dan Aykroyd's family were interested in ghosts and his grandfather would often have seances. His love for Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and other horror comedies inspired him to write this movie.

His original 80 page treatment involved people doing ghostbusting in the future where teams would compete, however, Reitman wanted to do a going into business story, due to the fact that Dan's original treatment would be too expensive to achieve.

When auditioning, Sigourney wanted her character to be possessed and started acting like a dog.

John Candy was offered the role of Louis and he wanted his character to be German and have German shepherds.

William Atherton to this day still gets called "Dickless" thanks to Bill Murray improvising the line.

The actress playing the maid had no idea of how effective the sparks would be when the trolley gets blasted. Her "What the hell are you doing?" was ad-libbed.

Atherton was to covered in 100 pounds of whipped cream, but after testing it on a stuntman, which knocked him out, it was suggested to 75 pounds.

We also get interviews with the VFX team and also how Slimer and the Library ghost were created.

Also, we have pop up trivia for the characters, the ghosts and the gadgets.

Overall, a fun feature and a nice retrospective. But it's a shame that Bill Murray and Rick Moranis were absent. The former dislikes interviews, and the latter left show biz.

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Hit and miss, 1 July 2016

This YouTube short film is indeed a love letter to the show. It is very true in tone of the show with the surrealism and cut away gags, which are done very well here.

However, the editing, sound mixing and lighting do indeed get clunky most of the time.

Ross K. Ford is just not very good as Rick. His dialogue is very unintelligible due to the fact that his character has a speech impediment, and the poor sound makes it even worse. Barry Ring is just meh as Vvyvan. But it's Nicholas Bull as Neil that steals the show. He has Neil spot on.

The rest of the cast do a good job and, also Kelsey Williams is very pretty.

There are some good gags such as the sound FX man and the already mentioned cut away gags.

Despite the problems I mentioned, it's always nice when fans get a film based on their favourite movie, show, video game or comic spot on.

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