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Good game, but "Lost in Time" is better, 24 November 2015

I guess the reason why this game was made was because the makers of Lost in Time wanted Bugs to go to other time periods. But due to the fact that there was no room to put them in, they decided to make another Bugs Bunny time travelling game.

Much like Evil Dead 2, is this game a sequel or remake?


Anyway, it's a good game. Controlling Bugs and Taz is great. I like it in games where each character has to be used for different tasks, like the strongest character has to lift heavy objects and the other character can jump higher and so on.

The levels are set in the Aztec, Viking, Arabian and Transylvian periods.

The animation for the characters are better than the ones in Lost in Time. Bugs looked very stiff last time, and in this one, he moves a lot better.

My favourite level is Moon Valley. That music is amazing. I could listen to it over and over again. It is so enchanting.

The bosses are fun too. My favourite is Lord Bloodcount.

And the ending to this game is a lot better than the ending to Lost in Time.

Cos, let's face it, as good as Lost in Time was, that ending sucked. There was no final boss and it made me you go "What? Is that it?"

One gripe I have with this game is that the camera gets really dodgy at times. And the last game had this problem too. But then early 3D platformers had this problem.

One of the best reviewers on the 'Tube, 17 November 2015

Since I've gone off AVGN and Nostalgia Critic (let's face it, they've gone downhill like most long running shows), I was looking for replacements.

I was lucky to not only find the likes of Jambareeqi, the Fan Fic Critic, and The Fan FICTION Critic, but I also had discovered dear Caddy.

The first video I saw was his "South Park" review, and I remember playing that turd as a kid. His review had me in stitches.


His editing. It is so damn creative. He has text, effects, pictures and other things appearing on screen as reviews each game that needs be either slaughtered or salvaged.

Other fave episodes include Casper: A Spirited Beginning (I was overjoyed when I heard he was reviewing this and I was not disappointed), Evil Dead: Hail To The King, Top 10 things in games that scared him as a kid, games he likes but other people hate, and vice versa, and reviewing rip offs like Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys and Dalmatians 3.

AVGN had Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, and Caddy had those rip offs.

P.S. The scene where Caddy is bashing the car door on his head trying to forget about Snow White was funny.

So if you grew up with the PS1 and want to laugh your ass off (dare I say it, he's funnier than AVGN- at least Caddy doesn't make a reference to Fecal matter every five minutes), then you'll love this show.

Incredible Crisis (1999) (VG)
A nice but little well known game, 15 November 2015

You know those weird movies, shows or games that no-one has ever heard of but you, this is one of those games for me.

December '99, my sister and I were looking at a £1 PS1 magazine and there was a game reviewed on it and it was this one. My other sister was in Belfast and she bought this game for us.

It is really all mini games such as button tapping and puzzle solving.

The plot is told through the day of a family, the mother is a witness to a robbery, the son has been shrunken by an alien laser, the daughter skips school and has to protect an alien from gangsters and the father goes through a lot.

All the stories have connections to each other and I love it when movies, shows and games do that.

The mini games reach from easy to hard, and some are REALLY hard, trust me.

There's a level where you play the daughter who has to escape the classroom without the teacher knowing and throwing a chalk at you, a level where you have to run away from a big iron ball Indy Jones style, one where you control an air fighter gunning down a giant teddy bear and one where you have to dodge enemy bullets whilst skiing down a hill.

Some mini-games require two people using the one control, especially in the last level, boy is it tough.

If you love puzzle games like Mario Party, you might like this. Look up footage on YouTube.

Okay film, 12 November 2015

I have only seen a few of Justin Carmical's videos such as his "I like Candy" and "You can play this". I haven't seen much of his FamiKamen videos, though.

Originally he was going to star in this movie, but due his death, Kaylyn and Josh re-wrote the story.

It is a very dialogue heavy movie, with very little action much like a Kevin Smith or Tarantino film. So, it does get a little boring in the first hour.

But when the action finally happens after that hour, they're very satisfying. The fight scenes are well edited, done with zooming in on the characters as they fight. The climax of the movie is also good and quite emotional as well.

The acting is not that great, but then the people who star in this are really just YouTubers and internet reviewers.

The jokes are hit and miss. Some are good, others are lame.

But is this movie a big "Up yours" to Sega, though?

Overall, it's an alright film. Worth watching if you like either Marzgurl or Jew Wario.

Just meh, 7 November 2015

Not really a lot happens in this film.

The zombies kills are cool, but there's nothing else to get excited about.

The dialogue and acting are hokey.

Although due to the fact that James loves B movies, maybe that was intentional.

We have clichéd lines "Its a tough job, but someone's gotta do it."

The use of black and white with red for is very cool.

And the fact that James shot the movie in his garage is also interesting.

Not bad, but not groundbreaking either.

Fun in an eccentric, low budget way, 3 November 2015

I heard Eli talk about this on his Cabin Fever commentary and I wanted to see this. I saw it on YouTube. It has the Roth weirdness, gore and black comedy. It is at times artsy with its Python animation and it is funny.

The gore is cheap, but actually funny and pretty well shot.

The gags are actually well done and the intercuts between black and white, colour and animation ain't half bad either.

It is almost on par with The Young Ones.

McD's and Burger King are spoofed, but no KFC.

It is no masterpiece, but if you like ultra cheap low budget nonsense or if you're a Roth fan, you might get a kick out of it.

Not sure why it has a low rating, 22 October 2015

It's a good documentary, but it won't be the greatest thing you'll ever see. Unless you're a die-hard fan of the movie.

None of the voice actors are interviewed, but what more could they say apart from "I was in a studio talking in front of a microphone"?

The filmmakers talk about how it was based on a series of magazines and that the green orb was added in to bring all the stories together.

They explain that they wanted the naked woman to look as busty as possible.

And the green orb is showing all of this to a 10 year old girl, after it brutally murdered her poor father!

They talk about the different animation studios that worked on each segment. It's actually kind of cool having different crews work on different segments.

BBC's Monkey Dust did that as well. (A very adult and quite dark animated sketch show from the 2000's. Non-Brits look that up!)

Ivan Reitman got most of the voice actors from his movies. John Candy recorded his dialogue whilst filming Stripes.

For Tarnaa's dressing scene, a woman was filmed and was rotoscoped later. Other examples are the car in space and the shot of Tarnaa flying over the canyon.

Kevin Eastman, TMNT co-creator is interviewed and says that he got high whilst watching this movie. (Wonder if Michelangelo was based on him....)

Then they said that the film was not released on VHS until '97 due to copyright laws with the soundtrack.

Good doc for those who like the movie.

A good documentary, but at times it does become "The George Hardy Show", 13 October 2015

We get nice interviews from the actors all admitting that they hated Troll 2 when they first saw it. But grew to love it after the movie gained a cult status.

Claudio is clearly a guy who cannot take criticism. When someone tries to correct him about anything, he gets annoyed. There's a scene near the end when the cast do a Q and A and he is in the audience. Anytime somebody says the movie is bad, he would shout at them and get angry. He's like a child who can't understand that you can't have everything you want.

He also gets annoyed when people laugh at the movie for how bad it is.

We have interviews with random people explaining why they love this movie and we have screenings of them showing the movie.

The biggest focus on this doc is George Hardy. Shot in his home town, everyone is like "George is so great" and "George is amazing".....

The focus is no longer on Troll 2, but about fecking George.

We see him go over the moon when he is at screenings of this movie. Not just in his hometown, but all around the States too.

He is on top of the world and nothing can spoil his enjoyment.

That is until he goes to a convention in Birmingham.

He's sitting by the stalls, wondering why the hell aren't people asking for his autograph.

"Hey, I was in Troll 2!"


You just want to say "Take that, George! Serves you right for your attention seeking."

But it get worse when he goes to the convention in Texas and the same thing happens again.

Also, he is not found of the other Horror movies being promoted.

"I don't know this movie. This one neither. Oh boy."

Despite his attention seeking, you do feel a tad bit sorry not just for him, but for the other actors who starred in movies about 20 years ago and haven't done anything since.

This is why being an actor or actress sucks big time.

But then George goes back to his hometown and it is all "George is so great" again.

You're famous in your hometown, but not everywhere.

Claudio also gets one last word. "I make movies that emote me and this movie emotes the audience too.

Yeah, cos I clearly remember how emotion this movie made me.

You poor bastard, Claudio.

Still, it is a nice doc and worth watching if you liked (or even didn't like) Troll 2.

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Neighbours fans will enjoy it. But those expecting zombie gore, look elsewhere, 7 October 2015

I have never watched the show before, but I only watched this series because Louna Maroun was in it. And the fact that she also co-wrote, directed some scenes and sang the theme song was also cool.

Neighbours fans will be happy to see their favourite characters back from the dead.

It actually does play like real episodes of Neighbours.

As episodes of Neighbours, it's great. But the zombie side of it is not really anything to get excited about. The zombies don't appear until the final episode and if you're expecting to see your favourite Neighbours characters fight off the zombies in a big climax, then you're in for a disappointment.

This series can't be too gory due to the fact that Neighbours fans either don't like horror movies or gore.

It's just okay. It has a good story and acting. Neighbours fans might get a kick out of it. But zombie fans, not so much.

Not bad, but not spooktacular either, 7 October 2015

Each episode lasts for 5 minutes or more. There isn't any action in it, it's mainly dialogue. Heather's acting is really wooden, she was a teenager at the time. She makes Rosie seems disinterested and not bothered that she has met a ghost.

"Who are you?"

"I'm a ghost."

"Oh okay."

The dialogue is also bad. The characters don't talk like real people. The banter sounds like something you would hear in The Room.

Jason does an okay job. But for the crying scenes, he sniffs a lot, but no tears come out. Just like Donnie Wahlberg in The Sixth Sense. Maybe you should chop an onion to get the tears flowing.

The story itself isn't bad. The show itself has a bit of a charm to it. The cinematography and music is nice. The emotional scenes aren't bad either, once you ignore the bad acting and oh-so-fake crying.

Not groundbreaking, but not awful either. It is enjoyable in parts.

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