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Notice I say FAV film not greatest films
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The list allows me to edit but wont save edits, so they are not in the ideal order. Top 3 1- Ikiru 2- Persona 3- Rashomon
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My favourite director. Still many more to see.
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Despite only having seen 7 of Kurosawa's films, I am able to tell him and Bergman are my favourite directors. Hoping to to more as soon as possible.
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On a mission to see the rest. Of the ones I have seen so far, all have received multiple views.
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The films that were nominated that should have won best film. Years skipped are years that I haven't seen enough of the nominated films to weigh in with an opinion.
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If it is absent from this list, I have yet to see it. I have listed all Hitchcock I have seen so far.
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Rating all of the silent films I have seen.
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The Best of Reality TV
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My top three keep rotating, as they are all unique and extremely influential to myself and my own work. The top three all deserve to be #1, but none of them should have to share the top spot...
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The best of Sitcoms
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