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Movies that we fans want to see get released by Scream Factory
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Movies I want Cecil to review on his show, or at the very least spotlight
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For Cecil of Good Bad Flicks
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Movies I want MST3K to riff
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Realistic titles that Scream has a chance to acquire.
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Including VHS already here and DVDs/Blu-Rays brought over for viewing,
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Movies that showed at the Stanley Film Festival from 2013 to Present
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Movies I hope either the Nostalgia Critic, Phelous, Film Brain, Diamanda hagan, Obscurus Lupa, Nostalgia Chick, The Cinema Snob, or the other big name reviewers from Channel Awesome will Review.

Also I know most of these are fantastic movies, that don't deserve to be reviewed, some of them are my own guilty pleasures that everyone hates. Nostalgia Critic has done a top 11 of movies he will not review and said he'll make more, so let's see what other movies he and others won't do, or if they want to review them, how could they do it.

The Comments show who (I believe) is best choice(s) to review the movie (still a Work in Progress)
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Movies already reviewed by reviewers on That Guy With The Glasses site. Some reviewers might not be included
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In This are movies I have heard from reviewers and friends too be absolute *beep* and from seeing the reviews of some of these, I can say if I watch them, I would hate it too, Movies that are bad but should be watched like The Room, Troll 2 and Birdemdic are not included because those are movies to see what not to do in film, so won't be included. However some I might see and Judge by my own tastes, but more then likely most of these titles would be my most hated.
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Movies (VHS Tapes) that I have seen at the Video Store in a small summer town. Removed once it is no longer available.

Also, x "#" means how many copies (more than 1) they have left.

In Addition, There are Volumes of TV Shows their, I will List in Description what Volumes/Titles are available.

8/10/13 : I just found out where the Tapes went they went to a supermarket across the street from where the store once was, sadly there is only a couple of tapes left, i'd say about close to 100, also most of the tapes are without their original boxes, but have covers (clear box covers). I will also mark which ones have their original covers.

I will update this list soon, My camera is without power so I have to wait till tomorrow (8/11/13) to get the data and input into here.

Here is My Rotten Tomatoes List I have made, Including some not found on IMDB.
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To This Day I've seen over 1200 different movies, ranging from garbage from asylum to masterpieces like Casablanca, and no matter what, I will defend movies done by SyFy, movies by Michael Bay and even Uwe Boll, because these movies hurt me more than any one of those movies, I will say their bad, but at least you can turn off your brain and watch the action and see the so bad it's good in the movie, however these movies, Have Nearly 0% redeemably in them, and I have rather watch these movies instead and be as emotional invested as watching Casablanca.

Transformers 2 & 3
Twilight Saga
Alone in The Dark
The Room
Trolls 2
Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Think about I would rather watch these bad movies and make myself enjoy them (and not in the so bad it's good way) then watch any of these five movies again. Think about that.

This list is in order from Worst to Best (tolerable for certain things)
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Movies that Many hate/despise, but I like. I won't give each film, a full reason why I like them, because I would write an essay on most. Please respect my opinion and I'll respect your's, if your one of the people who hates these movies and think I'm an idiot for loving them, then I have nothing more to say to you. Qualify: Less then 30% on Rotten Tomatoes