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Stealth (2005)
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'Stealth' is a great aerial action fest so long as you can do without a plot., 1 August 2005

In the near future, human pilots are about to become obsolete. You will watch the three stars of 'Stealth' hop from locale to locale across the globe to prevent WW3. 'Stealth' is a straightforward summer popcorn film. If you are looking for a pure action film, Stealth does not disappoint. The plot is almost nonexistent but the action more than makes up for it. The way that EDI goes haywire wasn't surprising, but was not cliché.

EDI the robot is over the top, but not unrealistic. Even the futuristic 'Talon' fighter that the stars fly in this film is based off of the Lockheed X-29 Switchblade. Real aircraft carriers were used and helped lend this movie an added sense of realism. The camera work and CGI are top notch.

If you are looking for a film that follows the basic recipe to a decent action flick, then go rent 'Stealth' when it becomes available on DVD.

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Great sketch comedy show, if you like sketch comedy, 3 March 2005

Blue Collar TV is framed based on the very popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour, featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy. It's pure slapstick sketch comedy, and many of the sketches are about redneck relationships, family life, interactions with non-rednecks, and making fun of mainstream television. In the last few years, the only vastly accessible sketch programs were Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, both of which have been pumping out lower quality programming every season, mainly because they themselves mainstream and insist on inviting mainstream musicians to play at their shows. Did I forget to mention politically correct as well? For us other 100 million Americans that don't throw up our arms about racial/cultural jokes, enjoy this type of humor, simply because it is funny. Shows like Blue Collar TV make you laugh, help give you a better understanding for different walks of life, and humble you all at the same time. Of course it is television, so everything is going to be larger than life, but thats the only way to make efficient use out of a 30 minute program minus 10 minutes for commercial breaks. At the moment the 2 pantheons of sketch comedy are SNL and MadTV in one corner, and Blue Collar TV, and Chappelle's Show in the other. A honorable mention should include the Chris Rock show, which is now off the air.

There has been controversy of the the new sketch comedy programs, simply because they are deemed 'racist'. All are highly successful as well. Blue Collar TV rakes in 1.3 million viewers an episode, and considering the WB's most popular show only takes in only 2.1 million viewers per episode that is a very good sign of longevity. I was not able to find the demographic information on their ratings on comedy central, and that could possibly double it's ratings.

Most of their humor is in bad taste, but none of it is hateful. Just try to remember, they don't try to spread an 'agenda', and it's for adults. If you don't want your 12 year old to watch it then get them a TV with a V-CHIP.