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The New "Napoleon Dynamite" of 2013?, 8 March 2013

I didn't know what to expect heading into the premiere of the world's 1st "Serial Killer Buddy Comedy" because let's face it there is nothing out there like it, which coincidentally is the first point as to why I fell in love with the darkly hilarious, dryly hysterical roller coaster of a ride with the very likable (and may I add highly fashionable) Paul Ashton and Hal Rudnick. The chemistry between the characters was the second point as to what made the unique plot line a winner and had you connected, laughing and engaged until the very end!

Finally, how can you not point out the stellar yet small dose performances of some really big stars?! Christopher Lloyd, Artie Lange, Maria Menounos, Beth Behrs and especially Kathy Lee Gifford were stellar in their on-screen moments -- just the right amount of star power to enhance the cast as a whole.

I wondered why many are calling it the next "Napoleon Dynamite" and all I can say is once you see it you get why this statement is so right on, all while the film really stands in a category all its own!