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All time Great
19 November 2005
This movie has to be rated as one of the all time greats. The acting chemistry between Rod Steiger and Sidney Potier is probably the best I have ever seen on the big screen. Lee Grant and Warren Oakes were superb in their roles, along with the supporting cast. It's a great pity that Sidney Potier missed out on an Oscar which would have been the icing on the cake with Rod Steiger, Lee Grant and Warren Oakes deserved the best supporting role nominations for this year also. I could not imagine a major remake of this movie could ever replace the original genius of those involved with the 1967 production. Having watched this movie over and over, it never fails to impact and deliver a powerful message about how wrongs can be rectified in our lives.
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Pacific Wartime Classic
13 November 2005
I have watched this movie countless times and still rate it as one of the best to ever come out of Hollywood. Jeff Chandler is superb in his leadership role, and one has to feel touched by his loneliness, trying to play the role of leadership and friend. George Nader did an outstanding job in support along with a star-studded cast of Julie Adams, Lex Barker, Keith Andes, William Reynolds, Don Keefer, Jock Mahoney and everybody else who participated in this movie. The photography was well ahead of it's time with the battle scenes and beautifully filmed in every way. A must to see, and always looking for re-runs.
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Jeanne Eagels (1957)
Jeanne Eagels
5 November 2005
Jeanne Eagels was one of the best movies Kim Novak made. The chemistry between Jeff Chandler and herself was superb, storyline was excellent and the final falling star scene at the conclusion of this movie was tastefully done. Surprised a remake has not been attempted since this movie premeiered in 1957. Unfortunately this film was soon forgotten, and I have rarely seen any re-runs of it on television, which is a shame. Agnes Moorhead as usual was superb in her role along with Charles Drake. Comments have been made about Jeff Chandler being miscast in his role, but in my opion he diversified well in his role, considering how many other roles he attempted, this role was similar to the one he played in Stranger In My Arms with June Allyson.
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