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Better than it's prequel, 25 October 2013

Insidious 2 has a more complex story than its prequel. You have to watch Insidious 1 first, because it will make you easier to understand this movie. James Wan as director, added a bit of the background story, so Insidious 2 is not only a scary movie. He also put new characters, making the red yarn so it become a continuation of Insidious 1. It's very interesting and worth for thumbs up.

Some scary tricks look fresh and not repeat from previous horror films. James Wan uses some properties such as stroller and dice. The effort to create an atmosphere and setting to support the story but still look fresh also arguably successful, such as a bedroom with a rocking horse, a hospital and an elevator. James Wan did a lot of exploration and don't want to just get stuck in the house, a good effort.

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A Very Enjoyable Drama Romance Comedy, 16 September 2013

If you want to watch a romance drama, it is appropriate if you choose Notting Hill. But you'll find more than your expectations. Notting Hill is not only focuses on the love story of William and Anna, but we are also invited to get to know more closely all the characters in the film. Some scenes as they shared their stories in a family conversation in the living room, kitchen, and dining room is so sweet and warm.

Some characters, such as William's coworkers, customers shop, William's brother and especially madness and innocence of Spike brings the atmosphere of comedy in this film. So, Notting Hill not to be a sad romance drama even when the story is on the difficult times of relationship between William and Anna.

Shutter (2004/II)
A horror movie with story good idea, 22 August 2013

Shutter is one example of a horror movie that is not only concerned with the spooky side of horror movie. Shutter offers a new story idea with a good message. The story is very interesting to watched from beginning to the end of film. The story line in this film is constructed well and clear.

The mystery between the character, Tun, Jane, friends, Natre and ghost also quite difficult to predict and could make curios the audience. The twist when the film almost over also added more points for this movie. Simplicity is the attraction of Shutter. There is not a lot of visual effects used in this film, but some scenes that seems trivial even more scary.

Asura (2012/I)
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LOVE this movie, 9 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this movie. Asura is a proof that not all animated film is for the children. Some of the dialogue and scenes in this film is more suitable and easier to be understood by an adult audience.

The story is very simple but has a good moral message. Especially when Asura met the Monks for the second time. That's is unforgettable moment from the film ASURA. I cried, was touched by scene when the Monks cut off his hands and give it to Asura.

The description of Asura's character in the film also very suited with the story. The innocence of a child audible from his voice. The cruelty from his eyes, canine teeth, and long nails like a monster.

Two thumbs up for Asura