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Man Vs. (2015)
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Great little gem of a movie., 24 January 2017

It may seem a little bit of a copycat movie version of a certain TV series that others have mentioned in previous reviews, and yes, the theory is similar and that's where it really works. Viewers love the outdoor reality shows on TV these days and this movie takes the survival reality, to the next level. I can't say much about the plot but it will play out a little bit "obviously" throughout the movie, but don't let that turn you off, it has plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep the viewer switched on... just enjoy, as its a pretty entertaining movie..Chris Diamantopoulos was excellent in the role and upon doing a bit more research on him, as I hadn't heard of him before, I was surprised to find he hasn't had many lead character movie roles at all...a pity as would like to see him cast in a few more movies.

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been there done that, sort of, 6 March 2013

OK, it wasn't great and it wasn't bad, it was what you make of it. Leave all your "buts" at the door and just accept the silliness of what's ahead. If you want a short, shoot em up, barracking for the Disadvantaged people movie, then maybe see this movie. I applauded film makers having a go, coming up with new story lines, new concepts, however we have had this concept of "escaping the unknown" plenty of times, but not so many times have we seen it in this environment, especially in U.K films.. Give it a go and like I said, leave your "buts" at the door.... because you never know what's lurking behind it..

Riddle (2013)
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why oh why, 6 March 2013

Firstly, I truly find it hard to accept someone reviewing this movie and giving it a 10...wrong movie I think. I gave this movie 2 stars only because I thought the idea was good but the outcome was not so good. I believe in giving young actors a chance and I felt they tried their best in a lack lustered affair.Val Kilmer, what do I say...had about 20 lines in the whole move and was so poor maybe he should have hung his boots up after the 80's comedy, Top Secret. He just didn't want to be there, his body language was about as solid as a wet paper bag. The script had so many holes in it and the basis of the storyline was "riddled" with flaws. The filming was also very D grade. No smooth transitions, no fluency. At times the camera work was trying too hard, too hard to be shot as a blockbuster instead of just being the movie it was suppose to be. It could have been a good B grader, however in my opinion it didn't even reach the perils of an F.