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Seriously?, 13 January 2010

What's with all the trashing of this movie? Zombie didn't do a horrible job like everyone claims here, the movie contains loads of atmosphere, interesting camera shots and use of color, and a creative twist to the Halloween series(the dream sequences are very David lynch) Worst film of the series? I think not, obviously no one's taking Halloween:Resurrection into account. There are negatives to this film, mainly Scout-Taylor Compton playing a psycho clichéd crust punk with a pension for dropping the F bomb when times are required for her to convey angst and emotion. I'm really not sure if it's her lackluster acting ability, or just bad script writing but its really hard not to hate the character. Michael Myers on the other hand plows through people like a locomotive, kudos to Zombie for making the character uncompromising and brutal, something severely lacking in most of the other more recent films. It's also great to see Brad Dourif in a role that's just more than a cameo as well, the man is sorely underused and is a great actor. So beware of all the naysayers out there, this one is worth your time.

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OK for yukari fans, 26 October 2004

Yukari Oshima is up there as one of my favorite female action stars, and although she doesn't get to show off her talent TOO much in this film, she still kicks enough butt to satisfy most of her fans.The film itself is OK, more or less a revenge flick and contains some interesting stunt work and acting. Ken lo does a good job as the villain in this film for example, and Mark Cheng's sidekick is pretty acrobatic, although dies a little to abruptly. The main problem i had in this movie was the way Cheng handles himself when it comes to the action. He waves his arms around a lot and sort of looks like he's impersonating jackie chan, but ends up seeming goofy. It's a shame, because he shows off his physical talent rather well in films like Tai Chi 2. Overall, Yukari fans will probably seek this one out, otherwise there's a lot better when it comes to HK action.