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3D marvel and amazing film, 31 July 2013

This week I watched Nelson Mandela pilot a giant robot in order to fight monsters in Guillermo del Toro's, Pacific Rim… Okay, not quite.

Pacific Rim is visually unparalleled in the kick-ass-destructive-giant-robots-meet-alien- monster-mash-up movie genre. It's one of the very few movies where the 3D was done with such an art that you can't help but marvel at how amazing and effective it is. You see, the problem with the 3D gimmick is that it normally takes your eyes at least as long as the opening scene to acclimatize to the 3D, which is a waste if you consider that you're watching a film at almost triple what it would normally cost you. Plus, you're wearing awkward plastic goggles on your face which only seem to dim the brightness of the screen.

In Pacific Rim there are a number of devices implemented to re-enforce the 3D effect with intelligently placed objects that work to refresh the neutral depth–which basically means you don't have to take your glasses off every 20 minutes or so. Bottom line: the 3D in Pacific Rim is worth its price.

If you thought you saw the entire film when you watched the trailer, you are very much mistaken. Apart from two clips, the trailer only covers the events in the first 25-minute opening sequence. Pacific Rim is a lot larger than what I expected! True to del Toro form, Pacific Rim has a lot of depth and isn't simply a film with a narrow backbone to carry a visual and action-filled spectacle. Guillermo del Toro has already voiced his plans for a sequel, and, after watching the first film, it looks like it's going to be on par with the best of them.

Pacific Rim is a must-see film! It's more mature and polished than the Transformers franchise and easily the best film I've seen this year.

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This is an opinion review, 27 July 2013

I walked into the cinema expecting to write something about this being the must see film for the weekend, remembering the nostalgia of the original and the progressively worse but still kinda cool sequels (except for that abortion Tokyo Drift we'd all like to forget we saw) and the redeeming previous installment Fast Five that somehow redeemed and reinvented the franchise introducing 'The Rock' as a kick-ass anti-hero and started the franchise on a remarkably cool path with fast paced action that was grounded with a great balance of realism and "plausible" suspension of belief.

What I walked away with was having my mind raped by the worse script (CENSORED) It is near impossible to believe this is the same writer and director duo from Fast Five - but then they were also responsible for Tokyo Drift.

Firstly, for some reason they have dropped all of the iconic moments that we have come to love and expect. There is no action packed opening scene filled with car chases and metal carnage. Instead we are treated to being teased with a quick race where nothing happens and shown the aftermath of what must've been an incredible heist, and then, when we eventually do get to see some car chase scenes we quickly realize that they have also done away with those camera shots that weave in and out of the cars putting you in the center of the action.

Gone is the great balance of realism and "plausible" suspension of belief and instead Furious 6 was written with absolutely no regard to physics or common sense. It's one thing to have cars flipped over by driving head first into them with a ramp attached to the car, its another thing entirely to have bobbies keeping pace with a super fast custom F1 type of thing and almost overtaking it. But that's small compared to the crap they actually came up with for this movie. Think super fast chase scenes with a tank (oxymoronic) and people flying through the air superman style like neo catching a damsel in distress mid air after being flung from... I'm just gonna stop there. Have your eyes raped spoiler free but don't blame me for the loss of reasoning skills as you're trying to forget to think all together just so you can soak up the visual aspects of this redonculous spectacle.

It's actually infuriating to watch a movie with some cool bits while realizing the absurdity of what you are expected to swallow.

At one point there's this huge cargo plane landing on a runway but keeps cruising so it can take off again and this 20min action scene develops with cars driving into the cargo hold of the plane and fighting erupting everywhere, in the plane, around the plane and it never runs out of runway, for over 20 minutes. Now call me crazy but at some point everyone in the cinema turned to each other and said this is ridiculous, we all as a unit got up and refused to have our intelligence mocked while expecting to sit through this crap and we burned the place to the ground.

Here's some math: a typical airliner cruises at about 160mph for takeoff. 160 ÷ 60 x 20 = a 53.3 mile long runway.

The best thing about the movie was the fighting between the female characters. That's probably because they cast MMA star Gina Carano opposite Michelle Rodriguez.

Will this be one of those movies you love to hate or is it simply too mind numbingly $#*&?