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Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004) (V)
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Very good film- everyone who saw Moore's film should see this., 27 October 2004

All who saw Moore's film should see this. It shows the lies, the twistings, the dishonesty, the other side. There are interviews with people who were used in Moore's film. There are interviews with people who know about various claims that Moore makes. It has a response to most every scene or accusation from Moore's film, and they are not scraping the barrel to answer them: rather they show how absurd Moore was in his claims. It brings context to policy that Moore pretends is Bush acting in self-interest or for oil. But mostly it shows how distorted Moore was in his presentation of soldiers and America and also Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Many of those used in his moves: A) did not know nor give permission to be used in the film B) were used completely out of context so as to turn their words around into opposite meaning C) were mad as hell about it and felt violated and wronged

Their words were used to mean that they were angry at Bush and America when in truth they felt the opposite. If you see these longer interviews with them it shows that the opposite of what Moore insinuates is actually true. Anyone who has seen Michael Moore's film should see this one too.

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Wonderfully funny, poignant satire. Actually makes you think., 26 October 2004

I cannot recommend this film enough.

I think it highlights some of the major worldviews of the time and provides some base insight into the questions that each viewpoint must answer and the realities that they must contend with. All while making you roll with laughter!

It was side-splittingly funny, yes, but that is really neither here nor there. It was intelligent, brave and on-point political commentary -- that wasn't partisan! It could have been old-school democrats or neo-con republicans that made this. It was smart. It was funny. Probably anyone who tells you different was either offended by something or didn't really get the humour. Just go see it with an open mind, ready to have fun, don't be offended if your favorite actress gets blown to bits with a machine gun, and see what you think!