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Wonderful Retelling, 19 March 2008

I have to say that I am shocked at the last review for this film. I thought that it was an amazing piece and was very moving. The whole message and point behind this film was to help us understand the motives and events that shaped Judas' betrayal of Christ. Many people, even those that don't know much about the religion or the teachings of Christ, know who Judas was and that he was ultimately the one who betrayed Christ. But little is known of why or how one could do such a thing. This movie makes the tale more heartbreaking and thought provoking than anything else I have ever seen. It humanizes some of the characters in a way that many people may not have viewed them before.

I strongly suggest that anyone who is already a believer, is just coming into their faith, or even those that have decided that it isn't for them see this movie. It is truly eye-opening and gives one a better understanding and view of characters we think we already know.