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Not As Good As The Original But Provides Some Laughs, 26 March 2012

Revenge Of The Nerds II Nerds In Paradise may not a comedy classic like it's predecessor Revenge Of The Nerds but it's still an enjoyable movie to watch.This time our nerd heroes must once again fight back against their most hated enemy. Robert Carradine's character Lewis grows up quite a bit and stands up for his fraternity brothers.

Curtis Armstrong is as always his funny self when playing nose picker Booger his character is more hilarious, he says some great lines in the film. A year has passed since a group of intelligent and awkward young men banded together to form a fraternity to fight back against the Alpha Betas. They succeeded in their battle of brains vs. brawn guaranteeing nerd freedom, Now Lewis (Carradine) and his friends Wormser (Cassese), Pointdexter (Busfield), Lamar (Scott) & Booger (Armstrong) are about to represent Adams College at a united fraternity conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Once there they are prosecuted and picked on again by another chapter of the Alpha Betas run by Roger Latimore (Whitford). Sunny Carstairs (Smith) a hotel employee befriends the nerdy gang and falls in love with Lewis.

Towards the end after being marooned on an island the boys find military equipment and using an army tank they head back to the conference to confront Roger and his group with the help of Ogre (Gibb) who becomes a member of the Lambda Lambdas after being kicked out of the Alphas.

This film may not be a laugh fest but certainly provides very little humour and memorable quotes.

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A Comedy Classic For The Nerd In All Of Us, 25 March 2012

I first saw Revenge Of The Nerds ten years ago when I bought it on VHS it was a well made college comedy without too much nudity like most of today's films. Robert Carradine & Anthony Edwards lead a cast of all stars in this very funny and intelligent movie about a group of misfits who use their intelligence to fight back against a group of football players in a fraternity

I myself was a nerd too and got bullied and picked on a lot so in a way i understood how the characters felt about being treated differently because of my appearance and the fact that I'm smart.Besides Lewis one of my other favourite characters in the movie is Gilbert his best friend, he takes a stand against nerd prosecution by helping his friends fight for their rights.

When best friends Lewis Skolnick (Carradine) & Gilbert Lowe (Edwards) begin their freshman year at Adams College they are unaware of the trouble that's ahead for them. Upon arrival they quickly discover that people like them are treated different, when a popular fraternity called the Alpha Betas run by Stan Gable (McGinley) carelessly burn down their house they seize control of the freshmen dorm for their own. With no place to go the displaced freshmen move into the gymnasium until they find a place or be accepted into other fraternities. Joining our two heroes are child genius Harold Wormser (Cassesse), violin player Pointdexter (Busfield), nose picking Dudley Dawson aka Booger (Armstrong), Chinese exchange student Takashi (Tochi) and Lamar Latrelle (Scott). Aiding the Alpha Betas is their neighbouring sorority The Pi Delta Pis. Further complicating the situation is Lewis's developing crush on Betty Childs (Montgomery)a popular cheerleader, sorority sister and Gable's girlfriend.

Two of my favourite scenes in the film include Lewis disguising himself so he can have sex with Betty in the fun house and the most surprising part is when she falls in love with him and dumps Stan then she declares "I'm in love with a nerd".

The other scene takes place after the Lambdas win the homecoming games and return to find their house totally trashed and almost destroyed and Gilbert finally decides he's not gonna take the abuse anymore and goes to confront the enemy.

The ending was pretty awesome because this group of ordinary young men fought for their rights and won against the beautiful people, seeing everyone including Gilbert's girlfriend Judy (Meyrink) joining the crowd was entertaining. The song We Are The Champions fit that part perfectly.

Other cast members included John Goodman from Roseanne, Donald Gibb, Matt Salinger, Bernie Casey, David Wohl and Jamie Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick. they delivered good performances.

For fans of comedy and nerds out there I recommend Revenge Of The Nerds it's a sure crowd pleaser.

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A John Candy Classic , Funny & Heartwarming, 2 March 2012

John Candy was one of the most gifted actors in Hollywood having seen his performances in Splash, Uncle Buck, Spaceballs and Cool Runnings he had a great talent for both comedy and drama. Only the Lonely is a funny little gem that also features the great acting of Maureen O'Hara, Jim Belushi & Ally Sheedy.

The story is simple a lonely Chicago cop in his late 30's finds romance with the daughter of a funeral parlour owner he must also deal with his mother who disapproves of the relationship. Maureen O'Hara portrayed the role of Rose Muldoon to perfection, she comes across as a tight fisted iron willed Irish woman who tells it like it is without any regard of who gets hurt.

Danny Muldoon (Candy) is a 38 year old police officer who still lives with with his mother in Chicago he is always worried about her to the point of having nightmares in which something bad happens. still single and longing to find love soon enough his search ends up in the one place nobody would expect. One evening at a bar Danny crosses paths with Theresa Luna (Sheedy) the shy daughter of funeral parlour owner Johnny Luna (Greco). The next day he heads to the parlour where Theresa does make up for the stiffs. He asks her out, she says yes. The funniest scene is when they are on the date and he tells an amusing story about his brother Patrick's (Dunn) bachelor party.

Another plot of the film sees Nick Acropolis (Quinn) Danny's neighbour trying to win the affections of his mother he's been asking her out for years she keeps turning him down. However by the end of the film after accepting her son's choice to be with the love of his life she warms up to Nick's charms.

Funny & filled with many dramatic moments Only The Lonely is a good gem of a movie for anyone out there. Rest In Peace John you are missed.

Twilight (2008/I)
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A Classic Love Story With A Twist, 12 November 2011

Up until three years ago I never heard of this movie or read the books by Stephanie Meyer it was only after i borrowed the film from my sister that I saw why people fell in love with it. Twilight tells the story of a modern day teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire it was the best epic romance film in years.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart portray the star crossed couple pretty well they have great chemistry on screen their performance throughout the film was amazing.Pattinson's the sexiest vampire I've seen since Brad Pitt in 1994's Interview With The Vampire, the scenery and action sequences were visually incredible.

I have all four books in the series as well as the films and can't wait until Breaking Dawn comes out in theatres and then on DVD.

At 17 years old Bella Swan (Stewart) is different she's never been one to run with the popular kids at her school or be part of a social clique that consists of snobby girls.When she moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father chief of police Charlie (Burke)she doesn't expect too much to happen,however the course of her life is about to change forever.

On her first day of school she makes new friends with Mike (Welch) Jessica (Kendrick), Eric (Chon) and Angela (Serratos) Bella becomes intrigued when she sees the Cullen siblings including 17 year old Edward (Pattinson) a boy with a dark secret. After some research and occurrences where he possesses quick speed and strength she finds out he's a vampire, in 1918 he was on the verge of death due to Spanish influenza in order to save him his adoptive father Carlisle (Facinelli) transformed him so he would forever remain a teenager. As their different worlds and hearts collide he struggles with the lust burning inside him and deals with a trio of deadly vampires who want to harm his girlfriend.

she also meets the rest of his family mother Esmee (Reaser), brothers Jasper (Rathbone) & Emmett (Lutz)then finally his sisters Alice (Greene) who treats Bella like a sister and Rosalie (Reed) who dislikes her because she's human.

For fans of romantic fantasy and action Twilight is a crowd pleaser sure to entertain legions of fans everywhere


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A Terrifying True Story Of Stalking & Violence, 2 November 2011

Up until a few months ago I had never seen I Can Make You Love Me or read the story about Laura Black and after watching the film I was left feeling sickened and horrified. This movie tells the story of how a man's four year obsession and stalking of a female employee ended in a tragic conclusion.

I had seen Richard Thomas in Death In Small Doses and he's a brilliant actor with great talent his portrayal of real life killer Richard Farley sent chills down my spine as he played a man with a sick obsession. Brooke Shields delivered an incredible performance as Laura as the film progressed it amazed me how she had the courage and bravery to escape the rampage alive and how she reacted when her boss told her about the real reason why Farley got fired .

At 23 years old Laura Black (Shields) is about to leave her parents home in Virginia after accepting a job at K.E.I. in Sillicon Valley California, on her first day she's introduced to long time employee Richard Farley (Thomas) whose immediately attracted to her beauty after lunch he invites her out she politely turns him down.Over the next few days he is shown waiting for her in her office with fresh baked bread to show how he feels and then watches outside her aerobics class as she removes her sweater to reveal her outfit.

What happens next is a four year nightmare for Laura as Farley continues to follow her repeatedly even going so far as to slash the tires on her car, trick other employees into giving him her address, enrolling in her exercise class,breaking into the office to get more info on her, breaking into the garage at her apartment building. The worst ones were taking pictures outside her home and writing to her parents about their relationship. There was a scene when she goes home to visit her family for Christmas and receives a gift entitled our summer vacation which causes her to break down crying.

What made the situation even more difficult was his threats to go after members of her family if she tried to leave or learn that she was meant for him.

She made many complaints to her boss about what she endured because of him only to be told that they didn't want to jeopardize his security clearance over her right to be safe.It made me feel angry the company should have done more to help keep her protected from harassment.

The final straw comes after she files a restraining order and it pushes him to the edge and the result is a shooting rampage which claims the lives of several employees and injured others including Laura.

After the film California became the first place to enact an anti stalking law and other cities have followed since. This film is an example of how horrifying obsession can be as well as stalking.

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A Childhood Favorite Full Of Tricks & Plenty Of Laughs, 7 October 2011

I was only 7 years old when Hocus Pocus was released and it instantly became one of my favourite films to watch on Halloween and any day of the year. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy & Sarah Jessica Parker delivered hilarious performances as a trio of witches brought back to life to cause mischief and mayhem on the scariest night of the year. Why anyone would give it a bad review is beyond me? This film is good for fans of all ages.

In 1693 the Sanderson sisters Winifred (Midler) Mary (Najimy) and Sarah (Parker) convicted of witchcraft and the death of Emily Binx (Rivera) were hanged by the townsfolk but before their death Winifred vowed they would return when a virgin would light a candle and the life force from all the children will be for them.

Approximately 300 years later in 1993 teenager Max Dennison (Katz) has moved with his family from Los Angeles to the town of Salem Massachusetts, where the legend of the Sanderson sisters is still popular he believes it to be nothing more than just a stupid Halloween story made up by a candy company. He ends up taking his 8 year old sister Dani (Birch) trick or treating while his parents attend a party at town hall. They stop at house where Allison (Shaw) the girl Max has a crush on and classmate from school is holding a party, she tells them her knowledge of the sisters and that the house they lived in is now a museum.

Wanting to impress his dream girl they all go to the old house where Winifred's spell book still is in a glass case. As soon as the black flame candle is lit trouble begins when the Sanderson sisters return from the grave. Aiding Max, Dani, & Allison in the battle to stop the witches from taking all the children's life force is Thackery Binx (Murray)a teenager from the 16th century who had a spell of immortality placed on him and was transformed into a black cat as punishment for trying to stop the the enemy and has lived with the guilt of not being able to save his sister for centuries.

I'm not going to spoil the ending for those who have yet to see the movie all I can say is that you have to see it to believe it.

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Funny, Refreshing & Charming, 18 September 2011

When I first viewed this show I was trying to find something entertaining to watch and after a few minutes I laughed so hard because this sitcom was the funniest I've seen in a longtime. Mike & Molly tells the story of a couple who meet at an overeater's anonymous group and fall in love, Billy Gardell & Melissa McCarthy have great chemistry on screen and the cast is fantastic Swoosie Kurtz & Katy Mixon deliver comical performances as Molly's mother & sister who are always giving advice about her relationship.

What I enjoy most about the series is that it takes a look at a sensitive subject and the jokes arrive in a style of laugh with me and not at me. My favourite episode is when Molly goes out on her first date with Mike and she's acting a bit crazy because of cold medicine and a little wine the expressions on his face are priceless. Mike Biggs (Gardell) is a Chicago police officer attempting to lose some weight and Molly Flynn (McCarthy) a fourth grade teacher wants to embrace her curves. They meet one evening at a weight loss support group and slowly a romance begins, they are so cute together in one episode she doesn't want to see him anymore and he wins her back by serenading her under her window. Reno Wilson as Carl Mike's partner is hilarious he too offers advice as does his grandmother portrayed by Cleo King.

This show is for anyone who feels comfortable and likes them self for who they are.

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No Money Somehow Still Funny, 23 March 2011

I saw this film a few years ago and wondered why would anyone hate this film and give it such a bad review?, Arthur 2 On The Rocks was a decent conclusion to the story of the most lovable millionaire.Liza Minnelli's performance as Linda was as usual terrific and comical, While watching the movie you get to feel for the main characters as they face being broke,trying to fix an apartment and have children. I loved Dudley Moore's role as Arthur as you see him finally facing life and most of all realizing that having money isn't everything.

Since we last saw Arthur (Moore) he was on the verge of an arranged marriage to socialite Susan Johnson (Sikes) however he chose to marry his true love and keep his money.It's a few years later Arthur & his lovely wife Linda (Minnelli) are as happy as ever. When it's discovered that Linda can't have children they plan to adopt with the help of Mrs. Canby (Bates) an adoption worker. However a dark cloud soon comes around.

Burt Johnson (Elliott) has seized control of the Bach company and as part of a revenge scheme forces Arthur's family to cut him off financially unless he divorces his wife and marries Susan. This film had taken a serious turn for Arthur as he finally decided to sober up and fight back to get his family and what belongs to him. I won't spoil the ending all I can tell you is that it's a happy one.

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Strange, Hilarious, Charming, 10 October 2010

This is one of my favourite films from the 1990's it's funny, bizarre and yet sweet at the same time, My Boyfriend's Back is different than most of the teen comedies of today. Mary Beth Hurt & Edward Herrman played the part of the parents to perfection, they supported their son and didn't seem frightened by his return from the grave.

Supporting cast members Traci Lind, Matthew Fox, Austin Pendleton, Paul Dooley & Phillip Seymour Hoffman all delivered great performances in this demented comedy.

Johnny Dingle (Lowery) has been in love with the prettiest girl in school Missy McCloud (Lind) for 12 years now with the senior prom coming up he's finally gonna get up the nerve to ask her to be his date. However her jock boyfriend Buck Van Patten (Fox) squashes his chances of that happening in an attempt to get her to go with him Johnny comes up with the craziest idea ever.

This film seemed bizarre, weird and yet romantic at the same time the main character played by Andrew Lowery showed the depth of his love for his girl by returning from the dead to have the dance he's been waiting for.

for anyone who loves the strange and the undead I recommend this delightful and demented comedy.

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Funny, Intelligent & Very Well Done, 8 September 2010

Kenneth Branagh is one of my favourite actors having seen some of his work in Dead Again & Mary Shelley's Frankenstein his performance was both clever and incredible. Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Jane a young woman dying from motor neurone disease was touching and heartfelt, you see the character go through the difficulty of the illness and sympathize with the situation.

When I saw this film I began to enjoy it after the first few minutes it was funny, heartbreaking and a little romantic. One of my favourite scenes was when Jane asked for help to lose her virginity, the expression on Richard's face was hilarious and yet stunned.

The Theory Of Flight is a charming story filled with enough comedy, drama and the right amount of romance to keep viewers entertained.

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