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Fast-paced funny and well made fantasy action movie, 1 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed watching this Movie!

Yes, the movie hasn't got a great storyline and its extremely predictable. Don't go to watch it, if you need this. Butif you like fast-paced fantasy action with some gore and a ton of fun, go ahead and watch it!

What I love about the movie is, that it is able to make fun of itself. I was laughing throughout the whole movie: Railguns in medieval, Hansel's medical condition and Hansels dive roll into the house just to get a shovel to his face, when he could just have walked in through the open door... Things like that made the movie for me! i loved it!

Gemma and Jeremy fit well to the roles, but the award goes to Famke - she was just great! Only downside (-1 Point) was the witch with the horns, who looked pretty bad.