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They can't all be classics, 27 March 2016

this is one of the very few Pixar movies that isn't great. Not for lack of effort, just missed the mark. The characters lacked "character" the story was not intriguing for me or my son. The animation was good as all Pixar projects are very well animated. It just didn't have the same soul or heart as other Pixar films. I would have liked to see this be another one of those must see, must add to my library type of movies, but unfortunately it wasn't. I really don't know where it went wrong, but from the look of the other reviews, I'm not the only one that feels this way. I don't think it was too scary for young children. My son is 1 and he didn't get scared.

Movie 43 (2013)
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Hands down the worst movie I've every seen!, 25 January 2013

I can't believe how bad this movie was. It's amazing to me that they got such high quality actors to take part in this piece of garbage. I can usually find some redeeming quality in most movies no matter how bad they are, but this is just a pile of crap. I almost asked for my money back. There wasn't one good thing about this. How on Earth did this movie get made. I'm shocked at how bad it was. How did someone hold a gun to the heads of all these talented actors to get this movie made. I can't say enough bad things about this. Wow! It even mentioned "Howard the Duck" as a bad movie. So, they know about bad movies. This will probably take the place of "Howard the Duck" as the worst movie of all time.