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incredibly young, 26 March 2005

The image and sound quality are not very good, but I think it's an excellent short movie. It's amazing to see the great and wonderful Gillian Anderson in this black and white short movie, with a young and cute face, blond and short hair. It was her very first try in front of the camera, and I can say it : she succeed! Who could imagine she will be the great actress we all know now!

We can hear her English accent, her tiny voice, and for sure, you will have a smile. It's a great performance here, even if the movie is old. It's a very original story about life who merits to have all your attention. we can see those 3 people talking to you as a ghosts... don't know. strange and thoughtfully in the same time.

have to be seen.

House of D (2004)
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have to see this movie, 26 March 2005

Well, first of all, sorry for my bad English, i will try to write correctly. I know, that this movie will be show on April 15th, and i haven't seen it yet, but I just want to say to every body who plans to see it, please, bring all people as you can, because, it must have more than 5000 entries to be send to Europe. and i don't want to imagine I could not see this master piece in France. you have to know, that this movie is a Human story, true, honest, a sad and happy fairytale. And to finish, I don't wanna heard it is a bad movie, because it can't be. that's all. I will come back when the movie will come in France, with good critics. be sure!!!! and now, STOP surfing on the net, pick up your phone, reserve your ticket, and go to see it right now! it's an order!! .... please!