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I am commenting, 4 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

HAHAHA Okay folks. At approximately the 28 minute mark, there is a fight in the cafeteria between the Dillon Panthers, and some team that is sharing their school and facilities after a tornado damaged their school. The fight is initiated by Landry Clarke, or Clark, however, whatever, who has a bit of a thing going with Tyra Collette. Well, Landry interrupts Tyra and a beau from the other school in conversation and proceeds to aggravate some of the beau's teammates. Suffice it to say, a brouhaha ensues!

The HAHAHA part? The first punch is thrown by Landry Clark/e and it misses the jaw of the beau by a good four inches. It must have packed a big air wallop though, because the intended target flew away from the mighty Landry Clarke Kent!

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A ten line minimum is a bum policy, 24 August 2009

Was it just me or did that the length of that episode match Eric Murphy's height? It was less than 22 minutes! What the hell!

And since we're forced to discuss the requirement of length, why the heck does IMDb demand that we write at minimum 10 lines in a comment? I would be writing for longer than the episode was on TV and about nothing. Luckily they have given me a topic to type onward about because, in order for this to be a valid submission; in order for me to ask whether you, the interested parties, noticed or cared about the length of the broadcast, i must go on for ten, bloody lines.

done ten lines...poor policy.

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Without doubt the best lineup for a free concert that also served turkey., 20 October 2004

If you, as a music lover, have ever wondered what it would be like to see a concert starring the very cream of the crop from the sixties and seventies, you have that opportunity now. Martin Scorcese has produced a film that should be mandatory viewing for anyone who calls themselves a rock lover. While all the performances are memorable, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and, of course, The Band are incredible. Beyond the music, the very premise of the concert is amazing: A big bang to end the era, thanksgiving dinner for thousands, a wicked lineup, great music and some really enlightening interviews. The Last Waltz is a must see if you are a fan of the rock&roll genre, as The Band and friends not only play their hearts out, but also pay tribute to the sound that we all know and love.

Watch it, you won't regret the time spent.