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Waking (2013/I)
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A real review - Good plot, mediocre execution, 14 April 2014

The movie is nowhere near a 10/10 perfect movie. A 5 or 6 sounds much more correct. Overall, the movie is so-so. It has an interesting concept, but with no real fleshing out of the idea, it stays as only an interesting concept and never makes the leap to interesting product. The pacing is really slow, the scenes are repetitive and monotonous, and the acting is subpar even for an indie movie. I give the guy credit for trying, he clearly has the drive. What he doesn't have is the skill to pull off a low budget sci-fi movie. Nothing unexpected happens here, you could call out the entire movie's story based solely on the plot description. Needless to say the ending happens, and it is VERY underwhelming. You're left thinking, that's it? I wanted to like it more, low budget cerebral sci-fi can be my faves (primer or donnie darko for example) This however missed the mark, and needed some more time put into the writing to really figure out what to do with this plot. As it is now, they had no idea where to take it. And it really shows. Worth seeing if you're a big fan of the genre, otherwise just skip it...

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Not bad, but needed more insights, 22 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like the other reviewer, I had never heard of this guy's show until this doc. I'd heard the name, but didn't know what it was associated with. Having seen this I can only say I wish it had more insights into WHY he's the man he is. It comes across as more summary than commentary, and that's always a shame to see in a documentary.

He didn't innovate anything, as we find out that they were just copying the format of an old 1960s show, so no points for him there either. With that gone Downey Jr is just another angry middle aged man ranting on TV against people who can't actually change anything anyway. Just like it still is, it was all about the ratings more than the content.

All in all, an entertaining movie for a mere budget of $300k, but could have been so much more...

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Weird but Enjoyable, 15 April 2013

This is an odd one. It's meant for adults yet contains some silly comedy kids would enjoy, stars kids fighting the grown ups, contains cursing and violence, and is rated R. Like I said, pretty weird. But if you're a fan of Muy Thai flicks it's actually got some good fight scenes. Impressive all the more because it's kids doing the stunts/fighting! Just don't go in expecting Ong Bak and you'll be entertained.

Also just to set the record straight about the front page review: it is NOT a family movie (like I said cursing, violence to kids, etc), and is it NOT 113 minutes, it is 77 or so minutes long! Not sure where that person got their facts, but they were way off. Didn't want some Mom picking this up for the family to watch based on the main review!

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Good short film, especially if you like abusrdest humor, 29 September 2010

Never done a review here on IMDb before, thought this would be the perfect one to start with, since there's not one for it yet.

As the title says, it's a well made short film. From the co-creator of Bill and Ted, starring Kyle Gass (of Tenacious D) and Shane Black (Predator, night of the creeps), how could you not like this already?

Gets better because it turns out to be a pretty funny. But only if you like off the wall absurdest humor, a la Stella or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or even the Tenacious D show Gass and Jack Black made for HBO back in the day.

In short, watch this if you can find it and it sounds even remotely interesting, you won't be disappointed...

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Spiral Into Mediocrity..., 11 December 2009

Good to see Lillard in a horror movie again, shame it's this one. By no means a terrible movie, it's not great either. It starts with enough promise that you keep watching, hoping it will keep it up.

Unfortunately, it doesn't. It gets sillier and sillier until the easily foreseeable ending. As the title says, it suffers from the 'spiraling into mediocrity' syndrome, something many movies today seem to have. A writer had an interesting opener and premise, but had NO idea how to conclude it on the same level.

I'd give it a 6, but only because i'm a fan of low budget thrillers/horror movies. If you're not into the genre, you'd probably be better off skipping this one...