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The Greatest Movie EVER!, 9 December 2004

IT'S PAT is in the bottom 100 simply because people went into the theater expecting THE GODFATHER. Hello, why would you do that? Take IT'S PAT for what it's worth--useless entertainment. Normally, I am not a fan of stupid comedy, but this is the sole exception. There is something quite hypnotizing about this movie. It uplifts your spirit and takes your sorrow away. Yes, I said it!

The Best Parts: 1. Pat singing karaoke. 2. Pat rocking out with the tuba & tripping on gourmet mushrooms. 3. Any scene involving Pat talking to Pat's "best friend, Kathy".

If you take it for it is, you'll laugh at loud for days!

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Nancy was fat., 8 December 2004

FOR THE LOVE OF NANCY is your typical Lifetime movie. You know the kind, it's drawn out with very little plot, and it's all summed up under two hours. The acting was dry. The plot was uninteresting. Tracy Gold, although an anorexic in her real life, simply did not capture the darkness and despair of an authentic anorexic.

Tracy was quite large for the part she was playing. I do not blame the badness of the movie on that, because I would not want her to starve in order to play this part. It's just, it was hard to sympathies with the character of Nancy when she was crying about her eating disorder when she was clearly at a healthy weight.

Also, following suit of a badly made Lifetime movie, she sure "caught" anorexia fast and "healed" in the speed of light. Anyone who knows anything about eating disorders knows that not only do you not just wake up one day starving yourself to death, you also do not admit you have a problem and immediately become well and go back to normal.

If you have nothing else to do, you could watch FOR THE LOVE OF NANCY, I suppose. Only, I suggest you have some pizza to occupy your attention during this melodrama mess.

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Blame it all on the time., 8 December 2004

FREAKS AND GEEKS is my only happy memory of all my teenage years. I was 12/13 when this show first premiered. I faithfully talked about how great this show was and how I couldn't miss an episode. Only, I missed nearly every single one! NBC did a deadly move...they moved the show around many times and did not even bother to promote the new time slots. One week it was on Monday's at 8. The next week it was on Saturday night. That's not even mentioning the monthly hiatus' that FREAKS AND GEEKS often took. I only found it two years later on a completely different network...long after it had been officially cancelled. No wonder there are so little fans.

For those of you who are not yet involved in our F&G cult, don't judge FREAKS AND GEEKS quality on the fact that it was cancelled. It actually is a realistic, heartwarming...yet very heartbreaking, comedy that never had a chance. Besides, who can resist a show that dares shows the greatness of pot? Hahahaha sit back and put on a little "Lady L" and have a great day.

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Clever show that went completely downhill, 8 December 2004

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT was a diamond in the rough when it first came out. Season one was a precision array of fresh writing, talented actors, and clever jokes. Unfortuantly, good writing and real talent is a toxic mix for average viewers. The ratings were embarrassingly low during season one.

In an unexplainable bit of good judgment Fox decided to renew it for a second season. Well, we should have known Fox, being the evil franchise it is, would put obligations on this little show that could. They forced it to be dumbed down and simplified. It is now, only in it's second season, becoming an unwatchable average sitcom. It makes my heart ache knowing the once AMAZING show is so quickly selling itself for candy.

If AD doesn't go back to it's roots in season 3, then I will petition for it to be cancelled. Until then, go re-watch your first season DVDs and avoid the new episodes.

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It makes me want to kill myself., 8 December 2004

How this show has lived on so many years, I will never figure out. Not only are the hosts completely self-centered, unprofessional, and downright obnoxious...but there is a revolving door of hosts! Good Day Live is a one hour "entertainment news" program, yet there is nothing entertaining about the filth they report. I cannot even call it news because their biggest headlines always include celebrity gossip from tabloids! I shouldn't even call it an hour, because by the time they stop talking about THEMSELVES and actually read the prompter, 20 minutes have passed. The only slightly amusing factor in the show is that all the hosts so obviously and completely hate each other. Stay away, far, far away.

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The Fonz the 1st season, at least., 19 November 2004

I've never been a real fan of this show, but I've watched it several times. It has been a long time since I saw the first season. No one's kidding when we say it's a completely different show later on!

In season one Fonzie was mean. Ralph was cool. Richie was actually present, as was that ever-mysterious brother of his. All in all it was so much better than the Fonzie "superhero" years with Chachi infested waters.

Seriously, the Fonz getting angry with a girl for not going all the way with him on the first night! That is classic! If you want a real show for the 50s, watch season 1. Anything after that is just a sad train wreck of the 70s & Chachi's singing. ..You exactly what I am talking about.