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World Without End FINALLY to DVD?
21 July 2008
Rumor has it this gem from the 50's is finally coming to DVD This year! I had heard from another fan its being released thru BESTBUY in the USA in September on a box set. GREAT news as I have been wanting to get this on DVD remastered for a long long time- Its one of my favorites and I look forward to adding it to my collection ! Its a very good story and stars a pre-TIME MACHINE Rod Taylor and also another 50's SCI FI star, Hugh Marlowe. This is a film that though the special effects were so-so always was fun to watch and a great way to step back to a simplier time. I really hope it comes to DVD Remastered and with Extras but I will be happy just to get a clean print of it.
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The 27th Day (1957)
The 27th Day - An Unseen Gem
28 December 2006
This rarely seen 1950's Gem shown right smack in the middle of the COLD war was one I truly enjoyed and such a great addition to my SCI FI collection. Gene Barry again is excellent - so enjoyed him in WAR OF THE WORLD'S, his character this time is one who holds the power of the world in his hands - a tiny capsule capable of destroying the world or saving it - this movie didn't have to rely on special effects, just planting the thought these capsules given to these five people could destroy all life on Earth and man must make the right decision or otherwise mankind is doomed! Good story and cast and I ONLY hope that in 2007 - 50 years past its birth - they release this fine movie to DVD and restore it ! UPDATE: Jan 1st 2007 - TCM showed this movie without commercials and unedited. I hope those who never saw it got a chance to enjoy this rarely shown little SCI FI gem.
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Island City (1994 TV Movie)
Island City - 1994 TV Movie
28 December 2006
I saw this movie and saved it to VHS as part of my SCI FI collection and found it to be quite entertaining and fun just as a pure escapism movie. Sure the special effects were not of Star War's quality or the caliber of a WAR OF THE WORLD'S but it told a story and kept my interest the whole way thru. This one is not shown on TV as far as I know but I think it they were to show it again people would watch it and people Would like it -

I rate it a C+ and hope someday I can get a better copy of it for my collection...

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