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My top rated of the 1990s. In order by rating.
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My top rated movies of the 1980s, in order by rating.
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My highest rated movies of 2000-2009, in order of rating
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This is a list of movies I recommend if you are studying psychology in school, or have a general interest in psychology.
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I just finished film school a month ago and wanted to make this list as a guide to anyone who is currently going, or about to start their first year. If you're a young film buff about to start film school, chances are you went through High School knowing about a lot of great movies that many of your peers didn't know or care about. All that will change once film school starts. Here is a small list of movies to be sure you watch before or during your time at film school. Chances are professors and some students will discuss these at some point. Even if you skip film school, these are still good movies to watch if you're interested in learning more about film making and the history behind it.
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These are movies and TV shows from all eras that have great appeal to men and present values, ideas, and sometimes humor that men relate to. I realize that a lot of women enjoy these movies too and think that's great just as well, the purpose of this list isn't to exclude anyone, it's simply focused on movies and TV shows that portray masculinity, masculine interests or any related elements.
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I started collecting Blu-Rays in Fall 2011, this is what I own so far.
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These are the movies I have rated a 10/10. Even though many of these movies are my favorites, this isn't a list of all time favorites but instead is a list of what I consider to be the greatest films ever made, in alphabetical order.
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For those who have seen my list "Movies Every Man Should See," this is the shortened version with the top 31 that I've chosen from that list.
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My favorite decades in film history were the 70s, 80s and 90s. Here are my top rated of the 1970s. In order by rating.
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This isn't just an "overrated" list. Overrated simply means something is rated higher than you think it deserves, which can account for any level of acclaim. This is specifically reserved for critically acclaimed movies. I don't absolutely hate too many of these movies, some I mildly respect for their place in film history, but I didn't enjoy any of them. As you can tell from the first few movies listed, I don't like Jean-Luc Godard. If you want to know what films I do like, check out my 10 Star Movies list.

*Edit* Almost a year after initially making this list, I decided to remove "If..." which is actually a good movie that deserves its acclaim.
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As you can see, this is a very small list compared to a lot of other people who collect Criterion DVDs and Blu-Rays. Despite that, this is my Criterion Collection as it currently stands, with more discs and Blu-Rays on the way.
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Mr. Freeze, as portrayed in Batman & Robin, had a thing for ice related puns and could only speak while using them. So by that logic, if he were a real person he would enjoy these movies/tv shows.
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This is a list of movies I can remember seeing in theaters to the best of my memory, in order of when I saw them.
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Since I had difficulty making a Top 100, and only listing 10 movies seems too little, here's my Top 20 of all time.
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A list of films with the greatest shootouts ever put on film. If there's anything you think I'm missing, put your suggestions below and I'll think about adding them.
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This is a list of celebrities who are either current members of the NRA, or have been members in the past. This list was created purely for informational purposes. *Edit* This list really took off in the last few weeks, even though it's been up for nearly two years, so I should make it clear as the list creator that I'm a big supporter of gun ownership and while I'm not an NRA member, I don't in any way blame these guys for the actions of some psychopath. I'll leave the comments open to keep the debate going, but this isn't an attempt to ruin the reputation of anyone on it.
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These are all films that have won awards at the Appalachian Film Festival in West Virginia, from oldest to most recent. Some past award winners do not have IMDb pages and do not appear on this list as a result.