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They’re known as the movies you have to see twice, or sometimes more affectionately as the movies after which you say “I don’t know what the $%*# just I just saw.” For now, I’ll call them mind-benders: films that are so enigmatic and intricately woven that wow you at the end, even if you have no idea what happened. Considering that tomorrow’s “Inception” should be one of those films, I thought I’d share with you my favorites. Before we continue, let it be clear this this is not a list with endings that made you drop your jaw. That is a common element in a lot of these films, but there are a lot of elaborate films with amazing climaxes that simply don’t warrant the title of “mind-bender.” “The Sixth Sense” is one such film and it belongs nowhere near this list. With that in mind, enjoy and be sure to check out any of these films that you haven’t seen — as long as you’re up to the mental capacity and willingness to focus.