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Veer-Zaara (2004)
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Love at its grandest., 1 April 2005

Veer Zaara is a story of epic proportions which shows the deepest insight into the understanding of love as it applies to the human experience. Terrors, along with joys, test the bonds of two lovers of different faiths, different nationalities, but similar feelings. These feelings reflect upon the plot so brilliantly, making this movie Shah Rukh Khan's second best performance, following behind Kal Ho Naa Ho. The Late Madan Mohan has composed brilliant songs which shed light on the journeys of the two star crossed lovers, highlighting both comical and tragic moments in this classic saga. As for Veer Zaara's influence on the public, a motif of unity, an archetype of love in the hero's garden is shared with the two nations, creating a bond forged in steel. This is something Shakespeare should have seen.

The story of a lifetime....In a heartbeat., 17 October 2004

Let me just say, this movie is very underrated because typical movie goers aren't able to view the DEPTH of the film. I think most of us can agree that the songs are spectacular and the three main actors could not have been better. Shah Rukh is not too emotional in this movie like he is in others. Saif is awesome. Pretty is hilarious. This is the BEST Hindi movie that I have seen in a decade. Karan Johar, I owe you one. One way to make this movie better: have Aamir Khan as a guest or a main actor (but have his hair styled like in Dil Chatha Hai). This is a must see for all (parents, kids, teens, college goers). It will keep you wrapped in the suspense. Kya patha? Kal ho naa ho?