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Life of Pi (2012)
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Best film of 2012, 24 February 2013

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This movie has the best special effects imaginable, it is on the same level as Avatar. It has the perfect elements to be a fantastic film, suspense, comedy, action, and very emotional. Pi and Richard Parker form a passionate relationship through survival. Cast away alone above the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean which goes down 7 miles. The actor of eighteen year old Pi deserves a best actor nomination at today's Oscars. Life of Pi will roar at the Oscars no doubt about that. It deserves best picture for how beautifully and original this film was made. People will argue that Argo has it all but that did not touch me in a way that Life of Pi did. When Richard Parker did not look behind at Pi when they reached the shore of Mexico, it shows how much Richard Parker mention to Pi.

Spy School (2008)
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Absolutely Amazing!, 17 February 2013

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This movie is great the acting is superb! What a great movie for all ages it has some good politics! I cannot stress how great this movie is the music is amazing. It includes "Macho Man." The camera angles are perfect the lighting is great. I cannot believe a masterpiece such as this is on Netflix. There is a fantastic plot with great suspense that leaves you wriggling in you chair or sofa until the credits are over! Malcolm J Grism is absolutely fantastic his voice and his posture is perfect for the worst type of villain that you could imagine. Even more than Lord Voldermort! Grism says his famous line "Grism! The name is Malcom J Grism! And yes, I most certainly will get away with this!" Another great line of his is "Back! everybody back! Or I'll have no choice but to do something that wouldn't be very nice!" The actor of Malcom J Grism deserves at the least a best supporting actor Oscar nomination.