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Utterly disappointing. A true waste of time. Get something else., 28 November 2005

How can I begin to describe the disappointment offered by "Christmas with the Kranks"? It is truly mind-boggling. For a comedy to be funny, it must have at least a *shred* of believability . . this one doesn't. I had heard a good review of this film from a particular critic (whom I won't name, to avoid committing SLANDER). So I rented it and I got the wife and kids together to share the fun. The kids left within the first twenty minutes. My wife and I kept looking at each other in bewilderment at the lack of any real humor. We kept agreeing to give it "just five more minutes". We finally gave up at about the 45-minute mark. If you want to be actually entertained by Jamie Lee Curtis, then rent "True Lies" or "Trading Places", both of which are very good. If you want to have fun watching Tim Allen, then get "Galaxy Quest" or even "Jungle 2 Jungle". But whatever you do, skip "the Kranks".