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Must-See Classic, 7 October 2005

Not only American films are classics, remember that. A (Russian) all-star cast and interesting plot makes this movie both likable and irresistible.

It's sort of an "Atlantis" story here, with a group of people setting out to find a lost (previously assumed)fantasy land and upon reaching it, not knowing how to deal with the customs of the place, have to deal with all too real consequences.

The plot itself is enticing enough, but the acting is incredible and the theme song is most memorable.

I haven't read the the book, so I can't honestly compare it to the movie, but speaking for myself, I know this will be one movie I can and will never forget.

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MaYbE I'm just a NeRd, 22 December 2004

I personally loved this movie, It was fun. Finally a movie where the smart guy/nerd is glorified and isn't the villain. It had hilarious moments and I guess I'm just weird that I like it so much. I mean, people take it way too seriously, People, ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS! It's just a good adventure and the characters are fun and funny. The jokes are laughable, as they are supposed to be, unlike in so many movies I've seen where the jokes are unbelievably corny. Obviously, these people know what they're doing.(referring to directors and screenplay writers, et...) I loved the main character, Flynn, he was a riot, and so was very lovable. There were many parts of this movie that I loved and will always love. Anyway like I said, maybe I'm just a nerd.

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Haven't lived unless you've seen this movie......, 16 October 2004

This movie is honestly one of my personal favorites. Not only is the storyline unique, but the animation is incredible. It has a moral/theme that many adults cannot yet contemplate, and the visuals astound you. The characters are very well formed; I love that nobody's perfect here. Everybody is overwhelmed by their emotions at least once. The dubbing is good too, and in a way you can relate to all the characters, even the ones who aren't desirable to be. The "evil" Eboshi isn't that much evil as she just doesn't realize what she is doing, and San is only trying to find her place. The quotes are memorable, as well as the strong themes that exist here. I am telling you, I have seen people in shock of the beauty and color of the morals in this movie. It will just astound you. Those who don't like this work of art don't have to waste their time writing a review, since others would do good not to pay heed. Honestly, to give your children strong moral values, show them this movie. Miyazaki has put another miracle to our hearts.