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An Indie with mass appeal, 30 December 2005

I tend to favor your typical bubble-gum pop and classic movies and had very little interest in INDI films. Those that I HAVE seen were either blatant political propaganda disguised as "art" or had such a narrowly focused target audience that I didn't empathize with the main characters.

This film, however shatters all those preconceived notions! The plight of a romantic man in this day and age is so perfectly laid out in this short foray into irony. I just wish it was available to purchase! I have a number of friends and family members who would get a kick out of the irony, the dry humor, the only-slightly-overplayed stereotyped characters. You're not a fly on the wall in a real scenario, but so very close that it forces you to ask questions of yourself.

This is an exemplary piece of film, and if you get the chance to catch it DO! If you have plans, then set your TIVO... it is completely worth it!