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a list of 40 titles
The list is strictly referring to titles, so the quality and fable of mentioned films hasn't nothing to do with their place and order. The list will be updated every time I find something I wish to put in a poem, or carve on a wall of that dark room in the abyss of my soul.
a list of 16 titles
I originally planed this list to be a list of 10, but I just couldn't narrow it down. Then I thought expanding it to a list of 15, but the 16th film happened to be erase proof and therefore the list have 16 entries in order from first to 16th.
a list of 100 titles
This list (in all of it's subjectivity and pretentiousness) contains essential works that established film as, in my opinion, the ultimate art form. Films are, as much as it's possible, listed in order, if we exclude everyday variations and impossibility of defining practically anything in the most perfect form (by the way, doesn't that just really pisses you off). Anyhoo, the list will be updated whenever I come across something that deserves to be on it (or whenever my life becomes this much boring again).