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Stunning, 7 October 2006

This film just leaves me breathless every time I watch it. It's visually stunning, Tim Burton merges beauty and hideousness to create one of the most incredible films visually. The Suburbia is neat and tidy looking, but is actually quite ugly when you look at it, whereas Edward and the castle on the hill at first glance looks dark and horrific, but Burton has captured so much beauty in something you would not expect to find it.

Besides being beautiful to look at, the story is so heartbreaking and wonderful; it's telling the popular story of an outcast in a truly unique way. Edward, looking something out of a horror film is actually the most gentle and sweet creature, whereas the majority of the 'normal' suburbanites are the monsters.

Johnny Depp is on top form as Edward and conveys so much emotion in a look. His performance is perfection and no one could else could have played Edward with such conviction.

Edward Scissorhands is timeless, and will remain a classic. Burton and Depp have worked together 4 times since this film, but have never come close to creating such a memorable and beautiful film as this. Many will argue that the superb Ed Wood is a better film than Edward Scissorhands, but Scissorhands leaves you with a feeling you can't explain or shift for days after viewing it. Although Ed Wood is indeed a fantastic piece of cinema, it doesn't quite leave such an impact that Edward Scissorhands does.

Best Bit: There are so many. The Ice Dance sequence is possibly the most memorable, along with the stunning ending. As I mentioned before, a certain look from Depp can bring you to tears. An incredible performance.

Quote Of The Film: Kim: Hold me. Edward: I can't.

This film is arguably Burton's best, and is one of the greatest stories ever told. I defy anyone to watch this film and not fall completely in love with it.

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Fantastic must see period film!, 22 June 2006

I adore this film. The chemistry between the two leads Miller and Carlisle is amazing, they spark so well off of each other, creating an unlikely comedy Duo. Alan Cumming is hilarious, his enthusiasm for the role is clearly evident as he camps it up. The acting is superb and it is a genuinely amusing and touching film. Not the greatest film ever made, I'll admit, but it is a huge amount of fun, and I would recommend to those who enjoy other gritty Brit flicks. Includes some of the best British actors, including Michael Gambon so you can't go far wrong. Look out for cameos from David Walliams and Matt Lucas of Little Britain and Rock: Profile fame.

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Something for everyone, 28 March 2005

The live show has a combination of classic sketches from the series and, new sketches with old characters, and new sketches with new characters. All of the favourites make an appearance, Tubbs and Edward, Pauline, Geoff, Herr Lipp, Bernice, papa lazarou and the Dentons.

The new sketches are brilliant, especially the sketch called 'Scott', which I imagine was omitted from the series because it wouldn't fit in the world that is Roysten Vasey. Herr Lipp with his many innuendos,is absolutely hilarious, but i'm sure the poor audience member won't say so! The gents are on top form, especially Reece Shearsmith, who is very much a physical actor. He is especially brilliant as Papa Lazarou.

live at Drury lane is a fantastic sketch show that I would recommend to any League of Gentlemen fan.

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Bizarre, sick and absolutely hilarious!, 23 March 2005

I don't know whats wrong with Britain but recently we've been producing some fantastic comedies. The best comedies are, of course the bizarre and surreal ones, like Green Wing. Its just as good as Scrubs, if not better. The time for Britain's great comedies has come. This show makes up for all the crap we've been putting onto our screens, coupling, anyone? This is a comedy up there with The League of gentlemen, and is totally underrated. This is a comedy that everyone who is a fan of strange and sick humour should watch. This is a comedy that will make you cringe and laugh until some accidental pee will come out.


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Are you local?, 20 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is what makes me proud to be British. This is by far the funniest thing on TV. The league consists of Jeremy dyson, Steve pemberton, mark gatiss and the lovely Reece shearsmith. Totally underrated, this horror-comedy is perfection. The characters are iconic and the catchphrases bizarre, "Hello Dave". It is a comedy that everyone simply must watch.

The best thing about the league of gentlemen is that it is always fresh, and always pushing the boundaries. It does not need to rely on catchphrases(unlike little Britain) for it to be funny. the fact that the league are willing to kill off arguably their most famous and iconic characters, shows us that they've got balls of steel.

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Not racist, 1 February 2005

After watching the adverts I thought this film looked racist and a pile of crap. Which is unfair. this film is not racist. It is, however a pile of crap.

I think the people who find this funny must have had a lobotomy. What a waste of money this film is. I am so sick of crappy films like this that have a weak story, and even weaker jokes. I guess I must be asking too much to watch a comedy thats smart and funny. I would also like to point out that the only reason I went to see this was because it was my sisters birthday. Shes 12 and thought it was mindless crud. A lot of Americas 'comedies' don't appeal to me to be honest. they usually involve slapstick to make up for the fact that they are not funny. I think ill stick with The League of Gentlemen (hilarious TV show) and Little Britain.

don't watch it. its two hours of your life you'll never get back. you have been warned. white chicks is a forgetful pile of poo

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Not just your average, everyday, run of the mill ho hum fairytale, 30 January 2005

I have yet to meet someone who has seen this film and not loved it. this masterpiece has given us some of the greatest quotes in film history. by the end credits i guarantee you'll be smiling.

its got everything a film needs, romance, action, adventure, miracles and bad guys. its timeless.

this is a film that beautifully and subtly binds romance in comedy without making it cheesy. its fun for all the family. with impressive performances from the cast, you cant go wrong with this quaint tale

And watch out for peter cook as the impressive clergyman. scene stealing genius. watch this film or prepare to die

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Caution- eye leakage may occur when watching this film, 14 January 2005

This is the most intense, moving and spectacular in the trilogy. Finally, a film to rival star wars. Peter Jackson concludes Tolkiens story in a fantastic battle between good and evil. However, i do have a few beefs with this film. For the fans of Tolkien, many were disappointed at not finding out what happened to sauruman or however you spell it. I was shocked that christopher lees scenes were cut but i wasn't bothered until i saw the extended version and realised how much i had missed! However, if jackson had kept these scenes in, I'm afraid wed probably all die of bum rot.

every time i watch this film, i cry about a dozen times. its such a personal and moving film, we have followed these characters and you cant help but fall in love with every one of them. Jackson has been criticised for having a million endings, but he wanted to keep the story as tolkien intended. and I'm glad he did. its a beautiful heart warming story that you must watch, and see what all the fuss is about.

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Tolkien = genius., 13 January 2005

WOW. This is a classic. no doubt about it. Elijah wood is perfectly cast as the lovely hobbit from the shire. Ian mckellen is a wonder as the wise and charming wizard Gandalf. hell, the whole cast is perfect!The scenery is beautiful, which perfectly mirrors Tolkiens view of middle earth. This is such a moving film, be prepared for some blubbering. merri and pippin are just delightful as the lovable idiots.If you like films with romance, danger, action, adventure,horror,friendship and a noble battle against evil, you will love this. words cant really describe how great this is. so i wont bother. watch it for yourself. bum numbing genius.