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The greatest show, 13 October 2004

Hi to everyone. I came here by doing a search for The Cosby Show DVDs. I, like most of you, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the DVD. I still watch the reruns that come on TV daily (Nick at Nite, TBS, WGN). I LOVE the Huxtable's. They always make me laugh, they are the perfect American family dream. I longed to be a Huxtable (still do actually). I learned some interesting trivia facts from this site. Does anyone know of any other interesting facts (or great websites)? Maybe if we all keep writing letters we can get them to start making the DVDs. I put my name on the list at Amazon (it says that are not currently producing), but I remember waiting on the same list for Indiana Jones (it was not in production either) and one glorious day I got the e-mail, so maybe in time (it's long overdue I must say). If I find any new info I will be sure to post.