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Tesla doesn't deserve the credit for the great innovations of radio.....(Spoilers), 10 March 2015

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.....anymore than Benjamin Franklin could have. Discovering that arcing electricity created "static" is an even more feeble claim to genius than DeForest's extremely slippery claim to truly understanding his own detector. Armstrong's the REAL genius, and no amount of Rock Band/pop culture political/historical revisionism will change this fact. Tesla was cheated. (Not as unjustly as Armstrong was, by a FAR cry.) But he well and truly lost his marbles and everybody who had dealings with him knew it. That's an appealing anti-hero narrative for a world looking for "magic" answers. Pop culture has found him to be an appealing eccentric to hang their hopes on. But there are NO secrets of AC or DC transmission of power that have been "hidden" or hijacked. It's (just) another of the "mysticism alternative" conspiracy theories that were played like a harp by conjectural TV script writers like Chris Carter. Great Entertainment. Bad Science. Ken Burns got this one, RIGHT. I wish I could say the same for "Jazz".

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Tight story, great period soundtrack and entertaining morality play. Character actor extravaganza!, 13 October 2004

The jazz soundtrack makes this seem like a Clint Eastwood movie.

In fact the whole thing strikes me as Burt doing Clint. The story is good and the movie is full of one liners that I carry with me to this day. (Reynolds to bad guy: I'm gonna pull the chain on you pal, because you're f'n up my town. And you wanna know the worst part? You're from outta state!)

Highlights: The Technics 1500B reel to reel is nice set dressing for audiophiles!

Charles Durning coming unglued while listening to wiretap tapes of prostitutes having (sort of) phone sex. (You'd have to see it, trust me, it's hilarious.)

Brian Keith plays against type as a tough guy. (And does it well!)

Bernie Casie's preoccupation with Zen.

Rachel Ward. WOW! (Where'd she go?)

Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show band play their rears off as usual. (Joe William's guests on vocals. Manhattan Transfer re-recorded "Route 66".) The soundtrack lends class to the whole affair.

Need I say more? It might be Reynold's best film ever.

(Yeah, he plays himself, as usual, but it works!)