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Kon-Tiki (2012)
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Fantastic!, 22 March 2013

I just came home from an special screening in London of the Oscar nominated film, Kon-Tiki, and I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic.

I read the book and saw the original documentary as a child, and I've always wondered when they were going to make a movie about it, and well, here it is, and it's good. Kon-Tiki manages to capture the spirit the book had, although there were minor changes in the story. The CGI effects were very well made and looked very real (especially the sharks and the ocean) and this was very surprising to me, as the budget was only 16 million us dollars.

Kon-Tiki is made by the same directors who made the film, Max Manus, back in 2008, and they have proved twice that they are able to make entertaining and well made movies based on famous stories.

The actors and actresses did well on their side, but the relationship shown between Liv and Thor in the film appeared to be a bit wooden. Now that is the only complaint about the film that I have really, and I can not wait to see what directors Joachim and Espen has in mind as their next project.

This is a must see for sure!

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A Good Day To Die Hard is not so Die Hard, 10 February 2013

First off, I am a huge fan of the three first films, the fourth film was alright, but it didn't feel like a Die Hard movie, sadly, this one doesn't either.

A Good Day To Die Hard is a huge mess. No good plot, bad cgi, rushed scenes etc. Only thing I found good was the action. An R rating didn't help this one at all. It almost seems like they tried to make this PG-13 at first, but then changed it to R later because fans were complaining about Live Free or Die Hard's (Aka Die Hard 4.0)'s rating. The movie has PG-13 / 12A violence, and this is disappointing. John Moore could of done so much more with this film, but instead, he messes it up just like he did with Max Payne. Good action, but no good story or character development.

Jai Courtney (who starred in Jack Reacher earlier this year) did well on his part, and I do hope he returns if they are making a 6th one, but I am begging, please get a good director for the 6th one, since Bruce says it will possibly be the last one. Bring McTiernan back, and let him end the series with a huge bang! I am sorry to say this, but the film was not good at all. Being an hard-core Die Hard fan, I suggest that other fans should just let this one pass.