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Simply terrific, 6 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

D.S. Liz Maud is on hand to deal with a rather complex case involving what could be a paedophile. But she may need Jack Frost's help...

Feeling sympathy for a suspect blinds Jack's usual authority....Two lives are abruptly ended, but the case is not as simply as everybody thinks....Despite being removed from the investigation, it's Jack Frost himself who realises who really is responsible for murder. But can he prove it?

House Calls is another excellent edition of A Touch of Frost, tying all the above facts and more, making for a thrilling and easily understandable conclusion to the case. Combine this with the usual alert responses from David Jason and Bruce Alexander, and equally strong performances from the supporting cast, it's an episode that keeps the viewer interested.

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I've not been waiting!, 6 December 2006

I like to give films a chance when I first watch them, but this sequel to the brilliant 1986 film is rather weak. It may contain some stomach-churning scenes and other startling moments, but it still proves a failure.

I don't know why sequels are made if I'm honest, because they just seem to go on and on....Some superior movies are terrific without sequels, and The Hitcher was one of them. The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting simply ruins the whole aspect of the first movie, although the fact that Jim Halsey is now a policeman is an interesting premise. Kari Wuhrer is rather convincing in her role, even if Jake Busey is not.

Flashbacks from the first film is a strong point, as well as the new plot being based along the same stretch of road, but as a whole, The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting is extremely unconvincing. It isn't that bad a movie, but the budget was wasted (not surprising the film went straight-to-video really). I certainly had NOT been waiting for a sequel to The Hitcher, hence my rating of just 2/10.

Jewel (2001) (TV)
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Poignantly told, 6 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A hard-hitting TV film, Jewel really hits home the stresses and strains of bringing up a Down's Syndrome child. It's also a factual movie, where we learn that just because a child has a disability it does not mean it can't be loved any different to a 'normal' child.

It must have been horrendous to look after a disabled child in the 1940s, and this movie strongly points that out. Farrah Fawcett and Patrick Bergin simply shine in their roles as the parents, with a credible performance from Cicely Tyson as Cathedral.

Why should a Down's Syndrome child be treated any different? They shouldn't under any circumstances, and for people who cannot except that should probably think again.

Wonderfully told, and beautiful detailed, Jewel is one hell of a TV movie, and a great one at that.

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Superbly told story, 6 December 2006

Down's Syndrome sufferer Timmy Lang is absolutely superb as Billy Conrad, a gentle young man who was the last person to see an 8-year-old girl whose gone missing. It must have taken him great courage to pursue this part, but it is carried out with great poise, while David Jason continues to be immensely watchable. However, the real star of the show is Rupert Holliday Evans as Richard Martin. Fans will see why.

There is a great twist to this story which certainly surprised me. Appropriate Adults certainly is a true-to-life story that sends alarm bells ringing through the parent's minds when a child goes missing, but also the emotional aspects as well.

An emotional conclusion to the story lifts the episode extremely coherently, and marked a great start to the third series of Frost.

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Terrific second episode!, 6 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jack Frost deals with the disappearance of a young girl doing her paper round and a woman who is receiving constant death threats and disturbing phone calls.

Not With Kindness certainly make you think whether or not your children are safe outside, and with the constant headlines where kids are taken off the streets kind of rings true in this episode. Is the young girl dead? Where is her body? A round-the-clock investigation ensues...

Meanwhile, Jack has to put up with his irritating sister-in-law, although irritating may be the wrong word to use!

David Jason looked comfortable in his new role, and even though Not With Kindness was only the second episode of A Touch of Frost, you can see how Jason carries it off with true style. A great episode with great twists.

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I'm definitely Changing Lane!, 6 December 2006

This movie was surprisingly good, but fans of car chase sequences and the like will be extremely disappointed. The acting and directing is expertly carried out, with special praise to Ben Affleck as Gavin Banek. Changing Lanes actually explores more depth into the main characters, and how their lives will change, either for better or worse, rather than just dealing with pure and simple 'road rage'.

Samuel L. Jackson was well appointed as Doyle Gipson, and portrays his part well. One character's next move to destroy the other makes compelling viewing, and we can actually feel some sympathy for them, as we see both their emotional and compassionate side.

The story flows well as we are drawn into Banek and Gipson's desire to cause pain and hurt, not giving any thought to others who maybe affected by what they are doing. Changing Lanes is not a violent film as such, it simply explores the aspects of revenge in what could be a true-to-life measure. This is what makes it an entertaining and gripping movie that proved a winner for myself, and should do for many other film fans.

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Tacky and absolutely not worth the money....., 6 December 2006

Fans of light relief (and who isn't) will love this Charlie's Angels sequel, but for others who want to witness a film which has some kind of worthwhile plot and credible acting had really better look elsewhere. Both Full Throttle and the 2000 debut film are way too over-the-top and tacky, with atrocious dialogue and ridiculous special effects which not only leave them extremely unconvincing, but an insult to the original TV series. It really is so bad it hurts! I enjoy comedy films and so on, but I simply couldn't raise a smile when viewing this. There's no style or substance, and all three Angels seemed to be in competition with each other rather than looking out for one another as was proved in the original TV version. What's worse is Demi Moore as a 'good Angel turned bad'; not that it can't happen, but to me just feels a little unlikely.

There was one highlight in Full Throttle (for me anyway): Jaclyn Smith's brief return as Kelly Garrett. As the only star to remain in the original series' complete run, Jaclyn's comeback in her famous role was most welcome. However, I was disappointed it was only a cameo appearance and not a more substantial return. It was also rather insulting that Jaclyn wasn't even credited for her appearance!

Full Throttle is most definitely a movie not to be taken seriously. But this is the problem; the original series WAS taken seriously and has become one of the most celebrated shows in television history. This film and its prequel will not be remembered for its loyal attribution to the original; more likely it will be remembered for its tacky and nonsense approach to 'comedy'. 3/10

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Confess your sins....., 6 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jack Frost is on the case of a murdered woman. It seems her husband had killed her, but is it really that simple? It turns out that this man was also under investigation 10 years previously....

Frost discusses his case with his former boss, but has he got something to hide? That's the least of Jack Frost's problems however...

Cue Cassandra from Only Fools and Horses and there is certainly great rivalry between Gwyneth Strong and David Jason, but you can never shy away from the fact that these two are really the best of friends! As usual with A Touch of Frost, you get a great storyline mixed with intrigue and a super conclusion - True Confessions is certainly that.

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Usual great drama, 6 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frost is protecting a drugs case witness and her son. But when a policewoman is shot, he has no choice but to move them into a safe house.

Robert Glenister returns as D.S. Terry Reid to help assist Jack, who has also lost his lottery ticket! But does he find it? A shocking twist to the story almost leads to murder, but when the main suspect has a solid alibi, everyone may have to look closer to home for the culprit.....

A thrilling episode, complete with the usual laughs and direct approach makes Hidden Truth another Frost gem.

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An intriguing episode, 5 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a beautiful young college student is injured in a fall on campus, Frost finds it difficult to locate a suspect. In his quest to discover the truth, he is reunited with an old friend and colleague, while also having to deal with a shopkeeper's murder.... But gathering enough evidence to charge the alleged suspects is going to be much harder than he thinks....

A family tragedy dominates the satisfactory conclusion to the student's accident, but with her life in serious danger can Jack save her before it's too late? The fine suspense builds to a tense ending, making Deep Waters a suitably watchable edition. 8/10

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