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Great drama!, 13 December 2006

Jack attends a seminar and gets rather friendly with attractive profiler and counsellor Pam Hartley. He's also teamed up with Ronnie Lonnegan, but they get off to a bad (but amusing) start! There could be a psychotic killer on the loose in Denton, and Jack has his work cut out. We also see the return of a character whom we have not seen for eight years!

Cue the usual gaffes (one involving ice-cream vans!) and serious drama, and this two-part edition proves another winner with viewers. Mistaken Identity was the final of three two-part specials of A Touch of Frost, and part one is hugely enjoyable.

Fallen (1998)
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Chilling, 13 December 2006

Horror fans had better stay away from this film, because Fallen is more of a supernatural thriller than anything else. It's an interesting concept for a movie, and Denzel Washington pulls off his character Hobbes extremely well.

Intriguing twists and turns in a suspenseful movie with mixtures of The Exorcist and the excellent Se7en, startling moments combined with bizarre supernatural elements, Fallen can certainly keep us hooked. It's a film that can shock and surprise many viewers, with an interesting conclusion to the story.

A fine, watchable film with good performances.

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Jagged Edge equals jagged movie, 12 December 2006

Intriguing movie mixes the high standards of ethics and forbidden love. I like Glenn Close, and she gives a powerful character reference as lawyer Teddy Barnes, and the 'did he or didn't he?' storyline is very intriguing. The 'jagged edge' role is interestingly portrayed by Jeff Bridges, and the movie details a sensational court case and the trials and tribulations of either believing in your morals or in your heart. But sometimes your heart rules your head, and maybe that's not a good thing....

Jagged Edge is a jagged movie, a little rough around the edges, but smoothing out to a reasonable sense of conclusion.

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If in doubt..., 12 December 2006

I like this sequel to Kiss The Girls, but the script maybe a little weak. Morgan Freeman has done better things in his hugely successful career, but performs to his usual high standard.

Monica Potter is a glamorous woman, her beauty taking precedence over her strong character portrayal. She seems a quiet lady, but Jezzie Flanagan's personality might be misleading, and could hide an angry and deeply hurt conscience, while the revengeful side to Michael Wincott works exceedingly well, such was his performance in the film Metro, and he convinces thoroughly.

A thriller like Along Came A Spider does its best to keep the viewer interested, with tautly directed scenes and strong acting. Even so, this movie is not the best ever made, and may leave you wondering what the point was in making it in the first place.

If you do watch Along Came A Spider, stick with it and enjoy what it offers - I certainly did. 7/10

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Phone booth's beware..., 12 December 2006

A simple title for a simple film, but boy it works well. At just 77min long, Phone Booth could not have been any longer anyway, but it's full of suspense from start to finish, and Colin Farrell can sure act!

You don't feel anything for Farrell's Stu at the start of the movie, but as soon as he answers that phone and is forced to play a 'game' with a thoroughly convincing Kiefer Sutherland, you see his vulnerable and softer side, and actually want him to do whatever he can to survive!

The tension simply builds and builds to an explosive ending, but has the culprit been nailed? A terrific nail-biting film that will keep you hooked, Phone Booth is the ultimate in suspense and intrigue, and Farrell is superb, showcasing his talents as a serious actor rather than just being a 'bad boy'!

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The angels have fallen (big time), 12 December 2006

I was optimistic about this adaptation of the classic 70s and 80s show, but on first viewing, it did nothing but disappoint. This movie is simply too over the top, and the 'funny' moments are quite laboured.

Great karate moves and special effects are spoilt by the weak storyline and a ridiculous performance from Bill Murray. Nice to hear John Forsythe reprise the role of Charlie though.

A shame that one of the men responsible for the original TV series had a hand in producing a poor adaptation. Why did Leonard Goldberg bother? Original star Kate Jackson also commented on how the film failed to capture the spirit of the TV series: I see her point immensely.

This movie is a poor excuse for something that is supposed to be based on a legendary TV series. It is simply ridiculous and over the top nonsense that is absolutely nothing to get excited about.

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Brilliant!, 12 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A local drug dealer is uncooperative, and has to be released when Jack cuts corners....

Cars are being stolen from golf clubs, and the perpetrator manages to nick a vehicle belonging to a friend of Mullett's. However, something rather disturbing turns up in the boot....

A trip to Amsterdam does not turn out as expected for a glamorous Dutch woman, and when questioned by Jack, we realise her hidden agenda....

Keys To The Car is a hugely enjoyable episode of A Touch of Frost, tying in all the above facts and more, making for an exceptional conclusion to the case. Combine this with many amusing moments and a good performance from actress Manouk van der Meulen as Marijke Hoogenbloom, and this makes it another one of the best.


Great, 12 December 2006

This is probably another of my favourite movies after Se7en. Kiss The Girls has that fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat suspense that keeps you hooked to the end, with a powerful performance from Morgan Freeman as Dr. Alex Cross.

We see into the disturbing mind of a ruthless killer and kidnapper, taking innocent lives so he can watch them suffer for his own gratification. It's a gruesome world; one that I, and many other people, would not want to be a part of.

With Cross' niece being one of these victims, you can't help but feel compassion and sympathy for him. But at least one got away...

A equally strong minded Ashley Judd performs well, and the cat-and-mouse game we witness in their attempts to nail this beast is compelling viewing.

A strong twist in the tale brings a satisfactory ending that certainly had me surprised. It proves that even the most unlikely of people can be a suspect...

A thrilling movie from start to finish, mixed with powerful performances and smart direction, Kiss The Girls is a great adaptation of the James Patterson novel, and is a film that should not disappoint.

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Great!, 11 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A factory is robbed and the owner goes into hiding....Actor Billy Murray is watchable in the role of Bill Boxley, although his performance is not the best I've ever seen.

Jack is reunited with old colleague D.S. Lawson as they deal with a 'live in' burglar. However, Maureen gets a little to close to one of the owners and it may be something she will later regret....Praise to Sally Dexter as Lawson and her particularly strong performance of an ordinary Detective Sergeant bearing the full force of becoming too involved....

A startling conclusion awaits the armed robbery case, where viewers really could not guess who the culprit is!

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Excellent, 11 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The highs and lows of football life, dodgy dealing and a dead body dominate this edition.

The body's identity is not what it seems to be, but there is something else unusual with this case...

The dodgy dealing results in a tragic outcome and someone is out for revenge, but can Jack identify the suspect before it's too late? Viewers should watch this episode and then view Appendix Man (Series 6) straight afterwards. You will understand why.

An emotional ending concludes one part of the story, and it certainly makes you think about the aspects of family life. A great true-to-life episode.

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