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Christine (1983)
Good adaptation of the Stephen King novel, 16 December 2006

John Carpenter displays a fine version of the Stephen King novel, where an unusual tale of love and lust for a huge expanse of metal comes to the fray.

Arnie Cunningham is greatly portrayed by Keith Gordon, and watching him turn from the local school wimp to a hard-edged individual who won't take flak from anyone is rather pleasing.

Scenes in which 'Christine' come to life are displayed to chilling effect, and is actually quite believable. People who have not witnessed this film will be surprised at the effects. The aptly named Plymouth Fury was the vehicle used as Christine; this car certainly had a lot of Fury! Nobody can get in the way of Christine as she and Arnie reign terror upon those who have made his life miserable. Shocking scenes abound mixed with wonderful ominous music will send even the most laid back viewer into a sense of surprise.

Upon first viewing of this movie, I was not disappointed. John Carpenter unleashes a terrifying hell on earth where the uncontrollable wrath of a young man and his car never fails to send shivers down the spine. An engaging film that could be one of the best horror-thrillers of the 1980s. Great!

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A good enough thriller, 16 December 2006

Taking Lives centres around FBI agent Illeana Scott tracking down the killer who assumes his/hers victims identities. I was pleasantly surprised by Angelina Jole's portrayal as Scott; she acts out her role with great style.

I rather enjoyed this movie. It contains many twists and turns made to keep you guessing, and also a rather solid ending. These cat-and-mouse thrillers always seem to work, and Taking Lives should not disappoint in that respect.

The supporting cast act out their roles coherently too although Ethan Hawke was perhaps a little too exaggerating in his part. But special praise should go to Olivier Martinez; a particularly strong and believable performance from the Frenchman.

Taking Lives is a nail-biting thriller with an interesting storyline that should keep most film-goers entertained. However, the film does suffer from having perhaps a few too many over-the-top and exaggerated scenes that were really unnecessary; this is what lets it down to a degree. 6/10

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A shining star..., 15 December 2006

I personally forget this movie is supposedly based on Stephen King's novel: Stanley Kubrick makes The Shining his own, and all the better for it. This is certainly Kubrick at his best, mixing plenty of frightening moments with a chilling, subdued and isolated atmosphere, all rolled into one.

Jack Nicholson is superb as Jack Torrance, a seemingly ordinary family man at first, but gradually turning into an increasingly unhinged character bringing sheer terror and shock to the viewer.... Shelley Duvall plays the terrorised wife very convincingly too - Wendy is so full of fear, we can actually feel her emotions.

The Shining combines alert acting with a sense of loneliness and fear. Stranded in an isolated place with no-one to turn to sounds very frightening to me! Kubrick mixes this and other aspects well, enough to make The Shining one of the best horror movies of the 20th century. The horrible (but simple) reality of Jack's madness graphically displayed with that now infamous "Here's Johnny!" scene certainly proves it.

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Hard-hitting but strong thriller, 15 December 2006

Not an easy film to watch, but gripping all the same. Anthony Hopkins delivers one of the most complex and disturbed characters in the history of cinema, while a young Jodie Foster shines as the ambitious and smart Clarice Starling, on the trail of a deranged psychopath known as Buffalo Bill. But in order to find this man, she is going to need Hannibal Lecter's help...

The horrifically disturbing manner of Buffalo Bill is powerfully delivered by Ted Levine, and in no doubt set the standard for how other thrillers are measured.

The dreadful consequences of being a victim of a deranged psychopath is displayed to graphic effect in this now legendary award-winning film as we witness the horror and evil of this person's mind which in no doubt will send shivers down the spine.

I've awarded The Silence of the Lambs eight points, which may mean nine to everyone else!

Copycat (1995)
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A pleasant diversion, 14 December 2006

Sigourney Weaver was well appointed to play psychiatrist Dr. Helen Hudson, in a role that is a million miles away from Alien's Ripley! Becoming a surviving victim of a deranged serial killer, Hudson has now become agoraphobic, struggling to see the outside world. Copycat leads us on a cunning and nail-biting trail of death and destruction, and it's up to Hudson and Det. MJ Monahan to catch this killer before it's too late....

Holly Hunter was an unknown actress to myself, but her portrayal as Monahan certainly opened my door to her talents. A great convincing performance. I don't think that Copycat is just the title; there are so many movies out there where the authorities are chasing serial killers and other criminals, but this film takes us on a journey beyond the scope of imagination, and we simply have to guess what the twists to the tale are.

This intense tale is superbly acted, directed and detailed enough to make Copycat one of the best cat-and-mouse thrillers of recent times. Highly recommended. 9/10

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Another winner, 13 December 2006

Illegal immigrants, fake passports and two murders dominate this excellent edition of Frost. Is there any connection between these cases?

Many funny moments abound when Jack decides to join the gym and gets friendly with trainer Julie Brown. Even more amusing is his hunt for appropriate trainers, and the consequences of eating a fry-up while his young sidekick enjoys a salad!

A gripping edition from start to finish, with the usual watchable performance from David Jason, Dancing in the Dark is sure to be yet another highlight for viewers.

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Good, 13 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a woman throws herself to her death and a man is later found viciously murdered in his apartment, could there be a connection? That's not the only problem for Jack Frost, when he's called to the case of break-ins and attacks at the local cricket club....Sport fans may notice a famous former football player in this episode!

Amusing moments abound when Jack has to work with Scottish sidekick, D.C. Prentice (brilliantly played by the late Russell Hunter), while Martin Jarvis and Jan Harvey equally make light of their roles as gigolos!

A possible relationship for the grumpy detective comes into the fray, when Jack begins to fall for the charming Rosalie Martin (played by Isla Blair, who actually appears in later episodes too). But is she hiding something?

Fun Times For Swingers is another satisfactory episode in the Frost franchise, and David Jason continues to portray his role in a suitably lavish manner. 7/10

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Good, 13 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The heart of a religious community throws itself at Frost as he investigates the murder of a young woman. Teamed up with D.S. Nash, their enquiries lead them to a suspicious character they believe may have had a relationship with the victim....

A drive-in robbery also intrigues, and results in a rather amusing conclusion! The Things We Do For Love contains the usual twists and turns we've come to expect from A Touch of Frost, as well as the humorous parts, making it just as enjoyable to watch as other episodes.

David Jason and Neil Stuke work together well, and Michael Kitchen also thoroughly convinces as Jonathan Meyerbridge, making this edition another highlight in the Frost franchise.

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Good, 13 December 2006

Guns, guns and more guns dominate the three cases Jack Frost has to try and solve, involving a hostage situation, armed robbery and an unexpected death....

The daunting aspects of army life are rife and brings some insight into the proceedings, and may even be educational to those who want to join the army.

As viewers will see, this episode comes to a satisfactory conclusion, where blackmail and downright greed dominate the proceedings, but this is not the best episode of A Touch of Frost.

Unknown Soldiers is not as hugely enjoyable as other episodes and in my mind is probably the weakest edition in Series 4. It is watchable certainly, but it's not a favourite of mine as such.

Super conclusion, 13 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story continues for the hunt of the psychotic serial killer on the loose. In his difficult quest to nail the killer, Jack almost cuts corners a little too far, but soon comes to realise that Pam could hold the key to the man's identity...

A young girl's racehorse is put down, her mother is having an affair, and her father has something to hide. Why? Frost is on the case...

Mistaken Identity comes to a nail-biting conclusion, with a particular strong performance from actress Susan Penhaligon. Another enjoyable story in the Frost franchise, and is another firm favourite of mine.


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