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Gran Turismo 4 (2004) (VG)
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Excellent continuation in the Gran Turismo series, 2 January 2007

This fourth instalment is my favourite in the GT series. Wonderful graphics, hundreds and thousands of cars to choose from, numerous tracks (road and rally) to race on and great background music all combine to make GT4 a unique and superior car racing video game.

As with the other GT games, you cannot damage the vehicles whatsoever, although the pit stop is as realistic as you can get, and you now have the option of refuelling, choosing which tyres to change, as well as having your oil checked! The other three GT games were seriously flawed as far as this was concerned.

I love this game immensely, but I wish the AI cars would alter their racing line at times because they just seem to try and force you off the track....And why is there only one rival in a race when driving with the roof down in a convertible?

As its predecessors, the objective of the game is more or less the same: race and win in GT mode to unlock new vehicles, tracks and cheats etc. The newly introduced B-spec mode is also weak, but GT4 is still a game to put a very big smile on your face!

Complete over the top fun!, 2 January 2007

This must be one of the most ridiculous movies ever made, but it actually works brilliantly! The Cannonball Run contains laughs aplenty, and is a wonderful over the top road race film. The storyline is highly unlikely and the acting not expertly carried out, but that's not the point! Upon first viewing I laughed out loud, and I still do, so many times I have watched it now! Released in 1981, The Cannonball Run has significantly dated and looks as if it was filmed in the 1960s, but because it's so lighthearted and fun, it doesn't matter. Burt Reynolds and Roger Moore are the main stars of the show, but everyone else takes part in just the same manner, and there's a whole host of TV and movie stars you can think of: Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Fonda, Adrienne Barbeau, Farrah Fawcett (looking beautiful) and Jackie Chan to name a few! The Cannonball Run was Fawcett's first major successful film after leaving Charlie's Angels in 1977. Shame she had to wait four years...

However, in a nutshell, The Cannonball Run is utterly over the top and looks significantly older than it is, but the sheer laughs and ridiculous moments you witness in everyone's objective to win this illegal road race across America is sure to be enjoyed!

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An enjoyable Columbo mystery, 1 January 2007

Trish Van Devere revels her role as Kay Freestone, a high-flying TV producer who murders her boyfriend after he fails to give her a well-earned promotion. Devere portrays Freestone in a strong-minded manner, a woman who takes absolutely no prisoners in her goal to reach the top. But she didn't count on a certain Lt. Columbo! This story is told to great effect, with great interaction between Devere and the legendary Peter Falk, although I did feel as if Lainie Kazan's character Valerie Kirk was rather unnecessary. As usual with the Columbo series, we get the usual gaffes and humorous moments, in this case, involving a car crash in which our great Lt. has to wear a neck brace, as well as a scene in which his television is being repaired! A satisfactory conclusion brings the case to a head, and left me very convinced (as Columbo usually does). A thoroughly enjoyable episode in the Columbo series. 7/10

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Super Troupers!, 19 December 2006

We follow the Australian leg of Abba's first major world tour in March 1977, and what an experience it is! Stunning visuals matched with terrifically polished performances from the SuperSwedes showcased Abba's immense popularity at that time! The story in which a local DJ tries every trick in the book to secure an interview with the group is lacklustre, but at least ABBA: The Movie is not a straight 95min collage of concert footage, which may have made the whole film seem longer than it is. Even Lasse Hallstrom (now a successful Hollywood director) knew this plot was quite inept! Lovely to hear some of the group's classic songs such as Dancing Queen, Fernando and S.O.S. (as well as the bouncy Get On The Carousel, which has only ever been available in ABBA: The Movie), while the sheer excitement and hysteria of the Australian fans showcased the group's outstanding popularity, which was probably at its highest in 1976/77.

Abba were divine as a live band, despite some critics' negative views, and were actually more successful Down Under than the Beatles, reflected by the fact that they are the best-selling artist of all time in Australia! You can see why when viewing this film! The concert footage included in ABBA: The Movie is exceedingly electric and superbly conducted, making you want to get up and dance, and simply makes this film a sure-fire hit for Abba fans worldwide. In fact, it's only this movie and ABBA In Concert, recorded two years later, that we can see Abba in live performance. And it sure doesn't disappoint!

Hannibal (2001)
Hannibal the Cannibal is quite flannel, 18 December 2006

I was a little disappointed with this follow-up to the excellent Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal is no masterpiece and it was surprising that Ridley Scott had directed it. OK, there are a few gory and stomach-churning scenes, and Gary Oldman's performance as Mason Verger was rather good, but Hannibal is a poor sequel.

Hannibal evokes a sense of fear and downright disgust, but not to the extremes of the award-winning 1990 film. Anthony Hopkins retains his sense of evil and dread as Lecter up to a point, but the climax to this film did leave me both pleased and surprised.

Julianne Moore took over from Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling, and it was a good choice. It was a shame Foster did not want to revive the role herself, but we can feel the same sense of compassion and vulnerability for Moore's interpretation.

The main aspect of this movie that pleased me is the cold and subdued atmosphere and surroundings created by Scott. The dark and brooding sense of terror mixed with the stunning images of Florence work together extremely well.

Hannibal is an OK sequel to one of the most celebrated thrillers of all time, but if I personally had to choose between this and The Silence of the Lambs, I'd opt for the latter.

Witness (1985)
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A brilliant tale of justice and forbidden love, 18 December 2006

Witness expertly details the interesting and sometimes difficult lives of people who are not always accepted in the community. In this case it's the Amish. When a young Amish boy witnesses a murder, it's up to Det. John Book to bring the killers to justice. This is probably Harrison Ford's best performance of his career, as Book has to protect the young boy and his mother (a terrific Kelly McGillis) by joining the Amish community and adjusting to their way of life.

It's a very simple script, and McGillis is extremely convincing as Rachel, a mother who gradually falls for the man whose meant to be her protector. The chemistry between McGillis and Ford builds and builds to a divine conclusion, while equally wonderful background music heightens the emotions involved.

The final showdown with the killers makes Witness even more compelling viewing, and certainly proves the point that not everyone is to be trusted...

The lack of dialogue in the scene in which Book and Rachel finally part adds to the sympathetic and emotional impact of their feelings for one another. The simple gaze in their eyes shows this to great effect, and marked a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful and captivating film.

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Masterpiece, 18 December 2006

Twelve Monkeys will go down as a true classic. It's the story of power and subsequent death, told in a superbly directed manner. A welcome change for Bruce Willis, a seemingly weak mannered Cole, who cannot change the fact the universe will come to an end, and cannot change the fact of time no matter how hard his attempts are. Terry Gilliam brings us a detailed analysis of the balance of power (or Cole's lack of it) to chilling effect, along with an equally strong ending, which may make us believe what really is 'sane'.

I loved this movie upon first viewing and I still do. Willis proves himself an actor of all genres, not just your typical action hero as proved with the Die Hard films, but also as a vulnerable and weak individual who tries to do whatever he must to save and help others, but simply cannot because of his own severe issues, such as his performance in the excellent Sixth Sense as well as Tweleve Monkeys. A terrific nail-biting film. 9/10

Simply hilarious!, 17 December 2006

A true comedy classic, Mrs. Dooubtfire has never failed to raise a smile! Robin Williams is simply a legend, and provides many laughs and gaffes, but also showing his serious and emotional style. The storyline is very unlikely, but it's pulled off with extreme poise and conviction, and in a way can make us think of the consequences of a marriage in crisis, especially when children are involved.

The young child actors are a pleasure to watch, and all three have proved successful in other movies and TV dramas. You can certainly see why when viewing Mrs. Doubtfire, while Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan also put in credible performances.

An emotional ending left me a little disappointed, where you wish that they were all a happy family once again. However, Mrs. Doubtfire will definitely make you smile and make you laugh non-stop! A great comedy film!

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Eerie, creepy and superb, 16 December 2006

Upon first watch of The Sixth Sense, I was hooked and shocked at the same time. I expected a complete horror story, mixed with the usual gore and stomach-churning scenes we ordinarily witness in other movies with a similar theme. The Sixth Sense is anything but. It details the emotional aspects of love and devotion, as well as having to cope with being an outsider.

The purpose of The Sixth Sense is to captivate us into looking and evaluating our own lives, on how we treat ourselves, our husbands and wives and our parents and friends. It details these points to graphic effect.

Young Haley Joel Osment is terrific as Cole, the young boy who sees 'dead people', and portrays his emotions and his mind to an easily captivating audience. Also wonderful to see Bruce Willis turn away from his usual 'action man' sequence to allow us into the equally troubled mind of Dr. Malcolm Crowe.

A divine and heartwarming film combining elements of horror and suspense has made The Sixth Sense an engaging film that is simply unforgettable. It's another firm favourite of mine.

Millennium (1989)
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Interesting sci-fi, 16 December 2006

Millennium is a movie that does not fully convince as a sci-fi probably because of the rather tired romance plot added to the script. It does however have a rather intriguing storyline; two passenger planes collide in mid air, and ominous effects start to abound upon the investigating officer. His enquiries are further enhanced by premonitions of an attractive young woman who may hold the key to why the crash happened...

Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd prove themselves as credible film stars, but their talents are hampered by the poor overall impression given out by Millennium. The script is not the last word in brilliance, and that simple romance plot we witness leaves a lot to be desired. Add to that rather tame special effects and a sudden uninspiring ending, Millennium is certainly no masterpiece and will be easily forgotten.

An interesting premise proves a let down for an avid film fan like myself but is lifted up by Ladd, who proves she can portray a character far beyond Angel Kris Munroe. 5/10.

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