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The end of an era, 7 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After 13 years and 33 episodes, Inspector Morse finally came to an end in November 2000 with The Remorseful Day. It was certainly the end of an era with the legendary Oxford detective meeting his maker, as writer Colin Dexter thought Morse had run his course....

The year long investigation into the death of wealthy business woman Yvonne Harrison is sparked into life with the promise of new evidence.....Morse finds himself back on duty and learns that Lewis is in charge of the case....Will he agree to this situation? There is also the case of Morse's deteriorating health....

The very poignant image of Lewis kissing his mentor's forehead, and uttering the words "Goodbye, Sir" at the end, no doubt struck a chord with the millions of TV viewers who grew fond of this detective drama. Well done to Kevin Whately for that memorable performance.

Sadly, it wouldn't only be the demise of Inspector Morse the public would have to get used to. The untimely death of John Thaw from cancer in February 2002 not only left a big hole in the legacy of British television, but also in the lives of his many long-time fans. Suffice to say he will be fondly remembered for the many roles he played in his long career as an award-winning actor, including the classic Inspector Morse. The Remorseful Day is 10/10.

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A weak end to the first series, 1 March 2007

When a church warden is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Morse has a race against time to catch a serial killer....There are a total of six murders to solve, although Morse's prime suspect is one of the victims who meets a rather sticky end....The only connection between the victims was that they all attended the same church service....Could a seemingly innocent woman Morse takes a liking to be involved? Service of all the Dead is a rather ridiculous story that doesn't seem to have the thrill of most of the Morse franchise, even if the conclusion to the case is rather good.

As usual, John Thaw and Kevin Whately put in cherished performances, but it isn't enough to take away from the fact that Service of all the Dead is a slightly weak and over the top edition of this legendary police drama.

This was a rather subdued final episode for the first series. 6/10

Dark Water (2002)
Hideo Nakata does it again!, 13 February 2007

Dark Water is another creepy Japanese horror movie from the man who brought us the equally scary Ring. Yoshimi Matsubara is a young mother going through a tough divorce, and moves into a run-down block of flats that appears to be haunted by the mysterious disappearance of a schoolgirl many years before....Director Hideo Nakata does not shower the film with special effects and stomach-churning scenes, instead he lets the viewer imagine the terror that is to come, along with capturing the eerie and isolated atmosphere surrounding this run-down building....

Hitomi Kuroki portrays the paranoid and worried Yoshimi with wonderful agility, while Rio Kanno is equally remarkable as her cute five year old daughter. Dark Water equals Ring for its shocking and intriguing scenes, as we are taken on a frightening journey of discovery as to why and how this mysterious schoolgirl disappeared. It certainly raises some tough questions that are comfortably addressed come the end of the film....

Fans of Japanese horror films (and of course Ring) will not be disappointed with Dark Water. It's another winner from a now legendary director, which is sure to send shivers down the spine to those who have not witnessed this as of yet....Great!

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Fine Columbo story, 13 February 2007

William Shatner and Molly Hagan are reunited with Peter Falk for a second Columbo mystery, which is rather entertaining. Radio presenter Fielding Chase is very controlling of his adopted daughter Victoria (who is in the midst of writing a novel) thus killing her close friend Gerry Winters, who simply wanted her to branch out and lead her own life away from Chase. Actress Hagan is great as Victoria, a naive young woman who wants nothing but to please her murderous father. Shatner on the other hand has given better performances in his long career, and seems confused and over the top.

Peter Falk can portray the legendary Lt. with his eyes shut, and he simply (as always) brightens up the whole scenario. Funny gaffes include our Lt being mistaken for a homeless person, and mostly his beat up old (but also lovable) car continually backfiring! The case comes to a satisfying conclusion featuring many cunning tricks from our Lt....As usual Columbo outwits the murderer!

Butterfly In Shades of Grey is another enjoyable Columbo mystery and it's one I've seen many times, but there are stronger films in the Columbo franchise that eclipse this good but slightly weak 1993 edition. It's definitely not the best in the series. 7/10

Layer Cake (2004)
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A must-see British thriller, 12 February 2007

A stylish and tautly directed crime caper showcasing how us Brits can make just as strong movies as the class-leading Americans. I like Layer Cake immensely, although upon first viewing I was expecting your typical drugged-up and sordid sex scenes: it's anything but! The perfect vehicle for the current 007 Daniel Craig as we are drawn into a perhaps unlikely tale of Craig's character XXXX locating the missing daughter of his boss' friend. Standing in the way are millions of pounds worth of Ecstasy and a violent Serbian gang....This ain't going to be as simple as XXXX likes to think....

Craig and Michael Gambon are the purveyors of strong acting, while Sienna Miller adds a touch of glamour to a seemingly seedy and gloomy underground world, where nothing is what it seems....

Follow a plot full of intriguing twists and smart, strong performances, and the story arrives at an extremely powerful and (at the same time) ominous conclusion. But can XXXX leave the high-life of being a successful drug dealer that easily? This is the question that is very abruptly answered in the climax of the stylishly executed Layer Cake, which has become an instant classic in its own right. Wonderful!

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Satisfactory enough final episode of the classic TV series but could have been better...., 2 February 2007

After nearly five years and 113 episodes Charlie's Angels finally came to an end in the summer of 1981 with this satisfactory episode in which Kelly's life hangs in the balance...

The main highlight of 'Let Our Angel Live' are the clips from past episodes, where long-time fans would in no doubt remember, although how on earth Kris could discuss the very first 'flashback' when Cheryl Ladd hadn't even joined the show yet is a minor discrepancy from the producers! This particular story was from the very first series when Farrah Fawcett was still cast!

Viewers should see Charlie make a brief appearance toward the end of the episode, but do the Angels finally get to see him at long last? 'Let Our Angel Live' certainly contains some suspense, but it may have worked better if former Angels Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Shelley Hack had reprised their roles one last time to know whether their friend and ex-colleague Kelly would pull through or not. Overall though this was a satisfactory enough conclusion to a now legendary TV series.

Saturn 3 (1980)
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Nonsense sci-fi, 29 January 2007

Quite an unusual cast for a sci-fi action flick, and this is perhaps what marks Saturn 3 down more than the flimsy plot and tame special effects. It was amusing to witness a 63-year-old Kirk Douglas kick butt and save the day. A class actor like Harvey Keitel is wasted in this film, and sure will try and forget his role in a movie which proved unsuccessful at the box office.

Farrah Fawcett had abandoned Charlie's Angels in 1977 after just one season to better herself as an actress and move into the world of movies. But in 1978 and 1979, Fawcett was struggling, appearing in unmemorable features which film goers ignored, Saturn 3 being another failure. Although stunningly beautiful, Fawcett doesn't take her role as Alex in any particular direction, and seems just like your typical scared easily blonde (sorry no offence intended really!), but this time stranded in space! These three stars are the only characters in the film (unless you count the robot of course). It's just as well because the script is hardly memorable, and the special effects leave a lot to be desired.

Stanley Donen tries hard to prove himself a superior director in the sci-fi genre, but his time and effort was simply wasted; Saturn 3 fails. This was filmed the same year as Alien, and Ridley Scott's effort has gone down as one of the best films of all time. If you had to choose between the two, there really is no contest. Saturn 3 tries to mimic Alien in a sense, but fails to raise suspense, and that is its biggest downfall.

I'm a fan of Farrah Fawcett in her career following Charlie's Angels, but this film is certainly not a highlight in that career. 3/10

Psycho (1960)
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THE horror film!, 15 January 2007

Psycho is THE ultimate horror movie. What a brilliantly told story and equally powerful acting from all concerned. This movie details the aspects of shock and the macabre to chilling effect, and surely scared the wits out of cinema-goers back in 1960! Of course back then, a gruesome murder wasn't really seen on film before, not such a gruesome killing anyway, but it's highly common today. Hitchcock delivers a heart-stopping, gripping movie which doesn't let down for a single second. It's much better that the film was released in black and white; had it had been in colour, the fear and suspense may have been lost to some effect.

Janet Leigh portrayed Marion Crane with wonderful agility, but we all know the real star of the show was (and is) Anthony Perkins. Norman Bates is probably the most twisted and scariest characters in the history of film, and Perkins delivers the vulnerabilities we see in Bates to stunning effect. I have huge respect for Vera Miles, and she was also well cast as Marion's concerned sister, Lila. A shame she has retired from the acting world...

The suspense to Psycho starts right from the word go, what with the extremely haunting music to the opening titles, which continues in certain scenes throughout the film. An equally powerful and shocking ending too...

Psycho is simply the ultimate horror movie, it hasn't been bettered, and cannot be bettered. The gruesome 'shower scene' featured not one violent shot - just illusion. But boy what illusion! Terrific, brilliant, excellent, superb, I can't go on enough!

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Shocking, shocking and even more shocking...., 9 January 2007

When I watched the first episode of this programme in 1994, I did not believe half of what was shown. Then more episodes were broadcast and I began to think again: you really couldn't make up what is shown it's so unbelievable! The mad manoeuvres and reckless driving on our roads makes me wonder how some people have a driving licence. Just as well Police, Camera, Action featured clips of bad driving from other countries as well as the UK, America in particular.

Alastair Stewart took us on a terrifying journey of self destruction in manoeuvres involving tailgating, driving on the wrong side of the road, speeding, using a mobile phone, drink driving and so on. The sad truth is that none of what was broadcast has seemed to have any effect on drivers today: I've witnessed many morons failing to indicate, driving the wrong way down a one-way street, sitting in box junctions before their exit is clear, and driving on the pavement, not to mention mad cyclists failing to signal before turning or moving out. The list goes on.

Sadly, this programme did not even have an effect on Alastair himself: his contract ended when he was caught drink driving in 2003, and thus the show came to an end (although it has now since returned). This explains why episodes recorded in 2002 were not broadcast until January 2006. Mr. Stewart had been wasting his time then really...

I'm a 21-year-old male and yet my licence is clean with no endorsements whatsoever, and I'm that age where boy racers dominate the proceedings. Drivers who believe in taking unnecessary risks should take a look at some of these episodes; it should make you think again. We all make mistakes occasionally and none of us are perfect, but accidents on the roads can be so easily avoidable....

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Enjoyable fourth instalment, 9 January 2007

I am rather surprised with the negative reviews of this fourth game in the Driver series. It's not the best as far as the storyline is concerned (that must go to Driver 2), and it suffers by losing so many of the options that were available in the previous three instalments, namely replay modes and the fact only one city is available. The graphics (PS2 version) are rather good, a little better than Driv3r, and the way New York is incorporated into the game is so massive it will take hours to negotiate every single street and alleyway! Damage to vehicles is as realistic as Driv3r, but it's disappointing that the character TK cannot swim, a fact further weakened by the fact that no boats are available whatsoever. Tanner could do this in Driv3r, so why wasn't this carried over into Parallel Lines? I like the idea of one part of the story being set in 1978 and the other half in 2006, along with some rather fancy music for both eras ('78 in particular), while police chases are rather fun, even if the AI is a little weak. Watch out for the SWAT team and the police helicopter too! Being able to repair, modify or complete change the vehicle the player is driving at Roy's garage is an interesting concept, while side-jobs and objectives scattered around the city allow you to prove your prowess behind the wheel, even if some of these objectives are exactly the same as others.

I like this game despite some disappointing aspects being left out and the rather lame storyline (the main highlight being the era change), but the realistic damage and wide variety of vehicles to drive and streets to drive on kind of makes up for it. 7/10

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