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Face/Off (1997)
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Unbelievably Great, 16 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cage and Travolta star in a fast-paced action/thriller in which the characters, Sean Archer and Castor Troy, switch faces in order to bring the other one down. The movie begins with a suspense-filled that is indeed a tear-drop scene that will keep any audience watching the movie until the very end. The story is amazing and beats any action movie to date OTHER THAN The Rock, which also stars Cage and former Bond star Sean Connery. That and this film are my two favorite movies ever made and are true masterpieces. Action seems to never stop, especially during the last scenes that takes a shootout at a chapel out to sea in a boat chase (which is the BEST SCENE EVER MADE in an action movie in my opinion), and finally to a one-on-one Face-off between Archer and Troy on the beach that is truly a sight to behold. If any action movie will catch your interest, this is it.

Forget Bond, the action movie genre has a new king.

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Lucas gives the fans what they want and delivers with flying colors, 1 June 2005

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With the final installment in the Star Wars saga, George Lucas delivers a strong performance by giving the fans what they want; specifically, the two legendary duels at the end of the movie. These duels are undoubtedly one of the most epic and beautifully created fights ever, EVER seen in any science fiction movie. Anakin fights Obi-Wan in a duel not seen since the very first Star Wars movie, and the masters of both sides square off as Yoda confronts the Emperor. Many characters in previous movies appear, such as Christopher Lee. All of the Episode II actors play their respcetable parts again in Episode III and deliver, especially both McGregor and McDiarmid. Strong performances are also given by Oz, Christenson, Jackson, and Portman. This is the first prequel to be able to even hold a lighters to Episodes IV, V, and VI, and in most cases exceeds them. A true find.

Halo 2 (2004) (VG)
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The most aggravating cliff-hanger in all history, but it did not disappoint in any way, 23 November 2004

Halo 2, hmm....I thought I might try it out, I mean, I only spent 100000000 hours on the first one...

Anyway, this game is good. REALLY good. As a matter of fact, so good that if you have an Xbox and don't own this game, you should slap yourself.

I thought I might start on the story mode when i got it. Halo 2 begins with a ship orbiting Earth being attacked and of course, you as the chief, must save it. OK, and then you go down to Earth for a kick-butt battle (sorta) and then what? Well, the Covenant general in charge of protecting Halo is still alive, but he has been sentenced to death by the Covenant. However, the Prophets refute this death sentence and instead make him into the legendary Arbiter. Arbiter is the other main character introduced in Halo 2.

Chief discovers a new Halo and he is sent down to destroy it, and actually kills the prophet of regret, however, he becomes outmatched by the Prophetic Guards that guard the water pyramids. An odd creature captures him and Arbiter, so they meet for the first time. The odd creature transports them to find a key; he transports Chief to the Prophets' capital ship and Arbiter to a jungle area on Halo. However, the flood take hold of the ship and you are left to deal with both the flood and the Covenant Army. Meanwhile, Arbiter deals with the Covenant Brute Chief, Tartarus. Chief manges to escape the ship. Arbiter makes friendly with the general of Earth's army, a girl who I don't know the purpose of, and everybodys favorite character, Monitor (or Oracle, whatever). The game ends in a cliff hanger, Arbiter and the gang learn of the "Ark" from the Monitor and Chief zooms toward Earth to end the Covenant war by killing the final Prophet, the Prophet of Truth.

Yes, you do not end the crisis in Halo 2. However, I didn't beat legendary mode yet...(!!!) But anyway, I was sooo disappointed with the end, I ran to multi player. multi player online in Halo 2 is utterly so INCREDIBLY AWESOME I don't think that there is one word in the dictionary that can explain it. Let's just leave it at that.

Story: Ending: 1/10 Sniff, sniff Story: Other than Ending: 9.4/10 Co-Op- 10/10 Online: 10/10 because ratings unfortunately cant go higher... OVERALL: A+

Except for the ending.

Tales of Symphonia (2003) (VG)
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Cliché City, 17 November 2004

Now, this is an RPG to behold. It is the first AWESOME RPG on the Gamecube, as most of you know. However, its more than just a pretty box. Tales introduces a brand-new real-time combat system that could be compared to that of Star Ocean: Till the End Of Time, however this isn't an interstellular futuristic RPG. Noo, this is much more FF style story (which makes it good). Every battle you fight is an actual privilege to do. The battle system is so good, you will want to beat every enemy you see. There aren't any random encounters, but if you ignore too many boss fights, you won't stand a chance against the bosses. There is no excuse for getting hit in this game, though, since an opponent's attack missing is not random like in FFX. The moves in this game are unbelievable. There are so many combos to pull off, and I beat it without getting many of the moves. Magic attacks can have its glitches though, moves like "Indignation," "Thunder Blade" (the COOLEST move I've ever seen) and some summon spells may cause the cube to freeze because of the extreme amount of light and effects happening. However this game is extremely well done and the battle system makes the game worth more than it is. Dwarven Law #912: Thoust who owneth a Gamecube without thist game shall not be worthy of owning their system in the firsteth place...uhhh...eth. An A+ for this game, or a 97/100.

Scream 2 (1997)
Good movie, less spooks (Ultra-super-mega-spoilers.), 19 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What? Another Scream? I gotta prep up...

1. Lock all doors. 2. Cut off all phone lines 3. Wear kelvar jacket and that mythril stuff in LOTR

That should do it.

OK, this movie was good, but if people are looking for more of a freaky time than the first, don't get your hopes up. Scream 2 starts off with the traditional great first scene, centering around a couple who go to see the premier of Gale Weathers' movie "Stab." And of course, they are both done in by a teen slasher wearing the same was y, but not as y as our good friend Casey Becker...

This is how I saw the movie: It was placed into two separate movie plots, all jointing together in the end. One plot followed Gale, Dewey and Randy, three survivors of the Woodsboro massacre. The other follows, of course, Sydney, her new boyfriend, Derek, Derek's friend Mickey, and one of her friends Hallie. (Yea, I know, Syd, Billy, Stu, and Tatum, haha). One scene starts with Gale, Dewey, and randy discussing the s and, of course, Randy receives a cell call, and who is it? The killer. And as Randy keeps the killer talking, Gale and Dewey interrogate everyone in the park talking on a cell phone. And it ends in Randy's and the killer's escape. Yes, Randy was killed, everyone. I bet you wish you got to stab Jamie Kennedy like he did.

The plot then thickens. Gale and Dewey are then attacked in the school by the killer and Dewey is killed (?). As Sydney begins to evacuate the town, the killer attacks her as well She escapes into the school, and Hallie is killed. (Like Scream 1, yea...) Sydney is chased to the play stage where she finds Derek tied to a cross (!) and is chased by the masked killer. The killer turns out to be Mickey, and he soon accuses Derek of being his partner in crime, and kills him before he can free himself.

Sydney then engages Mickey and evades him long enough for Mickey to introduce Sydney his real accomplice, and its the MOTHER of all surprises. No, its not Mickey's mother, and its not Sydney's mother, its BILLY'S MOTHER! How could you guess that? Gale is shot and so is Mickey and the old accused killer, Cotton Weary, comes to the rescue and kills Mrs. Loomis. Dewey is then found to be alive barely to end the movie.

This is a very good movie, but the fact that the killer is unguessable is stupid. Both killers were not good choices, it would be cool to see something unexpected, like another "fake " thing that might include Randy, maybe, but I guess I have no say. Also, many of the characters could be compared to the characters in Scream 1:

Derek - Billy (sorta) Mickey - Stu Hallie - Tatum

which is not something I liked. Also, they did not do the greatest of jobs with the phone scenes with Cici and Randy. Not too spooky. Fear-seekers should look elsewhere.


Scream (1996)
One of the best horror films I've seen, ever (some spoilers), 10 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Scream (1996) is a teen slasher film in which an insane person living in the peaceful town of Woodsboro attacks and kills people by first sneaking into their house, freaking them out on the phone, then them. The killer wears a presently-ever-popular ghost mask in order to conceal his ID. Warning: THIS IS NOT A MOVIE TO GET LITTLE TIMMY FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (if you know what i mean). This movie contains non-stop provocative language and, as well as some suggestive themes content. However, this movie contains a very involved story plot and a movie you just can't stop watching after the ever-popular first scene (viewers know what I mean). Compared to other movies, this movie isn't THAT y, but if you're that affected by gory scenes, SKIP THE FIRST SCENE. Now, this movie's ending is SO AMAZINGLY SURPRISING I couldn't guess who the killer was if my life depended on it. Its plot is definitely very involved, keeps you watching, freaks you out sometimes, and doesn't disappoint in the end. Scream gets a perfect 10/10 in my book.