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Open House (2003) (TV)
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Greatest acting ever by a Baldwin, 11 July 2005

My daughter and I watched this movie last night and we really enjoyed it. We loved the part of King. Here he was brilliant, and could do whatever he wanted and still make a living and a good one at that. I know it was just a movie, but his apartment was to die for. His acting was the greatest of any of the other Baldwins to date. Wish we could see more of him in the similar kind of movie. He played every woman's dream, it is that some of us are just to dumb to know it. Christine Lahti was okay, she looked way too old for Baldwin. Lavender the teenage girl was great. We liked how she handled the kid when he finally came back home, when he was throwing things around his room. I believe that part of the movie helped them both and it showed other kids with the same problem that they can look at this differently and move on with your life. Eva Marie Saint did well as your pushy mother, but I wouldn't have put her as a man chaser, seems that was all she could talk about. Rita Marino was great, wish we could see more of her, of course it would need to be rated PG-13 are we won't be watching. David the husband, was David who? I can't stand any one that plays those parts, I know that someone has to do it, but I still don't like them.