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One of the best cartoons of the 20th century, 9 February 2005

I remember this so much, the movies, the toys and the video games. This has become more of a pop culture milestone in TV history and has gained popularity elsewhere as well, it always aired like early mornings, I would usually watch this after GI Joe and The Real Ghostbusters. The animation was smooth and nicely drawn and the scenes were kid friendly, but good in its way. The extra characters were also good and funny, like the news reporters, I forget their names, there was this glasses girl, and this sleazy guy who tries to get a story quickly, and their boss. And I'll never forget Shreddar's voice, it was funny and very fitting. This show was a very popular kids show, and with less violence, unlike today's cartoons, and there it spawned three movies, video games, especially the classic TMNT II in the arcades, which later came to the NES, it spawned a new series, with new toys as well, and an anime based on it also came out, which is probably not in the States, yet(maybe on fansub). I'll never forget this.

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Look out Chiyo-chan..., 7 February 2005

Because there's a new girl in town! Well at least she appears to be. She's 27? My goodness, a teacher who's 27 and yet she looks like a kid? Amazing! God bless the little people! And this is a very funny show, a bit like Azumanga Daioh, except there are more prominent male characters, yet semi stereotypical ones. There is a good looking guy, who looks almost like a girl whenever he puts on a dress or make up, which he does sometimes. And there's an otaku, and a bit of crazed one, because he is into 2-D anime girls, and he likes making manga a lot. Then there's a jock, a dumb guy who is good at sports, and then there's a gay guy who likes the jock so much that he gets a nosebleed. And there's this guy who is the same age as everyone, yet, his mannerisms are so much like that of a middle-aged man, and he looks like one too, but for me, this is an original type you don't see everyday. And the rest are a bit of Azumanga Daioh copy cats, except there's a rich girl, and a lesbian, and there's a nurse, and unlike Azumanga Daioh, you see the parents of one of the characters, specifically Mika-sensei's parents. Overall this is a cool and funny anime anyone can enjoy, even though it's a bit of an Azumanga copycat, but still is worthwhile to see. Recommended for fans of Azumanga Daioh, and to those who'd like to see one where there are male characters and parents of one of the characters, and to anime fans and non anime fans who are new to it, forget Naruto and Ragnarok. And to those who are sick of anime like Gundam, Pokemon, DBZ, Sailormoon, Tenchi, this is for you. So far, it's only out on fansub, and I've only seen episodes 1-4, it's really great, check it out!

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Everybody loves kung-fu fighting!, 5 February 2005

And this one too, I love this film! I've recently watched this and boy was it hilarious! And full of surprises and cool characters and their funny moves. I like especially the ones done by the tailor and the old man, and not to mention the fighting and action, everything you'd expect in a kung fu movie. The main character who is a kung fu gangster wannabe, is funny especially at the beginning, when he challenges everyone at the slums, they were all ready to fight, but they denied him. And I like the way the landlady who runs fast, her moves were outrageous! And the gay guy and the coolie, they were all cool! And they also have cheesy names as well, such as Coolie, Donut, The Beast, etc. Recommended for all kung fu action fans all around, and to fans of Stephen Chow. Watch it you know you want to. And not to mention the funny references, and movies they spoof. Expect to see references to The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Top Hat, The Shining, Spider-Man, Kill Bill, Shaolin Soccer, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and many more.

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It just keeps getting funnier..., 5 February 2005

Yes it does. This follow-up series for TV keeps getting funny every time I watch it. With a few new characters and side stories with different twists, and it even reveals more secrets, and more weird and pathetic but funny fighting styles and moves done by each character and stock character, and more funny antics of Happousai, and Kuno and Ryoga, and a few filler episodes with crazy references to old classic shows like Dragnet and Mission Impossible, Twilight Zone, Kage no Gundan and much more, look for them yourselves! And also weird references to ancient Chinese and Japanese culture once again, and funny as always, I especially like the ones with the French guys, they were portrayed funny, and how Souun and Genma end up screwing up in some. And no to mention, the return of some of the stock characters such as the skating girl that like things that are cute, and the guy at Jusenkyo. Recommended to fans of the series and fans of Rumiko Takahashi's works.

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A classic childhood favorite. It's terrific, and it's radiant., 2 February 2005

Oh, those were the days, I used to watch this when I was a kid, I watched over and over again, this was my favorite. I once owned the tape, but lost it. A very touching story about a pig and it's friendship with a spider that can talk and spin a web and make letters out of it. She decides to save his life from the slaughterhouse by fooling the farmer with some words commenting on Wilbur, and I must say the songs are also memorable, and the animation was fine and smooth and eye catching, enough to give Disney a run for their money. The last scenes made me sad a bit, but overall, it made me feel all warm inside, and I still remember that song "Zuckerman's Famous Pig" but I forgot all the lyrics to it. And not to mention Templeton, he is also good here, I believed he stole the show completely, with the voice of the guy who guest starred in I Dream Of Genie. Recommended for the whole family, and I also recommend you read the book too. "The terrific radiant Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's famous pig!"

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One of the best "DANG" cartoon programs to come out after Beavis and Butthead and Ren and Stimpy, I reckon so., 2 February 2005

YEE-HAW! When I first saw this, I thought to myself, hey, isn't that Mr. Anderson from Beavis and Butthead? Did he get his own show? And as I watched this, I found out it wasn't but much better. After learning that Beavis and Butthead was over, I found out it wasn't the end of Mike Judge's work, he has preserved Mr. Anderson through this show, and yes, his mannerisms, his voice, his looks and his glasses, they all are the exact traits of Mr. Anderson, but wait! Wasn't he bald and older? Yes he was, and that's exactly how you can tell them apart. Besides the name and profession. Mr. Anderson says he's a veteran of two foreign wars, while this guy, Hank Hill, sells propane. I like the other characters, especially his dad, his family, his friend, anyone know what Boomhauer is saying? And not to mention Dale, the exterminator guy, and the Laotian family, they were also cool. Recommended for fans of Beavis and Butthead, and for those who don't like Daria.

Most memorable lines >>>>>

Dale: How do you know my name crane killers? I haven't met any of you in my life.

Hank: Take Bill for example, he's been in one of the worst divorces and you don't see him crying.

Bill: (closes blinds) (sobs, then wales)

Kahn: Why don't we just order a bucket of chicken and watch HEE HAW?!

Passenger on bus: See what twig boy?

Dale: I don't have enough time, give me the antidote!

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Classic anime series, 2 February 2005

I never saw the TV version(yet). But you gotta love this one, this is one of the best and perhaps the most influential and recognizable shows to come out of Japan, that when you ask people about anime, they would mention or refer to this. And sure this is shorter than the TV series, but this still has the humor that made it a hit, and it without this, the Tenchi Universe series would never come out. Yeah this is the one that started it all, and for me, this is perhaps Hiroki Hayashi's best next to El Hazard, a follow up series. Excellent animation, colorful characters, and funny moments are in here, I like the ones with Ryo Oki, like the part when she goes to Ayeka and she goes screaming, that is classic, and I like the one where Ayeka and Ryoko try to get Tenchi's attention, and end up failing, and the part with Washuu, call me Little Washuu! Love that one. Recommended for fans of the series, fans of Ranma and El Hazard and Love Hina, anime fans and non-anime fans. And after the last episode, 13 to be precise, don't think it's the end yet, because more of it is coming out, based on this one, not the Universe series.

"Arthur" (1996)
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Perfect for Kids, 2 February 2005

Oh those days, the 90s, I was still a kid then. And I remember this show very much. I used to watch together with my brother and sister, this was a very memorable show based on children's books. I only read one of them, but I can't remember most of it, that was when I was back in the States those days, but then I was introduced to this show and thought hey, I know this, it looks so familiar. And as I watched it, I kept my eyes on it. It's perfect for kids, and it gives some educational value to them, and the characters were very colorful and nice, even though a few of them were a bit stereotypical, but it's not the ones that would annoy you. Recommended to the family, very okay for kids. "When I say hey, Hey! What a wonderful..." ah forget it, I forgot the words.

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Forever John Ritter, 2 February 2005

Well what can I say? It's another show I loved as a kid and a show I watched together with my parents all that time ago. It has got to be one of the best American sitcoms in the 70s and perhaps the most recognizable TV show and a milestone at the end of the disco era. And not to mention the memorable roles of Suzanne Sommers, Joyce DeWitt, Don Knotts and perhaps the most recognizable role of John Ritter. THis show made him a big star, and I loved the jokes in it, even though they are so retro. I'll never forget the funniest moments of the three no to mention the Ropers. They were very hilarious as background characters in this show. Thank you John Ritter, this show is still one of the best out there, and remains a classic in American television, and the concept of it is also great. Recommended to those who love John Ritter, and classic shows, and for those who need a break from the new programs.

Most memorable moment:

Chrissy: Mr. Roper you got to take off your pants.

Stan: What?!

Helen: Takes more than a little wine to get Stanley out of his pants.

Caddyshack (1980)
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Classic Bill Murray and classic Chevy Chase, and not to mention classic Harold Ramis, 31 January 2005

This has got to be another funny and classic masterpiece of the two Ghostbusters Bill and Harold. Man and perhaps the most recognizable movie of the 80s with perhaps a funny dialogue, and scenes especially the ones with Rodney Dangerfield(may God rest his soul) I like especially the part when he wrecks the other guys boat and drops his anchor on his and says "hey! You scratched my anchor!" Ha ha ha ha! I love that part and not to mention the part with the candy bar, when it went into the pool, everyone went running out thinking it's crap. That is something I'll never forget. I like it also when Bill's character eats it and the rich guys lady faints. And no to mention the scene with the crazy golfer who keeps winning every game he does, until he looses one, and gets struck by lightning, and Bill just leaves him there, another memorable scene. The ones with the gopher was okay.... to say the least, it was funny, but not as funny as the scenes with Bill. Recommended to all fans of Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, and Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield. Watch it, you know you want to.

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