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Mixed signals, 15 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a fan of the classic movie and the novel, I must say this film, was worth my money. It was different, but the important parts of the original story, that's where it was faithful, though it seemed a bit plot less, but it had one. Here's my analogy of the film:

How it remained faithful(spoilers ahead): 1.The narration at the beginning, the only thing that changed was the year, instead the narrator says 21st century, but hey, it took place in our time right?

2.The way the aliens came, not through flying saucers.

3.The structure of the ships, they were pods with tentacles, that tore down buildings, used blood from humans, and shot heat rays, and they didn't use flying spaceships, or saucers.

4.The three escaped into the country side.

5.The military fought hard but it was in vain.

6.There was a scene where they escaped to the sea though a ship.

7. How they were stopped.

Changes: 1.The story focused on a family, the Ferriers and not a scientist.

2.The way the aliens came, instead of a cylinder, it was lightning.

3.There were no reports about invasions, just storms.

4.No fight at sea.

Despite these changes, I must say that this was a very promising movie, that is worth checking, and a great performance by the actors, and great return to alien sci fi for Spielberg. But, stop comparing this to Signs, OK? Thank you.

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A great cartoon ahead of it's time, 9 June 2005

This cartoon is the first show I saw on SNICK back then in Nickelodeon back in the States and perhaps one of the best I've seen. Though it had gross humor, and the animation was bizarre, enough to give a kid nightmares, but even so, this is one of the best shows to come out in the 90s next to Rugrats, Beavis and Butt-head, and the humor in it was also funny, it's a shame Nick didn't like too much, but despite that, the audience it drew cried for more, more, more, more, more, and more! It also influenced other cartoons, such as 2 Stupid Dogs, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, and Catdog. But I say this is better than any of those, though it also had a bit of controversy, due to the fact that it was shown to 6 year old children and Nick thought it was too adult, but hey, it was a fun run. I'll never forget it, those were the good old days, Nick had some fine shows. My favorite episodes were Circus Midgets, An Abe Divided, Ren's Retirement, Sven Hoek, and Monkey See, Monkey Don't.

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Calling Crockett and Tubbs, and the A-Team!, 9 June 2005

Tommy Verctti is on the loose! In this spectacular sequel(prequel?). Another great GTA game, with a lot of great surprises, and everything else you'd expect in a GTA game, gangs in which you do the dirty work for, driving around in cars, running over people and property, picking up girls, blowing things up, starting fires, shooting guns, all in a city depicting the 1980's Miami, plus, you get to purchase properties, this is also the first one in which you can buy properties and make money from them, change clothes, change guns, and more mêlée weapons, like a chainsaw, knuckles, and a golf club, and more vehicles, like a golf cart, and motorcycles(which GTA 3 lacked) and helicopters! And you also have your own mansion and henchmen. Overall a great game, with great enhancements, and graphics, and great 80s sound, my only complaint is that some of my favorite 80s songs are missing, most of them are great, but there are some missing. Very good game, excellent, great work Rockstar, buy it! By the way, if you buy the PC version, you can put your own songs, try putting 80s tracks in it, like the Miami Vice theme and play it while you're on a boat.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001) (VG)
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Liberty justified!, 9 June 2005

This is one of the most entertaining and controversial, yet wonderful games out there. Though it received heat from parents everywhere and other countries tried to ban it, it is without a doubt one of the best, and one of a kind out there(Do they think younger ones would play this? This is for older ones). Well it may not be for everyone, due to the violent content, grammar, and sex, but hey it is a satire of everyday life, but mostly depicting a grimy, rough city, supposedly this is supposed to be New York, where you control a nameless(we shall learn his name in GTA:SA!) and speechless gangster who's been wronged by the gang he worked for, now he goes freelance in the Pulp Fiction-esquire environment of Liberty City, where you work for different gang factions, just to do their dirty work. But that's not it, you can also walk around steel a car, and do whatever you will, it's non-linear! And because it is, you don't have to do some of the missions, though most of them are part of the story. This is one of the best and it is the first game of it's kind I played. If you like this play also Mafia(more like a 1930's GTA to me), GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, thank you Rockstar, it's good, see.

Elephant (2003)
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Well done, but a little empty, 7 June 2005

In this movie which is supposed to be a fictional re-enactment of the Columbine incident, Gus Von Sant gives us this movie about an everyday normal life turned into chaos when two seemingly outcast teens start rampage shootings in their school. I must say, this is fascinating and disturbing, and it was well done, you never know what really caused the boys to go insane, and to tart shooting, just as you don't know the reason why the Columbine kids did the shootings too. Though a very shocking film, in which the scenes were done in a documentary like way, it lacked total character development of the other students, for example the girl in the library, and the blonde guy, and the big black guy, they were just there for a short while, and the big guy Benny, had no lines, what was he supposed to be anyways? And it seemed as if though everything was non-linear, everything that was shown in each scene of the character happened at the same time, especially with the blonde guy at the beginning when he saw the two, he asked what they were doing, when we knew what they were about to do. Well at least it has you wanting to see it to the end, and it has you wondering, though it leaves you feeling empty at the same time. Still it was good.

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The only thing that haunts me to this day, is that I chose to watch this, 7 June 2005

Well, what starts out as a suicide story, which is tragic, and possibly the best part of the movie even though it was a bit sad for me, the rest wasn't all that scary nor interesting, I mean it lacked a lot of frightening scenes and was a bit dated, though the scenes of the dead mother was a little scary, especially the phone call which reminded me of Psycho, but still, the rest of the film was not exciting at all, and the ending itself was empty, it wasn't shocking at all, maybe a bit surprising, but not in a good way, it makes you just pause then say a simple "okaaay", that's it, it's done, zip, nada, nothing, the acting okay, and the lead actress was good. Overall not very good at all.

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What this show is really about...., 5 June 2005

This show is not really a show about giant mecha controlled by young ones saving the world from evil thing, and that's what makes it worthwhile, it is more of psychological thriller in a dystopian troubled time, a bleak future and man still has not changed, and still desires to be higher, and the story of people trying to find their place in society. Well, it can be a classified as a giant mecha show, but it sorta turns the genre upside down, and gives us something more deep, and interesting, and more character driven, and also controversial, it proved that not all anime is quirky. It is also a very influential show, basically the background stories of the characters, the psychological theme and drama, and philosophical tones is what made it very good and interesting, and after that a few mech anime used it(like Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, RahXephon) and non-mech anime(Chobits, Now And Then Here And There). It's not the mechas or the fight scenes, it's the theme, the symbol and characters that make it great. I know some people who say it's good because of the effects and fight scenes, and some people say it's overrated, and a few said it was sacrilegious because of the symbolism, but it isn't, they are not, heck, the funniest things I heard from them, is that it didn't make any sense, or that they would rather watch DUAL!(which is a parody of EVA). But let them be, that's their opinion, this show isn't for everyone, for it is disturbing and I agree with what someone said, not everyone is gonna like this, it may seem like a downer a lot, but that's the way it is, right? Life can be a downer. By the way, I got to admit the first time I saw this was on ABS CBN(a Philippine network, but hey, I live here don't I?) it was kind of, okay, it was edited a lot, they removed most of the Biblical symbolism, Angels are now called enemy, and I know a lot of otakus will say we dumbed it down, but hey, it's good to know it's here. I was never a fan of the old mecha shows, I hated Voltes V and Daimos, because I thought they were cheesy and dorky, no offense to those who like those okay? Because I thought there was nothing deep about them and the songs were terrible, and I can still hear them from others. And I heard a live action movie is being produced, I am nervous for that, but I hope they do it good, good luck ADV and WETA! If you liked this, I recommend you try seeing the End of Evangelion, Now and Then Here and There, Chobits, Gundam SEED, and even if you didn't like it, it's okay, like I said, it's not for everybody, and try watching also RahXephon, Fruits Basket, and DUAL!, or try looking into the 2nd manga, based on the game Girlfriend of Steel 2, even if you hate the games, try the manga of Girlfriend of Steel 2, which seems a bit lighter.

"Cheers" (1982)
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Here's to Cheers!, 5 June 2005

Making myself in the world today, takes everything I've got, taking a break from all my worries would sure help a lot, and this show is the one. It was very funny, and very unforgettable moments, and unforgettable characters, especially Fraisier, who would eventually get his own show. I like Norm and Cliff, they are the funny regulars in the bar, and Carla the funny waitress and Sam was also funny, he is the bar owner and playboy, who often gets in trouble, especially when he is trying to have his way with the ladies, played by Ted Danson, who would later play the disgruntled doctor in Becker. And not to mention, Dianne, the Caoch, and Rebecca, but I think Rebecca is funnier, who just wants to be successful in life, but at the same time, she wants to find and wed a rich guy. One of the funniest shows I've seen next to Drew Carey and The Simpsons, recommended for those who love comedy, and classic TV.

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I felt lost also and still do!, 14 May 2005

Just saw it a few days ago, it was okay. It's not one of those typical love stories, it's about two people who are listless and can't find meaning in their lives and find it harder because they are in a foreign country and can't catch with the culture and language, but you can't blame them, and they meet each other, and make a relationship with each other, even though they each have a spouse they keep seeing each other but don't do it or anything like that. And the title itself does not refer to the language barrier itself, it means that the two are lost in translating the meaning in their lives even though they are very successful, and very good, they still feel an emptiness inside of them. Overall it's okay, could be a bit boring but an okay story nonetheless and I feel I can relate to it because I too found my language hard because I grew up in America and I felt I couldn't find my place here because I don't really get the culture, and I liked because I am a Bill Murray fan, he was great in it even though it wasn't a funny one.

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I still say they should've sticked with Romero's version, 22 April 2005

I've seen this recently and I must say it was a bit of an improvement but not that good, because was too much action and face-paced thriller than horror, at least they put a few lickers, and perhaps the only things I found worthwhile in this movie is that it had some characters similar to the ones in the game, it had Nemesis(except he also had a chain-gun), and it had Jill Valentinte, Carlos, Nikolai, but Ashford was a bit different. And at least Nemesis was almost the same as he was in the game, but my complaints are also that Nemesis was a bit of the hero at the end and that other STARS members like Chris, Barry, Rebecca, Brad, and Wesker weren't in it, and there weren't enough monsters and they didn't deliver enough fear. But overall it was okay as a sequel but lousy as an adaption and horror.

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