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Watchable, 16 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spencer Tracy was getting quite old when he made this one. He can still show some power here in his lead role as a stubborn judge with the young girl friend. He does a good job with a challenging script.

Lana Turner as the love interest is very effective here. Considering the film's script, she does well too.

There are sparks in the cast besides. I think in this case Tracy deserved better script. That seemed to hurt him in his last films. Are there better Tracy films? Yes, but this one is pretty good.

Judge Timberlane may not chop down trees but he does Dispense Jusice with authority from the bench.

Irwin Allen's Big Screen Pilot, 16 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie really is Allen's first special effects effort on the big screen. He had done some major stuff on television. No really huge stars were in this but a lot of veteran cast members, a young Gene Hackman.

The screen while a bit hokey is supplemented by the special effects with the water racing the survivors through the decks. The effects were so well done that Allen would get a bigger budget and even more hokey Towering Inferno after this one. This movie sort of kicked off several disaster films after it.

Maureen McGovern would hit the pop music charts with The Morning After from this movie. With the death of the musicals, films would do one major song. She did another less memorable song in Towering Inferno.

The story here is whole cloth, fictional from start to finish. If your a fan of phony Melo-Drama, this movie is for you. If your not a fan of Leslie Nielson, this movie is for you as he does not last past the first big wave.

Old actors Jack Albertson, Red Buttonas , and Ernest Borgnine, plus Shelly Winters are pretty durable in this one. This movie the shock value of killing most of the cast before the rescue. It was considered good enough to be sequel-ed and then remade. So original is Hollywood.

You Gotta See Space To Get in the race, 8 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seems Jeannie is always full of tricks. When Tony flunks an eye test, he tells Roger not to tell her. Since her master is so unhappy she tortures Roger to find out.

Then she visits Dr. Bellows office in order to fix the test. Then she gives her master x-ray vision which is really too revealing.

At first this does not help. Then Jeannie keeps adjusting his eyes until he passed the test.

There is a lot of fun and Bellows gets Tony in hot water

If I were Tony, I'd be happy to see again, He has so much good luck though as a newer Master he is still trying to figure out what he really wants.

Funny Episode As IRS Sneaks out of the Closet, 7 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one hits on all cylinders. Paul Lynde (who we all know now was a gay blade) plays an IRS Agent who approaches Tony Nelson's door to give him a tax refund. Instead he gets a full dose of Jeannie who shows him riches beyond the IRS Agents audit dreams. Ming Vases and Rembrandt's and a safe full of cash are all there in the blink of an eye.

After getting the show, Lynde has a funny meeting with Dr Bellows. What is great is then Jeannie and Tony give the IRS agent the Royal Bellows treatment with Bellows looking on.

The funniest line is Bellow's "It makes me feel so good to see you so it to somebody else for a change." This is a really fun one. One goof here is Bellows mentions being snowed on. That does not happen until the next episode.

Snow in Coco Beach, 7 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Leave it to Jeannie, to be able to control the weather which would be something climate scientists would envy all else as then they would have the power to really raise the ocean levels.

Of course Jeannie relieves a drought but forgets to shut off the water. Once again in Jeannie's tradition to this point she does everything on this show she can to mess up Tony.

There is a script goof from the previous episode that crosses over to this one. It involves the snow that is whipped up. Jeannie is still learning to drive. Still waiting to see the flying carpet. Not sure why the carpet is not the preferred mode of transport, though cleaning the walls and floors compared riding a rug in the air.

It's Sunday Again, 5 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When there are less than 20 minutes to fill, it is tough to get much beyond finding out the lady in the bottle has another power. In this one we find out she can literally make it Sunday every day.

This fore shadows the movie Ground Hog Day only this is more harmless fun. Tony is the only person who really knows what it not going on.

Jeannie wants him to rest so she makes every day a Sunday. It is clever but Tony has to be the person who spoils the rest of the casts day of rest. There are some funny sequences here with Dr Bellows getting totally fooled.

Fun stuff from the bottle.

Hitting It's Stride, 5 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a very strong and funny episode of the series. It measures the first year of the series with lot of action.

NASA in it's wisdom of the space program sends Tony up on the same mission as the one he was on when he found the lady in the bottle.

This one is an action fest as our lady manages to stop Tony on the same island as last time. It appears from the distance shots this is the same Island Gilligan and the gang are marooned on. Tony is not happy as he emerges on the same island again. Then comes a twist- he finds a new bottle.

He opens this one to find an evil Blue Gin that wants to kill him. It gets pretty hectic from here.

This episode has a frantic pace and plenty of laughs with veteran actor Michael Ansara playing the Blue Gin with a lot of spirit.

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Quality Sci-Fi, 29 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The effects on this one remind me of Kubrick some how. Earth is in major trouble and some folks have to go into space to save the human race. While this type of plot has been done before, this approach seems fresh and realistic.

That is because real (scientists ) were hired to consult on the film. It gives a major upgrade to this movie over some other recent films where this plot was used.

So the reference to the government altering school books because they faked the Apollo missions to the moon might be a bit far fetched, but there are fans of Kubick who insist he filmed the real moon sequences in the 1960's meaning they are not real.

There are some realistic scenes on earth here with farms and problems threatening earth. Michael Caine is here as the planner of the space mission of 3 years to try and save the earth. This is not a perfect planet, but you pretty much figure out we have to help each other to save it but strange leaders are preventing that.

It is amusing when Caine finds out late in the movie that a lot of his work was off because he might have focus on the wrong theory all his life.

All to true and much too often in the real world.

Tricky Dick Gets Into The Comics, 29 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

President Richard Nixon is back as this is set in 1973. The cast is loaded with talent. The special effects are well done. The script involves time travel. What more can an X-Men Movie be?

It is hard for me to say I need to say more, so let's just say we are in agreement that no amount of time travel or CHI can put any hairs on Patrick Stewart's head. The old cue ball does hold his own with quite a talented cast.

It appears the film makers had some good fun making this Marvel Comic Flick. Stan Lee still on the crew and a cameo in this, is one of the reasons it is so well done.

Marvel and Stan Lee, more fun than it should be legal to film.The women look great too. The Blue woman thinks No one wants to look at her, but I could look at her lots. The form fitting costume is a major plus.

Comics often create characters that are larger than life. In this one - mission accomplished. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

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The Ga,es Continue or are they Games?, 29 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is strange that a book got split into 2 movies. Is it financial or did the sudden success of the prior film cause this? The last movie seems mush longer than this one. Might it be that this decision to make it into 2 parts is a concession to production complications and the loss of Hoffman?

I believe we have to wait until the next installment to see the answer. Another look at Jennifer Lawrence isn't such a bad thing. In this one, they seem to have made her a more conflicted person yet a person being forced to take on a mission rather than having a choice to not do it.

This is a war game of more than just war, it is a game of media coverage trying to convince both sides what to do. This one does have some action, though not as much as the previous film, and a slower pace than the earlier film. This is an action series so fans of action might not like this one as much. I have a feeling the next movie might make up for it.

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