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Pure Luck Prevails, 8 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If not for Batman's Utility Belt, this episode would have ended the series. Riddler and the rats get snared into the believe he has killed Batman and Robin.

Meanwhile, Comissioner Gordon summons Bruce Wayne for money to pay for the abduction of ..but while Wayne is in his office -Batman shows up. For the first time in the series, Bruce Wayne actually faces himself and is beside himself. It is really quite an act.

The Riddler provides quite a chase here. His clues do get simpler while he believes Batman is dead, but then he actually makes things pretty complicated for everybody. This is a fitting conclusion for the 12th episode of this 30 minute classic series.

This is the second part of Gorshin's best Riddler episodes in the series. It would have been a real sacrifice if he had ever not been available but fortunately he was. I still wish Julie Newmar could have done Cat Woman in the movie, but she was one of 3 women to do the role on the show. If the show had run longer, would there have been 9?

There is only one Riddler, and when does a riddle make Batman scared? Never, Bat Fans.

Riddling Away The Crime, 6 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an impressive part 1 with a climax that is the ultimate spin on the Caped Crusaders. The Riddler is without a doubt a big piece of the picture here. There are a lot of trips to the Bat Cave and several dead ends that Batman and Robin get into here.

The plot is a trek of riddles and some really long road as the main plot is not really arrived at until part 2. Meanwhile Mousey and the gang have an underground camp and they catch Batman off guard.

Will the spin masters finally stop Batman?

Will Robin survive the same spinning peril?

Will Frank Gorshin really out smart everyone?

Tune in tomorrow, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel as the show i really cooking here.

Rogue One (2016)
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Star Wars Episode 3.5, 31 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing this I understand the comparisons with the Empire Strikes Back, though I think the story here was not intended to make that type of comparison. This movie made it to theaters ahead of Princess Leia's (Carrie Fisher's Death). Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila makes a brief cameo as a young Princess Leia and it is so short she does resemble Carrie Fisher though I think the camera shot is short deliberately.

The film borrows archive footage from Episode 4 of the same pilots in Rebel Fighters near the climax which only makes a lot of sense. The story does fill in between Episode 3 and Episode 4 quite well. This is darker for a very good reason. Line in Episode 4 - "Many people had to die to get these death star plans for us."

The first half of the film is slower paced than many of these films as it keeps quite busy filling in details of the story and developing the characters. Then the second half goes into light speed when the battle get going.

There is some humor in a few throw away lines though not really a lot. The one I remember the most is when a blind Jedi is being kidnapped and they put a hood over his head and he yells - "Don't you guys know I am Blind." Actually, that is kind of the summary of the plot here. When Episode 4 starts, this fills in the back story.

The action is great and even though a lot of people die, the movie does not slow down too much about the death rate of a lot of people on a suicide mission that must be done to save the galaxy far away.

Fear Not The Death Trap, 29 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anne Baxter and Jack Kruschen are back for part 2. Jack has designed an inescapable death cube that he wants to trap the Dynamic Duo in. So the trick is to lure them into their lair. Zelda leaves a clue at Wayne mansion when they take Harriett, a business matchbook cover.

So Batman and Robin approach their lair, the escape proof trap there to try their skills. Will they get trapped, and will they escape?

When it is all over, there is a sequence at the women's prison which brings a bit of the adult level to this series. After Bruce Wayne finishes a talk with Zelda (Anne Baxter), the camera shows a great sentimental shot of Baxter's back side walking slowly and swinging away from the camera. West appears to have a good look at this one ending.

Great Escape Artist, 28 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this one, the script is pretty good considering the first woman criminal is on the series. The bad ones are Zelda The Great and her henchman played by Anne Baxter and Jack Kruschen. Kruschen is an interesting character actor who appeared in a lot of roles, most notably in The Apartment, McClintock, and Cape Fear. Eviol Ekdal as his character is known, and Zelda steal $100,000 cash to start off the episode.

Batman seems a little different here, as he plants a phony article in the newspaper that the money is phony. Angry, Zelda and Eviol attempt to steal a special jewel that Batman has planted a homing device in from a jewelry store. It turns out that they figure out Batman's ruse after the robbery and leave the phony stone in the street.

Then Zelda makes a phony call to Wayne Mansion and kidnaps Aunt Harriett. She gives the dynamic duo 1 hour to rescue the kidnapped woman of Wayne Manor.

Stay Tuned tomorrow, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Strike 3, Your Out, 28 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Part 2 of Mr. Freezes first caper. His mountain hideout is perfectly cold with high tech warm spots for those who can't stand 50 below.

In this one, Freeze and Batman encounter a Princess Grace like Princess, and steal her major Diamond. Then Bruce Wayne takes her to a baseball game and Freeze kidnaps a major league pitcher from one of the teams.

The ransom, Batman for the player. Batman agrees to the terms and is in Mr. Freezes hideout after the player swap. Unknown to Batman, the Boy Wonder planted a homing device on him. Robin gets snared trying to reach Batman and both of them are in the cold trap now.

Will they get out of this one? They better as they face Zelda next week.

Frosty First, 28 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In Mr. Freezes first caper in the series, this time veteran character actor George Sanders plays the arch criminal. In this episode he gets after some ice and makes it snow in July in Gotham City.

Then the caped crusaders get wind of a huge diamond heist Freeze is planning. They catch him in the process of doing it. Then Freeze gets away, only they catch up to him getting into his cold truck.

Freeze then does something he does not want to do yet, he freezes the Dynamic Duo. For the next episode, can they be thawed? Perhaps but the Batman drug to try to prevent freezing failed the test in the bat cave. So the glowing dynamic Popsicle's are in peril.

Stay tuned- same bat time, same bat channel.

Jokers Utility Belt, 28 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Batman rallies from Jokers Sneezing Powder with his utility belt and this gives the Joker an idea. Joker invents his own belt. Then in an unusual fight sequence, manages to plant one of his on Batman. What is not normal is during this sequence there are none of the POWS ZAMS or other headers that are on nearly every physical encounter during the rest of the series.

As usual in this series, he does not steal Batman's belt and then Batman uses his fake belt to figure out Joker's next move. The script has a brilliant clue from the Joker - "He who laughs last, laughs good." This entire series has plenty of good laughs.

I think everyone, even the reserved Adam West, get fun out of playing all these over the top characters throughout this series. When all is considered, it's Holy Batmania and it started here.

No Doubt About The Joker Here In Spring, 27 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While this opener was being broadcast in January, the ratings for this series on ABC were hotter than spring. This one is too as the Joker springs himself out of prison to start a new crime wave. There is a lot of things going on a this series is rolling. Ceasar Romero is a great Joker, without a doubt.

First he visits the Comdians Hall of Fame to steal priceless jewels. These scripts are sharp as Bob Kane is already on the writing team. Bob would go on to write on several of the later Batman movies out of Hollywood and he has written on other series including Gotham. Kane has just started working on another series writing for episodes in 2017.

This one concludes with a disguised Joker on television singing opera, and then trapping Batman & Robin after they unmask him and threatens to unmask them. Stay tuned for tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

Bruce Escapes The Burn, 27 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In part 2 of the Penguins first plot, the escape is done. Meanwhile, Dawn Robbins (Leslie Parish) is trying to egg on the Penguin, poor deluded creature. The sight gags including the rope to the terrace by the Penguin are a real treat.

This series got off with a fast start on props and gadgets which is almost certainly why the ratings early on for these shows were pretty much top 10. This one is pretty brutal for an early one. As the series keeps going noting the signs on things such as the criminal property room. There is a lot of humor just in the signs.

Fun fun fun, and amazing how quickly the extensive features of the bat cave get used early on in this series. The script is sharp and Meredith is very much on, as he is the entire series whenever he appears.

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