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Somebody Lost Their Way And Their Orderlies, 18 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This installment of the series is after Dr. Kildare loses his bride to be prior to their wedding in a car accident. An ambulance is in the wrong part of town, picks up a patient in another hospitals district, and brings her to Kildare's hospital and saves her life. Then all the fur flies as there was no reason other than saving her life the patient could not have gone to the other hospital.

By coincidence, the woman who is saved is a famous media person who sets her sights and claws on Kildare when she meets him. Meanwhile, Dr. Gillispie has to rein in Kildare who is being threatened with dismissal and outsmart the hospital board who does not know their own good.

This installment is missing Red Skelton who comic relief is often welcomed in one of these tales. The film doe not suffer much except no one really can figure out why the orderlies without the wild Red clown seem to be getting lost, or stolen. Overall the film is pretty good and it appears maybe that the woman reporter might return for another film in order to try and hook Dr. Kildare. She does plant lipstick on Lionel Barrymore (Gillispie) here.

Marrying A Doctor, 11 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The cast and talents here are more of the reason to watch. In the case of this one the script is not always good. In fact, the title turns out to be much different than in reality of the events of the film than one would expect.

Lionel Barrymore's Dr. Guillispie is here again as the wise older doctor again advising the younger Dr Kildare (Lew Ayres) on how to cope with being a Doctor and handling the other events in his life.

There is a comedy sequence featuring Red Skelton, some suitcases and packages, and a telephone booth which is a classic physical sequence which Skelton excelled at.

This one is really for fans of the cast and followers of the series as it really is a B- entry from MGM.

Philomena (2013)
Powerhouse Drama Based On A True Story, 10 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This BBC film has everything I would want for a great movie. Martin Sixsmith's book is powerfully told. The screenplay is outstanding. The Direction by Stephen Frears is done at an excellent pace. Judi Dench and Steve Coogan make a power team as Philomena and Martin Sixsmith. The supporting cast is fine, but this film belongs too these main characters.

Story is about a young teenager (Philomena played by Sophie Kennedy Clark) who has an erotic encounter with a young man, becomes pregnant and is taken in by a convent where she delivers a baby boy. The nuns, in 1952, were in the business of delivering single underage teenage girls babies and then selling them for adoption to rich folks (mostly Americans) in Scotland. The location settings for this in Northern Ireland, the UK, and the US make for many great settings as beckoned for the story.

Baed upon a true story, Philomena, 50 years after having her baby, wants to find him after the nuns sold her little boy away from her over 50 years prior. Sixsmith, a former BBC reporter who has been fired, gets involved to try and help find Philomena's son. This takes them from Rocrea in Scotland, to the United States. While watching the first half of the movie, the viewer feels like she will, and there will be a happy ending.

Then, she finds out her son is dead, and why. Actually Michael Sixsmith leads her to find out where her son is. Rocrea nunnery in Scotland is no help and is actually the ultimate road block to Philomena finding out where her son was and who he was sold too.

The emotion of the story is raised by the process, very old fashioned, balanced against the group of folks wanting to learn who he really was. It is a story we can not put down and at slightly over 90 minutes does not let the viewer escape without touching moments in the film. It is all quite adorable really.

The Love Machine (2016) (V)
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Awful, 10 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have not watched one of these films in a long time, and after watching this I know why.

This one is cliché of a 1980's porn flick. The plot is so cliché that when the one star fantasy turns out to be the "pool guy", I think I have seen that in 100 porn flicks.

The cast looks good, and the porn here is softer than the really hard porn that shows everything.

The machine shows the film has no special effects budget.

The murder plot is lame at best.

The pole dance is totally cliché.

Even the music sounds years old.

I am not even sure this stimulated my imagination at all. Would rather watch the old Taboo series.

Don't waste your time on this one, I deleted it from my library faster than you can say delete, delete, delete.

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Suspense Drama With Adults Only Theme, 8 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From Paula Hawkins novel of the same title, comes this screen adaptation mystery/ thriller adapted by the screen writer who adapted Chloe in 2009. The movie has some major strengths which are worth looking at, though this is not your average drama. The cast has some strong performances and the R rated themes are pretty good.

The story centers around Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) who is the alcoholic ex-wife of Tom Watson (Justin Theroux). For much of the movie it appears Rachel's drinking has messed up her entire life. She is living on her alimony checks from Tom and riding the train past her old house every morning. Because of her drinking, she thinks she sees Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) on the porch of a neighbors house kissing another man(other than husband). From this, things get complicated, as Rachel's memory is so blasted that she thinks things happened that actually did not happen. Allison Janney is Detective Riley trying to sort out Rachel's problem mind and the murder of Megan played very well by Haley Bennett. The cast helps making the story telling very powerful.

This film is different, as about 2/3rds of the way through most viewers will know who the killer is. What is entertaining is how once the killer is identified how he brings about changes which lead to a unique justice for everyone.

Dr Kildare Serial Movie Series, 8 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an average entry of this series which is more interesting for it's casting than it's stories. This is one of the earlier series that was used as B Movie Fillers for A Double Features. They were produced slickly at moderate costs.

Lew Ayres got the title role and Dr. Gillespie is played by Lionel Barrymore. Barrymore does always bring something to his role and might really have been the main draw for these films being produced. In this one, as in most of them, Barrymore is mostly confined to his wheel chair and dispenses sage advice to the younger Ayres.

Red Skelton is in several of these films doing comic relief. It is welcome though his stuff here is not of the quality of his later work as he is limited by the script.

This one has Kildare doing emergency surgery on a famous skater and the apparent results being she has a paralyzed leg. Of course she takes Dr. Kildare to court, and Dr. Guillepie has to try to search for an answer to keep his youthful Kildare in practice so he can continue to mentor him.

From what I have seen, this series is all good, nothing great, and this one is a bit dated on medical procedures now, though when it was filmed I am sure it was current.

Pre-Code Risqué, 4 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The silent fan will not go much for this, but the casting of Reginald Denny to support Buster Keaton here as a sort of conspirator actually works pretty well. The script is off beat enough that this is not the worst Keaton to watch. I would say, Keaton is not comfortable with sound and this script does not help.

Keaton is playing a supposed playboy who really is not a playboy. One of the things that makes Keaton uncomfortable is that most of the women he is romancing in the film are much taller than he is. He sometimes seems self conscious about it on camera.

Keaton is really overly concerned about his voice, and the script has very little verbal comedy as a result. His physical comedy is spot on which makes it a better film than some. It would serve as a primer for the folks who have never seen Busters silents.

In a way, this tries to make Keaton a ladies man, more of a role fit for Harold Lloyd. Still, there are a lot of physical altercations with many women which makes me bet Keaton had fun filming this one. I know I would like wrestling with taller shapely women and Keaton does more than his share in this one.

Slapstick The Way It Should Be Done, 1 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film has aged, but it is so funny still as the jokes never really get old. It starts with a farcical meeting of Middle East Leaders in Beiruit, Lebanon, and then delves into a credit sequence so classic that is was recently borrowed and enhanced on one of those Seth Mcfarlene animated series. (or was it another series).

So where do we belong here? OJ Simpson gets drilled by gunmen before his infamous murder trial and still people do not get where this movie is going? There is so much going on and so many cameos from famous folks in the era that even the Queen of England though central to the plot is really a second fiddle here.

Ricardo Montoban is a prefect straight man to play the main bad guy who bumbles his way along a step behind Frank Drevin (Neilsen). The roles are so perfect that everyone in the movie shines. Even Reggie Jackson gets treated better here than he did when he introduced Reggie candy bars.

The throw away lines in this one are better than a lot of comedy films. I have to wonder if the writers on an inside joke were sticking their tongs out at a public not smart enough to watch Police Squad? Could be

World War 2 Propaganda, 29 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story on this movie is pretty strong for it's time, though dating back to the war does not have much for younger viewers. We have a father who escapes being convicted of murder. Even though he is found innocent, the media and the public have condemned him to being guilty. Doyle(O'Brien) gets fired from several jobs but has to leave to work as a pilot in a place far away to escape his past.

He leaves his son (Ford) in the care of Uncle Joe (a lawyer who loves and takes care of many kids). The son meets the daughter of the man his father is supposed to have killed. He grows up to be a pilot and falls in love with the daughter of the man his father is said to have killed.

This triangle and the way the actors handle the script pull the viewer in. Ford and O'Brien are very good. There are a lot of unaccredited actors in the cast including a young Lloyd Bridges who actually has a couple of lines in the movie.

The ending is Hollywood, but leaves the viewer disappointed in this B picture. The father winds up taking his sons place in a very dangerous test flight and then with no explanation in reality dies in a suicidal test dive. It is this ending that is why I do not rate this movie higher. Up until this, I really like the plot development and the acting by a good cast.

Successful Acting Horror, 27 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a lot of ways this movie is successful on all levels. Bette Davis is outstanding a Baby Jane, the child star who grows up and out of her youth with a guilty conscience.

Joan Crawford is her sister, paralyzed in a car accident, and completely under the thumb of an unbalanced sister.

Victor Bono as a gold digger who gets horrified by Jane after trying to hit her up for money.

While Anne Bancroft would win best actress for The Miracle Worker this year, it was not for Davis lack of trying in this one. Davis is the person who always blames others for her actions though her guilt about her sister is a deep dark shadow on her life.

The results are an uneasy feeling for anyone viewing this one.

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