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Cold War Reference, 19 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode reflects the times and reference to the US-USSR space race. Cosmonauts come to do a VIP tour of NASA which Tony Nelson gets volunteered to do. Then one of the Cosmo's turns out to be an attractive blonde with designs on Tony. Thanks to Roger and some bottle bungling she becomes Jeannie's Master. Things get a little whacked until Jeannie thinks of a way out of it. Tony meanwhile gets a full cold war treatment.

Just think if a real Jeannie got into the space race and here is a good example.

the script is pretty clever as Roger gets involved with the bottle but still does not know Tony's real secret yet- a 2000 year old girl friend and a puff of smoke.

Star Studded Miss, 19 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This remake has everything it needs except script and character development. It does bring up a couple of good valid points. The big gangs did get away from big bank robberies because they found that AT&T and the US government were so far behind in phone network security facilities that they could steal much more money using the holes that US Gov't provided. - Tax free too, even though the IRS can tax wire thieves, they are still rarely caught which means this money is tax free. Smaller item- J Edgar Hoover fired Purvis because he was a homosexual dictator who could not share power with anybody in the FBI. Later in Hoover's life he was holding back the FBI more than he was helping it. The FBI and US Gov't still have never cracked down on wire payments, years after people have learned about it.

The Dillinger story presented here is no where near the quality of the 1960's epic Bonnie & Clyde. In that one the viewer got engaged with well drawn characters. In this movie the character's are more of a sketch. The film makers did their homework here but missed the real history and made the characters card board cut outs who don't seem to relate much to each other or the audience.

Jeannie Gets Lost In Space, 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a visit by a boy named Custer who is also a boy named Will Robinson on another channel. The twist here is Custer is a big fan of Tony Nelson and catches him with Jeannie. He reports this to Dr. Bellows and complications happen.

Where the fun comes in is Tony explaining a lot of strange things like floating in air and the smoke of another day with Jeannie. The good thing is Dr. Bellows does not meet Dr. Smith which would have given everybody a headache.

Still there is scene with Custer and Bellows being approached by a cop who thinks they are peeping Toms at Tony's House.

Water Salt Without Qualms, 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tony Nelson is in his attic lab working on inventions, when he talks with

Jeannie and mentions her great grandpa could take salt out of ocean water. On finding this out he asks her to conjure him up so he can get the formula.

Turns out great grandpa is a bit dishonest and used the seeds of an extinct plant to do the process. Dr. Bellows catches an invisible Jeannie driving Tony's Pontiac GTO convertible. This is the second car of Tony Nelson's in the series as the first show he had a Pontiac Bonneville convertible.

This is an early illusion for Tony to explain to Bellows, though the fast change of car models is never explained. Might have been an accidental switch at the studio?

Consistent of Things to Come, 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeannie becomes envious of a movie star - Rita Mitchell when her master Tony is assigned by NASA to be her technical director. When she tries to become a star herself she loses out at her screen test she does not show up on camera.

All of this in Hollywood, so we have a scene at Grauman's Chinese Theater in it. Ms. Mitchell is looking for husband number 7 so there are some little things that go on. A guy making a pass at Jeannie who is Tony's Secretary says to her- "where did you go to school to learn stenography?" She responds with what?" Then he winks and goes oh as if she were that kind of secretary? Not great humor but sometimes the script writers have a flat day, funnier then than now.

Touching The Lite of Life, 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Christmas tradition is to present the birth of Jesus as the light of every life and hope and the story of a miracle birth which represents most importantly hope, peace and giving. This is not an easy message to present on film, even with very good production values and excellent costumes and sets. While it is an old fashioned set of Christmas values, for some reason it is out of step with the modern technology of war mongering where terrorists and drones are trying to literally take the Middle East back to the times of the Bible.

This movie is a breath of fresh air. It portrays an old English Village with a legend of Christmas Values and miracles. A new young pastor comes to town and tries to bring change to all of this. He questions everything that exists here and for good reason. He is in a personal crisis of his own due to his personal, unanswered prayers. He questions why everything here is like it is.

When I saw the name Samantha Barks in the opening credits, it was a name that stuck with me. The pastor meets her on the way into town and helps her. The town shows little faith in the pastor high and mighty when he arrives and even less after his first service. This movie gets away from hi technology entirely. It communicates a message without cell phones. While the legend of the candle is a little strange being once every 25 years, the message being conveyed here is timeless.

The humor in the well drawn characters and cast is the kind of humor that comes natural and is not forced. That is the important thing here. This is one of the few films about Christmas that like the holiday itself does not force people to believe in it's message. It amazes me that people feel threatened with this type of message. I guess we need a reminder this is the message and we should step back and feel peace, love, joy and enjoy the light of this holiday. This movie gives what we wish to receive.

Survival Training Time, 14 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This plot theme will be reused during this series run. The difference here is neither Roger Healy or Doctor Bellows know who Tony found on the beach. Roger gets to see her here but thinks she is a mirage on the desert.

Best aside- Tony blows on Jeannie's bottle a dew times for Roger's benefit on the desert. During the next scene Jeannie's says to Tony- "hay, what is the cool music (blow blow blow) you were doing on the bottle about?"

At least that is the meaning and she comes up with this line like is it an ad-lib and not in the script. Funny, and one of the best lines Jeannie has early in the series.

Miss Understood, 14 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No one can quite understand why a 2000 year old Jeannie has never been married, especially one who is like this one. The curse of the evil gin putting her in the bottle explains it. I was about 11 years old when When this was produced. I still do not understand why Barbara Eden did not have more children, as she would not have needed to blink to have me try. In 1965 she would have gone to jail for that. Believe me, it would have been consensual, as this is one special woman.

This one includes time travel back 2000 years for Tony to face the evil guy who abused her, great guest shot by Richard Kiel. This one a is a lot of-fun for everyone except Tony who is tortured and manipulated around plenty.

Record for Broken Laws in one movie, 11 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an exciting drama. Lots of good action, murder, mayhem and great realism. The younger viewers might not realize this type of plot has been done before. The difference is this version is up to date and much more realistic than the previous versions.

The story relates to night stringers (reporters) trying to catch dramatic videos of crimes at night for the Los Angeles morning TV news There is plenty of language and action , so much that the romance line of the plot never even completes one kiss. There are hints it might but the complex finale never gets to it.

The realism here along with come outstanding acting by the cast brings this out. The finale really leaves this one open for a sequel. The thing is will the cops arrest the leader character at the start of it or we will go to their murder trial? I will leave that cliff hanger to the people who watch this and the writers of the script for the sequel.

The realism is what makes this one so tense and good. The old version of this type of plot is not nearly as real and is more fantasy. Still, television did that one in a totally different era. This one is smart and sharp and up to date.

A Truly solid Adult Comedy, 11 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this movie very much. I am wondering if Naomi Watts will get a supporting actress nod from the academy with the gold statues. The entire cast does well here but Naomi as the woman of the night is outstanding. Young Jason as Oliver, Naomi, and Bill Murray are all solid. Murray proves here that he is still in top form. This movie does not rely on poop jokes like too many comedy films in recent years have. There are some dramatic moments

What brings this movie over so well is the realism and script and the cast bring to it. It id slowly paced compared to many comedy films but does not go too long which is a trap many comedies of this type fall into.

Melissa (Molly) from Mike & Molly is in good form here too.

The plot is a bit predictable but the realism and heart put into the movie grabs the viewer. Filmed in Brooklyn NY, this is the first 100% East Coast movie I have seen in a while.

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