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You Have To Go Through Your Own Mother, 1 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is the ultimate ego trip for Bobby Flay. It takes place on his home turf, he only has to win 1 round while any challenger has to win 2 rounds, and the judges from round 1 are not judging the final round. The only challenger advantage is they get to name their "signature" dish for Bobby Flay to make.

Often Flay does seem to win though recently I saw him lose twice. There are always two judges who make things exciting by bothering Flay during the second round as he goes up against their choice chef to challenge him. Some of his major pests show up for more than one show.

I'm going to retire Bobby Flay, but you know this does make cooking fun. Flay gets to name the food the challengers work with in the first round, and some of his choices are pretty outrageous. The humor is what makes this fun. It's like co-workers who like their job jabbing each other, trying to beat the big straw dog, Bobby Flay, in his own dog pound. When he gets beaten, it is just as fun as when he wins.

When Flay wins, they give him a final word. Reminds me of Jerry Springer's routine, though there is little knowledge spoken in either instance.

"Chopped" (2007)
You've Been Chopped, 30 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give this show a solid rating though I have only become a recent viewer of this. I base it on the following-

Ted Allen - the host, is perfect for this type of program.

The contestants are real battlers.

Foods chosen for this is creative.

When the show finally had a "Beat Bobby Flay" Chopped episode, they came up with a field of 12 champs to try to beat him. They had a champs tourney to decide who would challenge him. While the concept was good here, they made one mistake in setting it up. The final episode only started with 3 people and Flay only had to face 1 champ in a final round. They should redo this tourney and have Flay face off with 3 former champs in all 3 courses and see if he can handle all 3 meal courses.

This makes Flays victory in the tourney much like a rigged contest. It is much easier to win chopped when you only have to do 1 course. Granted the winner, just like on Flays own series, got to name what they had to make, but the difference between winning 1 course and winning all three is huge.

Each regular show starts with an appetizer round, then an entree round, and then a desert round. Each round has a box of ingredients that must be used to make each course. Usually the box creates a challenge that forces the contestant to be creative.

Then a panel of judges sample each dish and decides which dish should be chopped. Now if every dish is ever raw, there will be a commercial break where the judges all have to run to the water closet. Usually this does not happen, but then Ted Allen controls the proceedings quite strictly.

The show is worth watching just to see how weird the food can be, and how strange the contestants and judges are. It is fun to find judges who like ostrich legs, and eel. Maybe some day the challenge will be to feature beauty mud in a dish. After all, women who use this stuff have been tasting it for years.

Most Under Rated Film I Have Seen, 29 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a delight for a whole bunch of reasons. Granted it follows a screwball comedy plot which was getting old by 1968, but Doris Day is excellent in this one. Brian Keith, taking some vacation from Mr. French on Family Affair is in his patented father role here which he has much much practice with including the original- Disney - The Parent Trap. In fact with some of the regular folks who worked at Disney often on this one and the animation, the viewer feels like this is a Disney feature.

It is not, this is an independent studio and besides the main characters, the supporting cast is absolutely loaded. A young Barbara Hershey is a delight here as Keith's daughter. George Carlin is a rare find acting in a film character and he is here. The minor roles have faces like Jamie Farr (Klinger on TV Mash), Vic Tayback (Mel on Alice), William Christopher ( Father Mulcahey on MASH), Pat Carroll (Disney), Alice Ghostly (Bewitched), Allan Melvin (Sgt Hacker on Gomer Pyle), and more.

If that is not enough, music fans are treated to a song by The Grassroots, the groups only appearance outside of shows like American Bandstand. They play Feelings, a really good song.

A whole is is more than the sum of it's parts, but this is so much better than the big studios Yours Mine & Ours of the same year it is too bad the little studio film did not get more box office. I really like this one.

A Closet Full of Sheep Dip, 28 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are times when you look at a movie and you have to say "the devil made them do it." This is one of those cases, as a little known novel- Beat The Devil by James Helvick adapted by a writer Claud Cockburn whose writing is best known as the source of Cabaret, then adapted by Truman Capote and John Huston plus a couple of other writers, and you wind up with something oddly eccentric. Then you give the film a very low budget and film it all in Europe with several fairly well known actors and expect the cast to carry the film. It almost works though I am not sure if the cast or the writers got over paid for this one.

The British part of the humor stands out, the tuna can not be put any further into a cheek than it is here. Oddities scream out in galore. Gina Lollobrigida is Bogart's wife, who oddly is not cast as an Italian though she seems very much to be one. Jennifer Jones is married to Edward Underdown who is sickly all the time while she is lying about him being an English Noble type. Both women seem to stray to each others husbands, though neither woman seems into either of their men, except using them for money and status.

Bogart is doing business with a group of con men headed by Robert Morley and Peter Lorre, and yet he is performing a con job on them, and balancing the two eccentric ladies in his life. There is a rich texture to the cast, script, and story yet the film is done on the cheap. Look for Bernard Lee, M in the classic Bond films, as Insp. Jack Clayton, trying to make nonsense of this whole thing.

The film sort of starts near the end, then goes back to the beginning and sort of fills in the strange world with a lot of the smoke and mirrors. That is what this film is, subtle humor with A List Talent performing on a shoe string budget with famous writing adopting a little known novel into a odder film. It kind of reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents being done live without actual parents while the kids are using crayons to color in a slang dictionary without a printed book to base the meanings on.

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Radio Show Starts on First Film, 27 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am thankful this holiday season that TCM dug this rarely seen film out of the vaults and aired it. I had seen some of the iconic 1950's series, but had never seen this theater "B" feature film. I have to admit it is okay.

William Bendix is already in form as the down on his luck family man who is always stressing, trying to succeed in life but never quite making it where he wants to be, comfortable. Rosemary DeCamp is great in the role as his wife, who no matter how bad things get she is always loving and forgiving of him. James Gleason is Riley's Co- Worker -Willis- in this film. This character role is not as developed or dominate in this film as it would be later on the TV series. Rileys daughter is an actress, Meg Randall, who only did limited work in films and is more known for being a Kettle than this series, though she is still alive at age 90 as of this writing. Why she left acting by 1961 is a mystery, but in this film she is being courted by Richard Long and Riley's Boss son.

That is the center of the plot, as she loves Long but needs to help dad by marrying the boss son so dad can get a promotion and not be destroyed. The family value this film has is that the family of 4 always rallies around dad, regardless, and the comedy is in the odd circumstances Riley gets involved in.

Chester A. Riley (Bendix), gets to do the trademark line here, and while this movie is on a bit of a forgotten track today, it is very correct when he utters it here, "What a revolting development this is." There is a charm to this that played well in the late 1940's and throughout the 1950's.

Bad Santa (2003)
The Anti-Christmas Movie, 27 November 2016

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If there were ever a movie that is not the usual holiday movie, this is the one. Tony Cox elf is a classic example of that as he is not one who you want to be near children. Billy Bob Thorton is not a Santa for children either as he appears to dislike them more than anyone. Yet he has a boy adopt him here in a strange sort of way.

With Bernie Mac and the deceased John Ritter here, this movie has grown enough in stature that it has finally be sequel ed. While Thorton carries this, and the release was not long after the shock of Ritter's on TV set sudden death, it is still the standard among "R" Rated holiday films.

That is not to say it is the best holiday film to watch. It is not perfect. It is an evil sinful delight of a film that plays against the traditional holiday film in many many ways. The folks around Thorton are just as far off as you can possibly imagine. Yet this movie works, and you have to see it to understand why.

Bleep, Bleep, Bleep

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Ultimate Dysfunctional Family Christmas Movie, 27 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is something not the normal about 13 years between sequels. Has it already been that long since Bad Santa? What is interesting is that the first one was not initially well received but has grown in stature to the point that it now has a 7.3 average rating on IMDb. That might be the main reason this one was made.

The other main reason is Billy Bob Thorton. He is back here along with most of the original cast from the first one. The plot centers around him and how much trouble it is to get him back into the Santa suit again. Our favorite elf is along again, and he does have some more of his stunts like the first time around.

There is a lot of what is called potty mouth, and Thorton get harassed by mom, the elf. and the kid who has adopted him as a surrogate dad who has now reached age 18. Most of the action in this one takes place in Chicago and in the spirit of Bad Santa they gang is robbing a charity. The laughs and sexual situations here are not quite as good as the first go round, but are pretty good for an "R" rated one that gets to take more liberties than a PG comedy can.

Without Thorton, this movie would fall flat on it's face. With Thorton it works enough though I am suspect it can work again. Then again, no one thought it really worked 13 years ago, but it seems to work better over time.

13 years already? RIP John Ritter, whose last movie Bad Santa was as he left us much too soon. He is not missed here as he was not really the center of the original. Thorton does prove there are reasons he should not date anyone's daughter, and really does carry this second movie.

Givem Another Ride Along Hart, 27 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart team up again in another annoying cop and detective film that has action and some curves. You can never be quite sure what will come out of Kevin Harts mouth but you can be sure that it will create mayhem. In this movie he even gets hitched to Ice Cubes sister which is his bonus for the second round of this one.

The plot centers around the upcoming wedding, and a mission to bring down a bad guy whose peddling guns, and drugs, and whatever he can peddle illegally. There is a calm little guy who looks like an Aian computer nerd who is trying to help catch the bad guy. I am not sure how well the formula for this movie will keep working, but I see Ride Along 3 is already being made.

Cube and Hart actually have a formula as a comedy team that is like many past teams in comedy movies. It works pretty well as Ice Cubes straight man is a very good foil for Kevin Harts antics. Like other comedy duos, their films are not perfect, but if you enjoy the folks working together they always give the audience entertainment. That is the bottom line here.

Flat Script Falls Downhill, 25 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It becomes very hard to watch this one from early on as the sequences appear to be just highlights from an afternoon on ABC's Wide World of Sports which used to run on TV when this movie was made. Yes, the skiing is okay but nothing special. No, it will not shift to the Harlem Globtrotters or Boxing during the movie.

Redford is too old for the role as a stud skier going to the Olympics to win a gold medal. He meets a woman and has some very mechanical overnight exercise with her. His coach, Hackman, try's to motivate him though Gene does not get any really inspired Hoosier type speeches here. The film is about as bland a Redford movie as can be found anywhere.

At least there are the lovely vistas that show up at times but often they are so short you see them for a few seconds and then pow your back to looking at bland stuff. What plot there is seems to be trying to capitalize on US Nationalism as the feeling of the thrill of victory for the US Skier is supposed to excite you at the end. Instead of that it is almost as bland as a poorly animated cartoon. Maybe that is why this one just does not come off.

15 Year Old Garland Adds To Broadway Series, 22 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Judy's second feature film after Pigskin Parade, this was designed as a star vehicle for Powell and Robert Taylor. There is

lots of music including a Liberal segment with a 15 year old fawning over 36 year old Clark Gable which would have been really statutory now if it were any more than his photo.

Garlands hit singing does steal the show, but MGM packed the cast with a whose who off the back lot. Charlie Grapewin who would become Judy's Uncle in 1939 even pops into this one. The dance with Buddy Ebsen is great to have here because we all got that taken away from us in Oz due to Buddy's make up problem.

The plot is pleasantly harmless concerning the show, and the numbers are well staged. There is lots to like here, and I am sure audiences really liked it when it was released. This film is a testimony to the way MGM put together musicals. Just enjoy the music, and the cast of folks who do it. I would bet any 15 year old boy who saw Judy in this one were as attracted to her as any lecherous old men were. Powell is always a bonus for the more mature males.

Taylor became really popular working with Powell. The last film had Jack Benny, but he might have been too busy doing radio to do this one.

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