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Chris Kyle's Biography Is Top Notch, 25 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hollywood people have become more than a little fickle. This movie avoids political statements entirely. Chris Kyle's isn't about politics, it is about service to his country.

The only ones who might not like the way this is told would be corporations. That is because Chris Kyle comes off in this like a blue collar worker - loyal to his company (the Navy Seals) in doing his job effectively and efficiently. That job is protecting his comrades in a war both parties voted for in Congress.

The movie is only slightly patriotic because Kyle is doing his job. I do give him credit. When he meets his wife, she gets sick and barfs from too much booze. When I met a girl at a college mixer who did that, I did not even date her again, it was that ugly.

Kyle was played by a member of the cast of the Hangover and played well. The combat in this one rings true, The film does a great job of addressing the mental stress 4 tours of duty in Iraq would do to somebody. It portrays Chris Kyle's family as low middle class.

Mustafa (the other sides sniper) is played by an Egyptian actor named Sammy Shiek who had a role in Charlie Wilson's war. The reason I say the critics are fickle is that Hollywood must still be hurting over making The Hurt Locker a pro war fictional tale Best Picture a few years ago. Hollywood hates being too pro war so just as the Democratic Congress, that voted to authorize Iraq to start with, they are trying to run away from this movie.

I have the feeling after seeing this, I need to read the book. Since I had not, the ending shocked me and represents extreme irony. Democrats are really good at running away from problems and issues, and that is what they are trying to do with this one.

This movie is tense and dramatic with lots of action and everyone involved in making this one should get kudos. Could it be better? I'd have to read the book. This movie is politically middle of the road. Chris Kyle is a portrait of control in the middle of chaos. As for all of Hollywood being middle of the road and in control, that will never happen. Hollywood does not relate well to lower Middle Class people. They are all rich so they do not understand Chris Kyle's biography and the stress portrayed in this movie. To sum it up is Chris Kyle's statement to his doctor. "I only wish I could have saved more of my friends." A lot of them die in this movie and it appears Hollywoods, the rich fat cats do not understand his humble noble mission.

Not Simons Best Stuff, 15 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Neil Simons best is the Odd Couple, which i getting a remake made now. I always felt someone was out of place when I watched this one. The person I did not like in this particular role is Jane Fonda. I did not know why but she does not seem to have the right chemistry here.

Jane came into this project as a last minute second choice. Her role was originally to be for Natalie Wood. Now that I have seen Redfords previous movie with Wood, I wish she had stayed in this role.

Wood had a chemistry with Wood that works. Fonda tryst hard here but does not come across. think Fonda did not get enough time to really fit into this.

Redford at this stage of his career is kind of wooden like Tom Cruise which does not help, This one has been remade already. Hollywood loved Simon then even though his comedy here has not aged well.

Redford would get better and so would Fonda after this movie. Neither of them are at the top of their games here.

Mother's Day, 15 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode does a lot as it brings in Tony's mom full force. At first Jeannie reacts to her as a mother-in-law and does not get along with her. Then later in the show she realizes she can use mom to at long last marry her master.

It takes until the last season to get to there, but this marriage plot always worked quite well on TV. It created a star later when Bruce Willis did Moonlighting and works today on the cable series Castle. There's always something about being on the edge of marriage that gets viewers. The most successful plot line ever, even the Marx Brothers sold tickets with it in their movies.

Marriage and relationships and family still represent stability in peoples minds or at least the media still sells that. In the real world of business partnerships are the most dangerous business model and in a way marriage is too. This blonde is a woman who if she really loved me I'd marry. Then I'd find out about her true baggage.

Hold On! (1966)
MGM Cloning & In Decline, 15 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an absurd attempt by MGM to stay relevant in the 1960's youth culture. What is interesting in this and the whole group of movies like this one is the attempt by the older generation to stay relevant to a media created youth culture. Those of us who grew up through it realized how empty the phrase "turn on, tune in, and drop out" came to be.

It is a good lesson in what the generation gap was all about and why the Mad Men who made this were not the same as the glorified ones one the TV series. The women get much better script writing and brains on the show. Here they are pretty much empty headed bimbos filling bikinis. Neither image is accurate and both are disturbing in their own way.

The one here is how the older generation wanted their women.

Trying to clone Herman's Hermits into another Beatles success is a obvious money grab and was done without success in a whole bunch of movies during this era. While their music was always good, it just never caught up with what the Beatles and the Stones were doing. No one else ever did either.

The Dave Clark 5 actually titled their best film song Catch Us If You Can/ Having A Wild Weekend better though they borrowed the best parts of that film from The Marx Brothers who bridged all generations and still do.

Some of the Hermits hits are here, and some of their B Side Album Tracks are too. Sometimes the B tracks would get remade into bigger hits by other artists. Trying to remake the Hermits into the Beatles did not work. You gotta love the cast - Dennis The Menace's TV Dad and Bernard Fox (Dr Bombay on Bewitched) are on board. Shelly Fabares who just might have logged more screen time in a bikini than anyone is here, along with Sue Ann Langdon who was close to becoming a big name actress.

As this is 1966, because of JFK and an all powerful media in the 60's, the Democratic Party represented youth in this era. This movie tells you the ideas they had then. Learn from it as this is exactly what Democrats are trying to recreate now 2015- for the next election. They want to be the youth culture again. It will be interesting to see if today's youth buy into it the same way the 1960's ones did.

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Aging Well - Will Outlive Critics, 14 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film has the best of the best in big names. Granted making a 1 act play into a 2 hour film is a stretch, with all the quality involved this movie does it and then some. It is a tale of a domineering Southern Mother who is using her oldest daughter on the bottom to try and elevate herself to the top. It is interesting to see mom take an older man whose wife is in a nursing home, and force her older daughter to please him to get some money. The basic theme is a bit flawed in that if mom were not so obnoxious a gold digger, she could get the money from him directly without subjecting he daughter to such a terrible ugly truth.

Performances are elevating this film. Natalie Wood acts and looks her best and at this point she is the best looking actress to grace a 1960's screen. Kudos to Ann Lander's and Edith Head for costume designs as the way they dress her looks perfect and yet is not a typical look of a woman whose being used by a pimp mom. The story of what a dysfunctional family in the old south was like is perfectly conveyed and then some.

There is one scene with Wood lying on her stomach with Redford on a bed where he wraps his arm around her waist that wood looks so fetching that if I had been doing the scene I have no doubt I would have not been able to resist massaging her rump. Not sure how Redford did resist.

This movie has a lot of strength, more than it has ever been given credit for as all the performances are strong and lusty. Even the skinny dipping scene has mom jump in and yet it seems natural. While the ending is very typical of period films. getting there is a guilty incestuous pleasure which makes this one must viewing for any man who is looking for an imagination of one of the most beautiful women ever being forced to please men. She is powerless to stop it, yet she is looking so good that plucking Wood by watching this one is a trip well worth taking.

The rest of it is a bonus.

Mel Cooley, 13 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This series tended to get a lot of guest stars. This one got Richard Deacon from the Dick Van Dyke show. Old baldy is very effective as an ambulance chasing lawyer who just happens to be visiting NASA when Dr. Bellows opens a door and knocks out jeannie erasing her memory. The script here is funny taking full advantage as Deacon enlists her to sue NASA for millions.

Dr Bellows -is he a man or a mouse? Tune in to find out in this one.

Roger gets his dream come true at the end of the show.

Nasa might never be the same.

Roger can not seem to concentrate nd then he loses his memory too. Fun

Fun Fun

A Natural Comedian, 13 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is Paul Lynde's second guest shot on the series. He is the Hollywood Producer assigned to NASA to make a documentary for the space program.

There are some hi-kink's here as Roger reveals he was once King Lear in High School. Jeannie gets to be Lynde's script girl. What is not typical here is the writing is a little flat. Lynde gets very few zingers. There is a decent bit of physical comedy with the front door and door bell.

The plot is logical, but not as many places to hang the gags as the usual episode. When you look at it compared to some other shows, it might be that they just thought it was easy to make these funny and took the episode off sort of.

Shape Up Hockey Pucks, 10 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Guest Don Rickles tries to shape up Tony and Roger as an instructor in the NASA shape up program.

Seems the astronauts are getting soft. Then the hard nose Rickles runs into the hard edge of Jeannie's magic and bedlam ensues.

Of course after a long day of physical strain, it's time for Tony and Roger to go dancing. Most torture for these two since Jaennie's sister stopped by.

Rickles is effective here though he does not get a lot of his humor into this outing. Still it is an enjoyable episode for everyone except Tony & Roger.

Clowning Around, 10 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode hits on humor all the way through. It takes the power of the blink and goes where it has never gone before.

Tony thinks his bottled beauty is going nuts. Then he finds out he is the culprit. When he finds out he has the power, and has lost the power, he has all these Noble ambitions what he would do with her power only to lose those goals because he has even less control of that power than she has.

Tony is humble and a great comedy clack out at the end with Dr. Bellows - makes this one a really fun outing. This one takes Roger from being a brick to being a baby and goes to some extremes in th e magic of the complex modern times

No problem with 40 thieves here.

Diamond Head, 10 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Milton Berle and Fred Clark, both of who played con men in their careers do the same here. Set in Hawaii this one centers of a favorite broach of Jeannie's given to her by King Tut. This is one of the few times that other than scenery around the islands there is very little role for the folks in Hawaii on this. The con men get played masterfully by the lady from the bottle here. She is looking good too.

It is fun seeing the guest stars here and Berle really does not steal any jokes because his mugging as a con man takes him away from doing much comedy here.

Yes, it is the old beach front property loaded with diamonds that plays out this con game.

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