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Apes Are Back, 19 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original Apes films were the movies which kept FOX studios in business. They were made on the cheap and made enough money to get the studio going until Star Wars Episode 4 blockbuster came along and saved FOX. These films were based on evolution and man's only faults destroying himself and allowing the apes to take over.

This reboot of the series heads in a different direction. Instead of a war destroying man in this one, the issue is to appeal to the aging baby boomer's. A company is trying to find a cure to Alzheimers in order to help people. Then the drugs are tried doing an experiment on apes. An accidental side effect is that the drugs seem to raise the apes intelligence.

This is a different idea and FOX actually has more money now so they can upgrade the special effects and change things around. This might work, as the second film is in theaters now. Will be interesting to see if the followup can be effective.

This film borrows a lot of the classic dialog from the original series. I think it turns out OK, though it would be even better if they could really discover a cure for old age diseases. That might be asking more than the film makers can deliver, but it would really boost the appeal to revisiting the planet of the apes.

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Worst Mess of a Script Ever, 17 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I see the point here is that Ceasar knows from his parents that the earth is going to get destroyed. The only positive note here is that he wants to prevent that. The trouble is this film totally screws up the time line and muddies up the results of a nuke war. The only thing consistent is the ruins of NYC.

After the earlier films, it is difficult to explain where of a sudden all these human survivors and the jeeps, school bus, and guns are coming from? You get the feeling watching this one that the mess with the time line is just being done to make a movie and make money. The only part of this film that makes sense is the beginning flashbacks. After that all I can say is MASH mash, what a mess. The doomsday bomb from the earlier film magically turns into a missile. The ape city changes appearance. The apes suddenly know more about the forbidden zone than earlier films. Ape kills Ape message does parallel with the human kills human still happening on Earth Today.

While it tries to end on a positive note, that is the only thing to be thankful for at the end. This film should have remained as studio out takes at FOX. Even the Simpsons have better scripts than this one.

No, We Don't Torture Human Beings, 14 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is really FOX making the film on the cheap. Special Effects not needed and it relies on script. Sets are plain and a lot of night shooting means no cost for location shooting or back drops.

The script of this is in some ways much better than I expected though there are some time wasting sequences of ape mobs and humans running around with pointless shooting and some humans wringing their hands about the Apes taking over.

The progressive Liberal Slant is in big evidence as the film is set in 1991 and according to the humans in the film, humans only torture apes, not humans. Considering the sad reality we have seen since 9/11, this is idealistic to say the least.

We have had humans beheaded, water boarded, and beyond by humans in the 21st Century already. What is more bothersome is the final nuke war this series predicts still could happen as these children in Israel and Palestine, Iraq and Iran throwing missiles at each other prove in abundance - yes the future could be destruction. Especially with the children who are trying to claim man can fix the earth's environment without really knowing if their cure might so more harm than what they are trying to fix.

We have humans who have decided money and their beliefs are more valuable than human lives. Isn't that amazing?

I am glad Roddy McDowell got to do some acting and script and this movie does play better than I expected. Ricardo Montoban is another plus. One thing makes perfect sense in this script. Because Zira, the peace loving chimp was killed in the last film, the Apes decide the only way to escape being human slaves is by power.

Another Irony of the Sci-Fi here is the virus killing off all the dogs and cats and human pets. In real life, humans have decided by preserving wet land areas and deer whose ticks cause Lyme Disease, the humans are getting closer to killing of themselves instead of the pets dying. The wet lands are spreading more human disease than ever.

Then there is human madness, which is booming for a reason. As these companies have decided to save energy by using Mercury in light bulbs, has brought back the kind of human madness that existed in past history. It is Mecury Poisoning that created the term "mad as a hatter". Considering the way Corporations are after profits, and from the way human behavior has changed since these light bulbs came out, maybe we are all mad.

A world where Apes evolve from man and humans do not torture humans? There has got to be an answer.

Good Cast but Huge Plot Hole, 13 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This sequel is a different flavor from others in the series. The chimps travel back 2000 years in Taylor's ship to the time man rules the earth and makes a mess of it. The thing is Tsylor's ship sank into a deep ocean in the first movie. There is no way the apes of the future had technology to bring this space craft back up to travel back. I should have been the rescue craft that landed on dry land.

Once you get past that fact, this script is cute though the humans are made to look very very stupid. Eric Braedan's character in this movie is no where near as smart as Victor on the Young and Restless. Zira gets to shin on this one because she is having the baby and making all the statements the media likes. That is because she is talking peace and of how women should be treated better.

William Windom, always a great character actor makes a better President here than we have elected in a long time. Ricardo Montoban is excellent in a limited role in this one.

I do like some of the intellectual banter that Braeden makes but the theory that we have to kill Zira's baby to prevent the Ape Future does not hold water. It would not explain the evolution of the apes correctly under any circumstance.

There is some meat in the script but too much does not make sense and it is made on the cheap as the night time dark sets suggest. Still, for my money this is by far the best cast of most of the films.

Much Better Than It Should Be, 10 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Based on a true story, this movie brings off some very unusual things. For example, Jason Robards is not a person you'd expect to bring off the role of a straight man in Vaudeville. While you can tell he is not comfortable in the role, he does more than a walk through in this one. Britt Ekland is in no way an Amish Woman. Who decided to cast her as one is strange. The thing is because she is good looking she fits the story.

Elliot Gould is young here without much script so it is one of his lesser roles. He does OK with it. Forrest Tucker is a nice surprise though another limited role. Bert Lahr has a role as Professor Spats which resembles the emcee in Cabaret and considering he looks ill in most of his scenes he is better here than it is reasonable to expect.

I think if this had been released in the 1950's it would have sold a lot of tickets. The trouble with 1968 is this type of film was DOA in that era. Even Julie Andrews expensive production "Star" did nothing in this time period. In a way Minsky's actually is better. It does a decent job giving a feel of what Vaudeville was really like.

Beneath The Original, 10 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is not the first one. It gets away from the Evolution theme that is so successful in the original. While the action is much more frequent, the drama of the original is lost after the opening sequence. While there are a few original sequences that are a bit creative (the peace protesters modeled much after the US Vietnam War Protesters in 1970, the script here is missing the depth and touch of Rod Serling from the first film.

The cast is really quite good for a production that was done on the cheap. James Franciscus was an almost name actor in the 1960's and with Heston still here along with Evans and the addition of James Gregory and Victor Buono do not hurt this one. The rescue mission is logical but not logical in some ways. The phony on board projection set from the first movie is not reused.

It is neat to have a wrecked New York Subway and St. Patrick's Catheral used as Baker drops in the film. In a way this short film could have been so much more, but is effective because it is short and has the ultimate ending. Unfortunately the series continued and went on and on despite the logical place this one stops. The scripts of the later films get even worse.

The loss of the evolution theme is the worst thing as even today the environmentalists have lost the fact that this planet evolves and this movies gloom and doom have now now overtaken the global warming folks.

The theme of the first film was a much higher IQ with smarter plotting.

Beatles Best Film, 2 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Director Richard Lester made one of the most successful early rock films and important historic footage of the Fan four. Lester and the Beatles are among the high points of his career. This movie and Help! were film works which made the Beatles a solid hit world wide.

This movie presents them at their height. The sad thing about the amount of talent this group had is that it ended so soon. Their success made them huge for about 6 years after this film. Then all that success made the group fall apart in 1971, never to get back together again.

One can only imagine what music might have resulted if that success had not shortened things. Even as single acts after the break up, they all had success. The Beatles led the way to modern rock music and this movie documents it.

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History of Lip Synch, 2 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a bunch of syn-ch performances of British groups in the mid-1960's. It proves that not all Brits groups then made it big in the USA. I mean I never heard of the Pennies until I saw this. It does open with an excellent Beatles clip and closes with another.

A highlight to me is the Animals doing "House of The Rising Sun" which was recently remade again and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". There are a lot of sequences where the sync-hing is obvious but it is all in color. A British DJ sort of hosts this hodge podge collection. The DJ made headlines in recent years as a child molester.

This is a good collection of the era though I prefer Hard Days Night - Beatles for their music. Richard Lester did a much better job. Still the featuring of the Honey Combs here with one of the first women to be a rock drummer makes this notable.

This is viewable and some of the songs have held up over time. Herman's Hermits are another highlight here too.

Top Biopic Performance, 12 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a very good movie. Frank Sinatra's performance is excellent. He brings the life of comedian Joe E Brown alive in very dramatic fashion. He has plenty of good support in this one and some great music to sing. As this movie gets discovered it will find a surprised audience because Sinatra gets into this role more than any other films. Mitzy Gaynor is a bonus in this one.

Strange how Bioopic type films often bring out the best performance of many folks. Yet often the films are over looked. This one compares with the Biopic role that I think is Bob Hopes best role (also over looked) and made in the same year -1957. Hopes overlooked film is Beau James - biopic of NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker.

If you can one night put The Joker's Wild together with Beau James as a double feature and you will be amazed by Sinatra and Hopes best movies back to back.

No Teleprompter, 24 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The action in this one kept me awake which is no small feat these days. While it is quite easy to understand how far outside of reality this is, there a re couple of points that need to be made.

Jamie Foxx comes off as a US President that is more mature, more calm, and much smarter than the real guy is. He does not stand around making boring speeches or pleading for sanctions but actually does his job. Of course it is easy to tell this is not real as there is no golf course footage and no first lady.

There is a little girl whose role and White house Tour ends up being a night mare in the oval office. Just put your brain away and enjoy the ride. Anyone looking for reality in this remember, Foxx would beat Obama in an Election with this hands behind his back.

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