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Goes Way Over Most Peoples Heads, 13 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After looking at the review's of God's Not Dead, I now see the problems with a whole lot of people a lot clearer than I did before. In a way this movie is a revelation and a threat to every modern persons value system. I always look for a movie to contrast with one and the best movie to contrast this one with is "Pay It Forward." There is a very good reason for this.

"Pay It Forward" is a total reflection on the crass modern society we live in. A whole lot of people believe throwing lots on money at problems will always make them go away. It is the modern standard bearer of today's Western Social Values in the United States. Think of the "Income Redistribution" policy currently popular in this country.

God's Not Dead challenges this convention as this movie is about faith as the answer to problems. The class room sequence reminds one of the old television series "The Paper Chase" as it has the Professor battling against GOD in his classroom.

You can easily dismiss this film by being Anti-Christian and Anti-God. If you do that your making an error. This movie makes some major comments on why there are many of the problems we have currently. The characters, while sometimes a bit shallow and card board very much resemble a lot of the worst people I have met in my life. There is a bit of comedy thrown in, not big laughs but the type of thing to create a smile.

Take you hanker because you will need it if like me you find how pitiful some of the people are in the movie hit you as they hit me, you will cry. I cry even harder if I think of the real people who I know that they are very much like them. I have found the only cure for getting these kind of people out of my life is to move on and move them out of it. You can not change those who can not be changed. That sums up everybody who feels threatened by this movie. It makes them uncomfortable because they see themselves and their whole value system being challenged.

The credits of the film are very revealing in that a lot of research was done on the many cases of education versus religion in colleges done in writing this script. They did their homework. Now the movie will make a big impact if the audience starts doing theirs as well.

The music in the film is well done.

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Great Fun, 29 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is a lot to enjoy in this one. There is a huge cast, some really impressive sets and there is some excellent tung-in-cheek humor. The humor is subtle enough that some patrons might miss it. There is humorist art works. Ralph Finnes carries a lot of this one as the narrator and main character. He has lots of capable support.

Saoirse Ronan is perfect as the woman who is Zero's girl friend yet she has very little interaction with him. There is no doubt she is active and needs action but her support shines in this movie.

It is said this is a murder mystery within a Comedy. I think it is the other way around, the comedy has the mystery within it. The looks are lavish, the plot ridiculous. Even the prison sequences are short and brisk.

Reality is more fantasy in this one, based on an author's works which if they resemble any reality at all would take a vivid imagination. The old hotel has a character brought to life with spirit and a solid cast.

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Evils of RKO, 22 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is very much a low budget RKO special. By 1937 the money from King Kong was beginning to die out. Still the beginning of the movie is such a hoot that I had fun with it.

Girls finishing school named Dimsdale Hall? What is the message there? Marjorie Lord lecturing the girls on being finished..err.. polished at the school. Then the evils of that swing music her finance plays? Oh my, this is quite a pickle.

Then the humor slows down as we get a murder. Alfred Hitchcock this is not. there is fun though. Just relax on the serious part and enjoy the rest.

Marjorie Lord can sing before she got Rusty Hammered on make room for daddy with that Danny Williams guy.

True Story A Bit Erractic, 15 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Normally when you put Spielberg, John Williams, and a great cast together, you get a super mega hit adventure. This one does not fit that mold because it is based on a true story with some Hollywood embellishments. While it is well directed, it is not on a par with this famous directors later films.

The are 2 major assets in this movie. Goldie Hawn is great, as she plays the role of the mother who wants he child back perfectly. She is obsessed and yet a little cracked. There might not be as much of Goldies skin in this one compared to some films, but there are several sequences which do use her figure to great advantage.

The 2nd major asset is Ben Johnson. His role as the major lawman in pursuit of the escaped boyfriend and his wife in pursuit of their child who was placed with foster parents is very well done. While this is not everyones best, just Goldie and Johnson make this one worth watching.

Touching The Heart In Plain Sight, 15 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thanks to Turner Classic Movies and Goldie Hawn night, I have finally seen this movie. It is most impressive. Goldie Hawn is fantastic in this one, and not just her looks. She plays this role like she was meant for it even though she was not in the stage play.

Edward Albert is great in the title role and the lady who plays his mom is perfect. This is a film where good dramatic writing is raised above that level by excellent acting. It is very much like the stage play but it is done so well, and the characters draw you in so well, that you wish you could have seen this play live.

It is also a vivid reminder of how stupid being politically correct really is. The script and the actors point out so well at several points that it is not important if the words are right, but it is extremely important how you live with words that will not go away. This might just be the best film to reflect the hippie era.

This movie should be put on any viewers list as it is one of the better films of it's type. The characters are deep and it is entertaining without being an action movie. This one is just before the action era dominated films the next few years.

Rush (2013/I)
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Well Written, Well Cast, Well Directed- Must For Racing Fans, 2 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I a way I equate this with a sort of drama between the 2 drivers that comes off as sort of a Ben Hur type of drama. I think that if I were a big time racing fan, I'd like it more but I am still at a strong 7 here. Ron Howard shows he can still direct and tell a story well behind the camera. He has a script written by the same guy who has written other films for him (like Frost-Nixon). The drama gets very strong here.

As for the sex sequences, they are laughable. One thing Hollywood does well is portray hugs, love, and kisses. One thing it does poorly is the sex beyond. Luckily there is only a minimum of it in this movie.

The casting of the leads is excellent as both actors are solid in their roles. The film does start a bit slow but moves along well at the end. Being shorter at the end is an asset as you leave the theater with the illusion the entire movie was speedy.

Strong finish at the checkered flag sends off the viewer with a good feeling.

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Stunning Visual Sci-Fi, 31 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rate this one fairly high based upon the visual effects. The H G Wells novel is followed so faithfully that the script at times borders on the ridiculous. Still, it is quite an effort. 5 years before man went too the moon, this is not the first version of this, but it is the best visual of it.

There are some cave sequences of this which look very much like the caverns used in Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff. The images in this one and the sets are amazing. This one comes off as rather simplistic for todays audience.

Martha Hyer and Lionel Jeffries are the best known members of the cast. Though it is dated, it is quite watchable.

Simple Unique Idea, 1 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not sure who got this idea to re-stage the birth of Jesus in modern Georgia. It is a different take on the bible account of his birth quite obviously. While the reactions of the Christians and Southern folks is over simplified, what is really over the top is the acting by Jesus himself. He reacts to every event as well obviously I did it. That is a bit of a slap in the face to biblical scholars everywhere.

I give this one 6 points due to the distinct music of Harry Chapin in the soundtrack. Chapin might have been one of the greatest American song writing story tellers if his life had not ended tragically in an auto accident in 1981. To me the sound track is the heart of this movie.

The story becomes Larry The Cable Guy joins in the Birth of Jesus. Some folks might consider this entertaining, but the plot is just done too simply and leaves out many details that would surround the birth. It is an effort to use imagination to update the Christmas Story.

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Decaprio A Con - Boomers Beware, 1 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is obvious after watching this one some things fit very well. Leonardo DiCaprio can play a charismatic con man like Jordan Belfort perfectly. His narration and acting dominate this movie. His acting shell works very well. This movie (and story) are chock fill of sex, drugs, and obvious myth building by Belfort. As the real guy contributed to the script it is obvious this is the case.

Now that this is established, the Charisma of the con man is brought successfully to life, and if in real life he had been married to the young lady portrayed by Margot Robbie he would have been a very lucky man. There is no doubt she can act here and on camera without clothes she is a sight to behold. That is really an advantage of the 3 hours this saga takes to unfold, lots of skin.

In support- Rob Reiner in a limited role shines in his moments as Mad Max Belfort. The rest of the support is good though limited. This is really a one man film in a lot of ways as telling the "true" story is centered here. The film has some funny moments and many 4 letter word moments and one of the harder R Rated films there is.

Martin Scorsese is very careful here not to mention too noticeably that there really is a guy the story is based on. His direction shows in the frames of the film. The PC people will be offended by the humor/ making fun of homosexual characters in the film but those are consistent with when the movie is set. It is only recently that these types of references been taboo.

Jordon Belfort is obviously a man who lives on the edge in that era. What is interesting about this portrayal of Wall Street Brokers as Cons is that with Baby Boomers trying too retire with nest eggs, brokers right now have more pigeons than at any time in history in the United States. That is because in this generation of boomers, they see politicians who are ripping off the system for 6 figure pensions and are dreaming of finding a real Jordan Belfort to try and catch up with their peers in government who retire at full income while the average boomer is going to retire at less than 40% salary because of poor government policy for many years now.

Boomers should watch this movie to learn not too fall into this trap.

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Understand Where The Plots Comes From, 28 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is not a simple one to wade through. That is because it is partially based upon the truth but names have to be changed in order to protect the guilty, some of who are still with us; Because of the intrigue of the events of ABSCAM in the 1970's, there is a lot of care taken in the script of this. The writers have to be careful with the characters to not get too close to the real thing.

This details one of the most successful stings of the US government in History. It involves a phony sheik and the building of a scam trying to prove successfully that out Senators, House members, and others are less than honest. The bribe set up involves organized crime and the building of the casinos in Atlantic City. The thing that is amazing is that guts it took to write this one/ It uses much talking to get the plot over to the viewer. It is necessary to do this as just showing what happened without going into the people pulling off this complex scam would not tell the story properly.

For those who remember the actual events and the SNL sketch about it years ago, this is a hilarious romp. For those who are not initiated, it might get a bit tedious.

There is a great piece of humor from this period of history in this. Something that has changed besides the telephones is the way retail merchandise is distributed. When Microwave ovens and other things first came out back in this era, small middle men would actually make a living distributing hot items from the back of their car. This movie has a sequence that recalls the old Microwave oven from a trunk routine and then tops it by having someone who gets one that way put metal in it and explodes the oven. This is not only funny but is a sight gag as noteworthy now as in any movie in history.

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