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Better than expected, 12 May 2006

It wasn't fantastic, but for a low-budget flick it was okay. The acting was so-so, with the sheriff character being the best of the players. Took my mind of something bad one night and gave me a few unintentional laughs. The special effects were not anything to get overly excited about. The snakehead fish looked like a kids toy and the scary jump scenes were a bit forced. The sound was good and I enjoyed the steadycam work which was displayed throughout. Wasn't particularly scary to me, but was a fun flick none the less.

If, like me, you find snakehead fish to be intriguing then you will probably want to check this film out. It does provide some insight into the snakehead terrors that plagued woods a few years back. It is a strange phenomenon and I'm glad a film was made about it.

Recommended if you're in the mood for something so bad it's good.

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Overrated, 7 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was all geared up to love Veronica Mars and, surprise, I wound up disliking it. The bad:

*The whole show rests on Veronica's "brilliant" abilities as a teenage private eye. However, most of the cases she investigates are pretty lame. For instance, Veronica searches for a missing person. To do this, she puts a trace on the missing person's credit cards. Oh, how clever! Why didn't the police or all of the other PI's searching for the missing person think of this? (Veronica's "genius" credit card trace seems all the more idiotic when you consider this missing person has been gone for FOUR months and no one has thought to cancel the credit cards or trace them before. Additionally, the person who is missing is VERY wealthy and famous.)

*Veronica's "outcast" status is a joke. A huge theme of the show is the way Veronica used to be Miss Popularity but now she's been branded an outsider. This is hammered home again and again, even in the show's theme song "We Used to Be Friends." However, Veronica still hangs with all the popular kids, goes to all the best parties, and has plenty of friends she can rely on in a pinch. Plus, Kristen Bell is too pretty and confident to pull off the loner/outcast role.

*The relationship between Veronica and the police officer is trite and convenient. The only reason it's there is to give the writers an easy plot device for whenever Veronica needs something (like a wire tap or a phone trace) that she couldn't get on her own.

*Kristen Bell is a likable actress, but her constant smart-mouthing gets old. Her quips are annoying, not cute. Most episodes, she comes across as a poor man's Lauren Graham. For a better example of witty dialogue, watch Gilmore Girls.

*A minor point, but I disliked the cutesy-poo planet names. Oh, look! Veronica MARS lives in NEPTUNE, California. How creative! Not.

*This show is supposed to be unique and fresh, yet it features so many stupid, overused story lines. The school mascot is kidnapped right before an important game! Veronica's friend has a secret admirer! Not original at all.

*The resolutions on most of the cases are stupid and convenient. Not to give anything away, but Veronica gets entangled with major crime bosses and some "really scary lowlifes" yet she always saves the day with a quick, oversimplified move. There is never a real sense that anyone is in danger. One storyline finds Veronica getting entangled with the Russian mafia. Yet this storyline is resolved effortlessly.

*Veronica is not convincingly upset about the Lilly Kane situation. The entire first season revolves around Veronica searching for her best friend's killer. It might have been nice to see her feel a TINY bit of grief about her best friend's death.

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The Emperor Has No Clothes, 7 August 2005

I loved the idea behind this film: strangers in a strange land and all that. The execution, however, is boring, meandering, and pointless. The main actors -- Scarlett and Bill -- have NO chemistry. Their relationship is not believable at all. The plot moves so slowly that I found myself nodding off during some of the scenes. I'm all for taking time to develop a story, but this was ridiculous! The film tries way too hard to be deep and to portray loneliness. It never succeeds. It falls short in so many ways and winds up being dull and boring. Additionally, the characters were terribly miscast. The idea of a romance between an extremely old, crusty, unattractive man and a young, wispy 18-year-old girl is ludicrous (wasn't Scarlett 17 when she filmed this?).

On top of all that, the Japanese stereotypes are offensive and overused. (Oh, look! How funny! Bill Murray is the tallest man in the elevator. Not once, but twice!)

This is a poseur film, through and through.

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Campy fun, 20 June 2005

Warner Brothers was wise to follow up the poor performance (both critically and commercially) of BATMAN RETURNS with something light, fun, and fresh. There is a lot to love about this version: Val Kilmer was born to play the caped crusader (Batman creator Kane said Kilmer comes closest to what he always imagined). Nicole Kidman is stunning in her biggest commercial role to date. Chris O'Donnell is delightfully perky as Robin. Jim Carrey steals the show as the Riddler. The stunts are fun, the jokes hit, and the cast has an amazing chemistry. The only poor spot is Tommy Lee Jones, who was horribly miscast as Two-Face. He pitches his camp way too high, and comes off like a parody, rather than a real character.