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I started in the great world of films thanks to my dad, who loved certain kind of films, horror films. I saw a lot of horror movies being a child, now I'm a film collector, specially horror and sci fi films. This is a list of films I saw as a child and mark me from the moment I saw them until now. I'm on my 25 years old now, and still love this old classics for me, but also dig deeper, discovering the source of horror and sci fi movies, without stopping loving the new jewels of this genres of cinema.
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This is my collection of zombie films.
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Here I post my favorite movies about extraterrestrials, alien abduction and ufos. Some under horror genre, others in drama, comedy, action.
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Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll Films
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This is a list of films which have in some way, a point of view of certain things that can be important for people who investigates the extraterrestrial & UFO subject. The are holywood productions, B movies, independent and others. From abduction, time travel, close encounters to premonition and mental powers, space travels, ancient artifacts and strange visitors. I didn't found films like war of the worlds or battle los angeles films that make a step into any ufological information so mostly the invasion films arent the best about this subject, just a few can really say something, so those are here.
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My top Sci Fi movies, I'm now thinking that I have to rise the top to 70, but this is my basic top favorite sci fi films.
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Based on my own movie collection, this are the most gory and blood splattered films. Oh yes, there are lot more around, but I'm based in what I have and what I saw.