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Great, They're back, 25 January 2016

This is an amazing restart for Scully and Mulder. I saw they scratch the surface of a new world of conspiracies, just for us to see what will be coming next. Excellent acting & cinematography because who are we judging here? new guys in the block? I don't think so. You'll have the same old feeling you got 20 years ago or more when you first saw the show. The only thing that concerned me a little were the CGI, I hate them, but appreciate when they need to be there and they are really well made. Nowdays everybody comments, critics and destroy your work with words, based in shallow belief of "how it has to be" to them, well people, grow up, create your own show and the rest of us will thank Chris Carter, all the production crew and all the actors for bringing back to life this show, because really who doesn't wants to see how Mulder gets into HAARP, Blue Beam or the Pleiadians? Well I know I want to see that.

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Another Evil Alien Horror, 19 December 2014

The film takes us to the common young characters in a trip to the woods. Aliens who traveled the deep space with incredible technology and still have no clothes and just wanted to terrorize people. If they were always angry about humans, there were no humans.

The film has some nice pictures and scenes, but the characters are horrible and kind of empty, nothing build in a sense of creating the need to know more, everything is predictable. Sounds from the same sample pack of Transformers.

I liked the image of the film, some visuals, light, places, but the story, the characters and the sound effects were just wrong to me, in the way of they may have created something deeper. I don't know what else to say here, because I don't understand how they can create such beautiful images and destroy that with a horrible story, and fail realizing that the story sucks. Or maybe they knew...

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This is sad, how is this possible, 21 May 2010

With this title I meant that is so sad how all new Remakes of old classic horror films is going from bad to worst to really painful. I know is a remake, the vision of another director and all other full team of people, but lets face it, the acting is sad, the relation between the kids and the family (mother) is null, it's just an eternal wait for each BOO part, which actually is all the movie. The only acting I did enjoy was Jackie Earle Haley, because, going out of the character he was doing, he did a great work, but being Freddy Krueger is just...No, he's not. The special effects had nothing of special, it's horrible what they did. The gore was just the face of Krueger, but it also have computer graphics. Maybe they make a big effort doing this film, but to me, a big fan of horror and all 'Nightmare' films, the failed in the try but really hard. Hope no other remake of this goes out, I mean, please, DON'T. Save your movie making money and make something original instead of kill all the old greatest horror films ever.

I'm not saying all remakes of our favorite horror films are bad or painful, Halloween by Rob Zombie was really good film, and i even liked more than the John Carpenter original version, but then Halloween II by Rob, was a little painful to my eyes. Hope Predators doesn't goes this way.

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New Trilogy, New Feelings, 7 June 2009

I love movies that have a feeling, movies that touch you and leave a mark on you. As a child Terminator 1 & 2 did it with me. There was a good feelings with this movie, they tried to revive all the excitement of Terminator 2, and they make it, of course. Others maybe think other way, but you cant go to see a title like T4 with intentions of criticism, cause the movie is a total new classic, you like it or not. It's going to be great if everything goes well with the other two movies and i mean with the line of the actors, hope no one leaves. Yes the connection with the other movies are necessary, and i think they did well, but remember this is a new movie, a new view from the director and the minds behind the camera and cables. I Really appreciate this movie and the work all people involved did. I've been waiting for this a lot of time, so it came in the way i dream. This future is not too far, but maybe we can change. Don't miss this people. The only thing i ask is connection with Sarah Connor Chronicles and all the other Terminators, that will be great. My favorite new movie. Thanks

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Good Idea, Everything else just...kind of bad, 18 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was waiting this movie since a saw the trailer, really waiting for it. The Friday the 13th of June was the premiere. The idea and plot the movie is really good, a new idea, but the acting is weird, the people is not so stupid to see that a virus or something is in the air and get our of their cars to breed fresh air. Well not everybody can do that, some thinks. This director is responsible for The Sixth Sense, and Signs, and The Village, and I enjoy those, and are really precious horror and sci fi films but "The Happening" is not going to be in my collection of GOOD HORROR AND SCI FI MOVIES. Anyway, Good idea, bad movie, not worse than others, but just bad.

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This is sad..., 13 May 2006

I can't believe the real zombies movies are gone, since 28 days later, i watch a lot of bad zombies movies (but 28 days was not a bad movie). This "Living Dead" is not the worst but is near. Every time somebody kills an undead they put some slow motion on screen, that's the worst point in this movie, the acting is poor, and the story try to keep the same from the original Return of The Living dead, but then everything goes to hell. Is really sad, because Brian Yuzna creates a great movie in ROTLD3, and these people is making a massacre of the great zombies movies.

The Zombies have good makeups, but the shooting and splatter is not too good, it's don't look too real.

This movie don't deserves the name Return Of The Living Dead, it have to be called just necropolis...

Double Dragon (1987) (VG)
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One of the best NES video games..., 25 October 2005

In the beginning of video games history there was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) at the top, it was the system with most users around the world. Double Dragon was a game that allow two players at the same time to fight in the streets going right in the screen, passing levels and winning skills and new movements. There was tow brothers, Jimmy and Billy Lee, they was going to rescue the Billy's girlfriend that were been kidnapped by bad guys with a very bad boss. It was a game that mark my life and i keep playing it! This and the 2 sequels are video game history and a Must! to every video game addict...

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Purification Through Violence, 11 October 2004

In this country the people is not customary to this kind of films...but I do. And the reaction of the people was completely silence, and some other prefer not to saw a lot of parts of the movie. The film is very good, but it have some things I don't like. Like times when arrives some scenes from other movie or documentary, or the time you have to wait between some scenes. There is a part almost at the end when you think you gonna see a gory scene clearly and then change the camera and is that kind of "camera in hand" part, that's always moving on. But I enjoy the film, It a normal story of "boys-lost-car-tire=dead boys" with a satanic-zombies-freaks enchant, It's a good number of gory scenes and naked girls covered with blood...Good for the GORE LOVERS (AS I AM)